A Road Map For The Republican Comeback.

There is a lot of talk about growth of the Hispanic population in the U. S. and how heavily that group supported Obama.  Pundits let us know the obvious, Republicans need to get more votes there to win the Presidency.

There is another group no one talks about much.  It is nonbelievers and those who believe but do not affiliate with existing denominations.  That is a fast growing group, about one in five voters, who voted for Obama.  It seems self evident Republicans need to make inroads into this group as well.

How they would do this is interesting to a political junkie.  So many of the Party’s states are in the Biblebelt South.

We went to graduate school in Missouri in the 1960’s.  It was the civil rights era.  I remember a young woman student from the Bible Belt telling me, “I’m not sure the Democratic Party understands it will lose the entire South if it keeps pushing integration.”  As she predicted it lost the South.

My strategy for the Republicans would be to assume the South will change by becoming more urban,  diverse ethnically and secular.  I think this is happening already. It will take a while, but a political pay off is there.

As the Republican Party kissed abortion, gay marriage and god politics goodbye, it would gain in the groups it needs, the religious non affiliated and Hispanics.  The South would grow into the Party and success would follow.


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  1. Henry

    Jon: “A Road Map for the Republican Comeback.”

    One should be very cautious of political advice from a political adversary.

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