Why Does Every “After Life” Experience Involve Heaven?

There is yet another story this week about someone, this time it’s a doctor, who has been in a coma, recovers and recalls vividly approaching some Divine realm.  This doctor recalls in great detail the closeness to heaven he experienced.

For several months, there has been an advertisement on ChristianPost.com for a book in which a small boy retells his heavenly encounter.  Such stories are everywhere.

In all these stories, I’ve never heard of someone encountering hell or the devil.  Yet, the Bible tells us very few will be admitted to heaven.  It just doesn’t seem logical that out of these many stories every year there is not one person who found  themselves headed for hell.

I’m not going to conclude absolutely these stories are false.  It could be the only people who are allowed to come back to life after these “after life” experiences are heaven-bound people.

But, I do confess to doubt.  Besides the no hell-bound rule, there is another observation that gives pause.

There are no stories from people who die instantly.  It is only people with long drawn out illnesses and periods of coma and semi consciousness who report back.

Then, there may be a simple explanation as to why there are no hell-bound experiences.  Maybe there is only a heaven and no hell.

If this latter is the case,  some adjustments are needed in the Christian message.


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  1. Wanna B Sure

    Jon; Like you, I look at all of these accounts with a great amount of scepticism. However, not all of these accounts are as you claim. Re: your “…why there are no hell-bound experiences. Maby there is only a heaven and no hell”; To the contrary, there are those who claim a horrible experience to the opposite of what this article illustrates, claiming demons, the devil and hell, and have had a change of heart regarding belief in God and the after life.. All that being said, I am also a little suspicious of the “Universalist” element in his story, as it somewhat contradicts some of which he implies.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      In addition to your “Every after life experience involves heaven”, I just did a quick search and found that (on a couple sites) 15-18 % of near death experiences were negative to extremely negative. Another site claimed none. Who knows?

    1. Stan 1:09 Actually, I thought there should be some–though I never see them in the news. I entered a bing search also but only got some long explanation by some suspious “scientist” who said these coma dreams could not be based on memories.

      It is peculiar to me why all these people need to be in a coma or unconsiousness to experience these things.

        1. Stan 3:07 “I seem to be able to ask the right question.”

          That you do.

          Martin Luther King wrote about, “I had a Dream.” I wonder how many other people wrote about their “dream”? One million? Ten Million?

  2. Buzz Marick

    watch Shepherds Chapel on KCPM in grand forks sunday thru thursday midnight till 1AM.lots of fodder for you there

  3. we will never know while on earth. its what happens beyond.
    Here is what I say, if your a believer, you will go to golden streets, a place with no pain, how could you go wrong? If your a non believer, your body will just rest til it turns to dust, but yet again no pain.

    So then again, either way, your clear.

    What hurts though if you have a son with medical condition, and I can not imagine how he does what he does, I would have ended it a long time ago, I would not even be able to do what he does. gun, bullet, done.
    I wait every day for the law to show up at my house to tell me my son could not take it no more. And I cant blame him, I would have done it long ago.

    He keeps hanging in there.
    I now have a friend stage 4 cancer, went to his brain. A dear friend of mine. I cant get a hold of him, as he dont answer my calls no more. Last time I talked to him, he did not want to talk. I talk to his son who is a preacher. whom never thought much of his father. they are both learning forgiveness. So if you believe, you know what forgiveness is, if you dont, bet you also do. When you have time to realize that at some point your just history, you will wonder, “did I make a difference in someones life?”

    1. Kevin 4:20 Thank you for sharing with us your difficult jouney in life. We all pass along sympathy to your son and friend.

      Your post articulates so well the complicated relationship between life and death–much different than simply: life=happiness, death=misery.

      1. Hello Jon,
        well life happiness……….death……….missery………..to me its just the opposite. I read your posts from time to time, I typically disagree with you, but, so why do I read your posts, well not sure, cause at times I feel you have merit. I ask myself many times, “is there really a God” So why do you feel death as a misery and why do you see life as happiness? I see life, and death is the reward for living. If your a believer, your going to golden streets, if your not a believer, your just simply not going to have pain anymore. My oldest son, has so much pain. He sends me texts, I just cant do this no more. He lived with me when he was in his twenties. I used to hear him vomit, and I cant stand vomiting………I used to hear him at the other end of the house. My second son, and I have itching issues. he scratches more then I do, I just dig in deeper to stop the itch, if it hurts it dont itch. I stepped into the shower this week, and stepped out screaming ready to cut my legs off myself cause of the pain, I have my own tanning bed, my new dermatologist said, tan as much as you need, just dont burn. I think I am darker then marcus williams. I sleep in my tanning bed atleast 3 nites a week. 3 twenty minute tans used to do me awesome, not anymore.
        I have been all the way to they mayo clinic, and they cant fix me, so how do I tell my kids to go to yet another dr.? I can tell you, I got siding for my garage, and my kids both came to help me, Jake, my oldest, got off the ladder and misstepped, and well I did not know, so said walk on solid surface, so he did, then he just kept on working, he had a broken leg………..soon both were vomiting, and they just kept on going………..my gf said, they are both vomiting, you have to stop, I say, hey its time to quit, they both say, we are not done………..I dont know what to do, but it really hurts, when you have a son that vomits all the time, it hurts when you say, you should go to dr, and get a reply, I would rather die.

        So is life really happiness? is death really misery?
        I have had burns on my body before 2nd and 3rd degree, twice……………..I will never do it again, if I ever get burned again, I will find a firearm and it will be my end. I wont live thru that pain again. NEVER EVER…….

          1. Life is really great, I have my fridge full of beer and my freezer full of food, I should not even complain as many dont have nothing. But what really is wealth? What you have in your heart or what you have in your bank account?

            So may I ask, a man of your stature, how come your a non believer? How could you not believe there is a time of no pain, a time where your perfect? A time where you get to see your relatives again? The ones you miss, that left us.

            What is your opinion of death?

            Not arguing with you, and I never will, just trying to find out. I grew up in christian family, and my parents very rarely miss church, but I myself disagree with churches. In fact I always thought the most religious people were the first to screw you over. Local town that I grew up at, the back door at the bar was for the baptists. I grew up baptist. I started to work with a guy, and we got along great, and his last name was the same as a former preacher that I knew, and I said do you know pastor Merle (*&^S he said he is my cousin. I said, he is the reason that I no longer attend church. I am still a believer, I just dont believe in churches.

          2. Kevin 2:18 “…how come your a non believer….see your relatives again..what is you opinion of death?”

            All good questions. The thing about belief is there is just no evidence. No one has seen it, I don’t feel it so I can’t be convinced. Now, I can’t say it will never be demonstrated, just has not been yet.

            The same is true about life after death. It would be nice if it were true–I wish it were true. But, there is no evidence there is any such thing. If it helps people deal with death, it’s OK to believe it’s there. But, for myself, I haven’t seen anything that makes me think there is any such thing. I just feel lucky to have been alive for so long and don’t feel I need or deserve any other reward.

            You mentioned you are a believer–nothing wrong with that. The only place nonbelievers get crosswise with believers is when they try to force it into our government.

            Your comments are a refreshing voice here.

          3. not sure what my opinion is. I can tell you, just got out of my bleach bath, not good, never made the half hour, so, next is tanning bed. I will fall asleep.

            I guess I am asking the same questions as you are. It would be nice to see my grandparents again, as I really miss them. they fadolda kel, German for those dam kids. I miss my grandparents dearly. Grandpa, was given 2 to 4 weeks to live, it was 2 weeks to the day.

            You have many valid points, FREE THINKER…
            And that saying, “God will never give you more then you can handle.” that phrase just really piss me off, so why do people end their life?

            Had a friend of mine, recently that had his kid end his life, he told me, “you know what hurt the most, he used the gun that I bought to do the same.”

          4. Kevin 3:53 ‘God will never give you more than you can handle.’

            I don’t believe that either. However, I do think each person has a large store of resolve and ability in themselves to find good things in whatever misery comes their way. You seem like a person who is able to do that. My hope for you is your ability to focus and the good of beer in the fridge and food in the freezer–while pushing at bay the physical troubles you and your sons face.

          5. So how do I contact you on a personal matter, a matter where I could talk to you face to face, and you give me your opinions and I give you mine and we talk about it? Never getting angry but rather just discussing issues. “brain storming” we may not agree in the end, but, we could talk about it…..lol lol roflmao, we could be obama and romney………..I dont often get a chance for someone to challenge my brain. On something I am passionate about. I spend many hours thinking about is there life after death, how could that be? I was not close to my mothers parents, and one nite when I was young, my grandmother came to visit me, came right up to the bedroom where i was sleeping, we went from there to her house, and I noticed her fingeres were gone, I said “grandma, what happened to your fingers? She said it was from digging out of the grave, it was 2 days later that we were sitting at the supper table that my mother said, we have to put dirt on grandmas grave as you can see all the way down to the casket. ” I was not even close to them. My fathers parents, I was so close to them, and I never had no experience with them, then my favorite uncles, well the first one died, then the second one died, then the third then the fourth, I finally said I dont want a favorite uncle no more. My uncle LeRoy, my mothers only brother, well, I wanted him to be my next favorite as him and I had a great time a few years back, I completely stopped talking to him worrying that he may be next. We spent about a week together, had a great time, drank a few beers and checked out the local bars. No matter what, we had a blast. It was a great 2 weeks, now I am scared to even talk to him for fear he may leave his family behind. There is more to this story.

  4. Demosthenes

    First, Why does the Doctors experience with heaven fit what most Hollywood producers have shown in Movies?

    If the idea is you go to heaven when you are dead(not near dead) why is he going to heaven when only a portion of his brain is unconscious ? Do all Boxers experience “Heaven/Hell” when they are knocked out? He even admits that a portion of his brain was infected. Did only that portion go to “Heaven” ? Neurosurgeon or not this poor fella choose the easy way out. I can’t explain what I experienced so? God did it.

    Last, how can a scientist claim to have proof of something that is supernatural?

    1. Stan

      My Dad was a functional illiterate, if it wasn’t for work he didn’t read it, and then it was slow going. He worked evenings in the days when we got 3 channels on the TV when we were lucky so he never saw a TV show with the near death experience. Never went to movies. When he fell and was concussed and in a coma, when he recovered it told much the same story. Now he may have told a few whoppers over the years but there was always a smile on his face. On this he never joled or smiled.

  5. entech

    D. Last, how can a scientist claim to have proof of something that is

    Scientists are supposed to be able to repeat their experiments. Perhaps he would do it again?

    I still don’t know of any report where someone was clinically dead, heart, brain etc. for more than a few seconds and then came back to tell about it – there was one reported case a couple thousand years ago, but I have doubts because it was also tied to the only known case of parthenogenesis?

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