Many voters, mostly Republicans of course, blow off Obama’s expressions of faith as insincere politically posturing.  They have no idea of what is in his head, neither do I.

Some who are really into what other people think about religion are sure to think they know what Obama’s faith is all about.  They note carefully who he talks to, listens to and what he says in public about religion.

From this, one writer has made a detailed analysis of where the President has traveled in his head on faith.  He thinks Obama’s faith when entering into the White House was one of social justice, seeing justice for the less fortunate as a focus of the scriptures.  Now, he thinks Obama has become closer to a pentecostal, seeing the faith all about a personal relationship with the god.

The evidence for this transformation is the people he confers with and what he says publicly about his faith.

The author below refers to Obama’s faith as “out of the box”.  What he does and says does not fit into categories like pastors do.

This seems consistent in that much of what he does doesn’t fit neatly into a conservative or liberal box.  It’s some of each.  That kind of criticism has been made of all recent Presidents.

The thing I want most from a President is him not saying, “I prayed about this, and reached the following conclusion.”

I want him to take responsibility for his decisions, not act like some god told him what to do.