Religious Right Hates Gay Marriage More Than It Hates Abortion.

Most religious writers are obsessed with the majority approvals of gay marriage and the reelection of a President who supports it.  They aren’t writing much about abortion.

How could this be?  If one believes abortion is “murder”, how could operatives be more upset with the marriages of people they don’t even know or ever will know?

It’s in part of an old phenomenon called “saving face”, or, “losing face”.  A line in the sand was drawn by religious leaders and politicians.  “Cross the line, favor gay marriage,  and we will be very unhappy,” the message implied.

The majority of voters not only crossed the line, they acted like they didn’t even know the line was there.  Religious/political babblers now realize the majority paid no attention to them.  And, it hurts.

High on the list of those the majority ignored was the Catholic hierarchy.  It’s line in the sand included “religious liberty”.  The majority did not notice that line either and voted for a President that supposedly violates Catholic “liberties”.

Some of the deep angst over majority approval of gay marriage is about economics.   Right wing non profits like Focus on Family need a steady stream of memberships. To get memberships, they need to theatrically present themselves as Davids taking on  Goliaths. They needed gay marriage to remain in play so it could be used as a villain.  Now, that bus has left town.

Nothing changed with abortion–it’s still an available villain. But, the right is shopping for a new sin.