Social Conservatives Draw A Line In The Sand.

Having made part of my living in politics for a long time and being a political junky at heart, I always listen in on political arguments, even if they don’t involve me.

When I was a Mayor, one of the most common threats people made was, “If you do that, I’ll see to it you don’t win reelection.”  Politicians hear this every day.

If people knew how often it is said to elected officials, they would know how ridiculous it sounds to them.  Many times, the elected position is not the end all of the official’s life.  Then, politicians regularly have to make decisions that make some groups unhappy so the threats are a normal as having breakfast.

One such threat I read on Christian sites is from politically active religious conservatives. They are threatening to leave the GOP if it drops fights against gay marriage and abortion.  “You need us to win elections,” is stated in various ways.

The phrase, “to win elections” is loaded with question marks.  The combination of business interests and religious interests are not winning Presidential elections.

The opportunity is there for Republicans to win the Presidency without the religious right.  First, it needs to encourage a split among religious conservatives.  Second, it needs a platform of fiscal conservatism and moderation on God, abortion and gays.  This kind of platform will steal enough votes from Democrats to offset loses from social conservatives.

The line in the sand will backfire on social conservatives.

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  1. flyingnurse

    I have been saying for years now the Republican Party has lost its soul. Ronald Reagan, the Patron Saint of the modern conservative movement could not get elected today.

    If the GOP is to win nationally, they need 40% of the Hispanic vote & the middle – right independents.

    For a generation social conservatism has trumped fiscal conservatism. If the GOP hopes to regain power, this has got to change.

    1. Demosthenes

      “40% of the Hispanic vote & the middle – right independents.”

      I fairly certain 0% of those who are currently Hispanic voted in the United States of America’s elections. Nor did the Russians, Asians, Canadians, or, Colombians.

  2. Henry

    I enjoy reading a liberal politician describing what conservatives need to do to win. I think there might be a conflict of interest at play in really taking Jon seriously.

    One thing to note is that the Republican leadership chose a moderate path in 2012 after it didn’t work in 2008. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Jon is advising more insanity.

  3. MarkyMark

    You can’t judge the stakes of either party by the electoral vote. Popular vote was not that far off for Romney like 47% to 51% for Obama. Political pundits want to make it sound like the Republicans were crushed, not really the case. I do agree Republicans need to find a way to appeal to a broader base of people to be successful.

    IMO It could have gone the other way with a little better run campaign by Mitt.

      1. MarkyMark

        I think the electoral vote ensures that the presidency does not stay with just 1 party over time. I think the transfer of power back and forth between the parties over time is good for our democracy.

  4. June

    MarkyMark, I agree with you. I also get tired of hearing “We won, the majority of the citizens voted for us”. Not really, the majority of THOSE who voted, voted it your favor. That is a FAR CRY from the majority of citizens of the United States. The silent majority maybe should not have so silent.

  5. It might have gone either way. Obama was able to frighten enough of the free lunch bunch to get them to pause playing hacky sack long enough to cast a vote or two.

  6. Michael Ross

    “The line in the sand will backfire on social conservatives.”
    Social conservative’ moral issues are not what makes or breaks elections and never have been. People vote their pocketbooks. Issues such as gay “marriage”, abortion, church and state, are very secondary at best. In 1972 when Watergate broke the economy was strong and Nixon was reelected in a landslide (an unpopular and unwinable war not withstanding). By 1974 we were in deep recession and stocks in a major bear market. The public wanted Nixon’s head on a platter. In 1980 social conservatives supported Reagan but he was elected to get rid of Carter and stagflation. The religious right’s influence was a “flash in the pan” during that time period with influence of televangelists such as Fallwell and Robertson. Reagan was reelected only because the economy and markets were booming. In the 90’s Clinton came to office on the back of a bad economy under Bush Sr. Clinton’s 2 terms saw the greatest bull market and longest period of sustained economic growth in U.S. history. When the Lewinski scandal broke and president openly lied to his family, staff, a grand jury, and the American public, it didn’t matter. Clinton’s approval rating actually rose after those revelations.
    Bush Jr lied us into a war but won reelection on the back of the greatest financial bubble in history, that of housing.
    Enter Obama. Elected as a “peace candidate”, he has escalated one war (Afghanistan), started a war with Libya, is currently prosecuting at least 5 drone wars that have taken the lives of thousands of innocents in foreign lands. Was he reelected because of a strong economy? Hardly. We are in Recession/ depression that began in 2007. The factor now is dependence on government entitlements. Over half of America is on one or more government programs.. Romney was seen as a threat to those handouts and BO has been awarded a second term.

    Christ admonished us to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness”. We have said to hell with righteousness, just give us SUVs, jet skis, ipads, and ever appreciating bank and brokerage accounts. When that fails we can live off the government. One small problem, over this time period this “almighty provider” has gone from less than $1 trillion to over $16 trillion in debt. Anyone with half a brain knows this has to end badly. Our “prosparity” has been an illusion, a deception.

    “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man (or nation) sows, this he will also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)

    1. Michael 3:54 I agree with a lot of what you posted. The thing is, politics is an art, not a science. Even interpreting why parties/candidates won or lost is an art without complete agreement.

      My own artful interpretation of the last few years, and I think the same interpretation is being made by the Republican super pacs, is that the Republican Primaries, and House races, are dominated with religious talk and candidates. This domination of religious credentials makes certain candidates emerge and others discouraged from even entering. Out of all this religion, the Party finally gets Romney as a candidate. He, in turn, has to endose peopel who made statements such as “legitimate rape”. His popularity was hurt by association with these nut cases.

      That all started with all the religion talk in the Primaries.

      1. Henry

        Jon: “That all started with all the religion talk in the Primaries.”

        Obamba should have lost with all that religious talk according to your “art”, Jon.

        1. Henry

          Just check the Obamba National Prayer Breakfasts or the Obamba Easter Breakfasts or the Christmas Tree Lightings. He should have lost according to Jon.

          The truth is Obamba has access to something people want, and it makes him very appealing. That is – other people’s money. “Obamba is going to pay for my gas and mortgage.” -P. Joseph

        2. Henry 8:21 re: Obama’s religious talk.
          Did Obama say the fetus has a soul, or the Bible condemes gay marriage, or he had been asked by God to run? Republican candidates said all of this.

          1. Henry

            I don’t remember Romney saying that. As long as you are escalating beyond Obamba and Romney, let’s keep going. Did Republican candidates say,
            1. “You f****** J*w b*****d”!
            2. “I will never submit to fight beneath that banner with a Negro by my side. Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

            No. Highly placed Democrat politicians said the above. Do you want to continue with more democrat quotes? I can find some other lovely Democrat ideologies. It is simply amazing what democrats can say when they speak from their heart.

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