About The Evangelical Left.

Back in the day, as  we say, the evangelical left dominated that branch of the faith.

In the 1970’s, there were evangelical conferences and public statements on behalf of the poor and racial minorities.   They used Biblical  scriptures to justify their liberal positions.

Still today I read that some 1/3rd of evangelicals call themselves progressives.  If evangelical conservatives are going to become majority liberals, they are not starting from zero.

The Moral Majority captured so many minds among evangelicals.  While there were many issues that gave a boost to the Moral Majority, gay rights has to be a big one.  As I understand it, anti gay sentiment was Jerry Falwell’s biggest fund raising vehicle.

If it is true gay rights gave conservative evangelicals a big boost, is there anything to  replace it after this issue evaporates?  I don’t know of one.

In the book discussed below, it is said evangelicalism is not inherently left or right politically.  It seems to me it only gravitates in one political direction or another based on the force of political personalities that happen to come along.

Current TV personalities carry on with the same messages as Falwell and his fellow travelers.  There is nothing in history or theology that says this will go on forever.

My guess is if we all live long enough, we will see the huge political personality come along who makes a persuasive case the Bible is a manual of the left.



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  1. Wanna B Sure

    There is a saying; ” The opposite ends of the rope look alike when put into a circle”. And so it is with “The Evangelicals”. And so it is in politics, and so it is in unbelief. The more extreme the ends are, the more the extremes are alike. What was in the 70’s was already in the 50’s,- – – and in the 1600’s,- – – and before,- – – much before No new news here. different names, same movements.

    1. entech

      Interesting observation. When Salazar died Portugal came so very close to electing a socialist government. Like a pendulum the further it swings one way the more momentum to swing the other.

      This probably means that Henry is on the verge of unbinding himself from viewing the universe through the sieve of scripture and taking up a membership in the Red river Freethinkers and accepting modern science.
      Wanna will embrace the Roman Catholic Church with all of his new found freewill.
      Have pity on me, a half hearted almost non believer, the other end of my rope would be a half hearted almost believer. 😛

      1. Wanna B Sure

        See, there’s hope for you after all. You just have to be just a little more extreme for it to happen.—or a near death experience. Smilie face.
        The Catholic Church might accept me, but they have a way to go yet, but it may happen yet. In the meantime, I have my list of compliance issues at hand. Some of my best friends are Catholic.

        1. entech

          Now there is a sure sign of bias and prejudice; as in:
          “I am not Anti- … , some of my best friends are … ” 🙄

          1. Wanna B Sure

            Now our friend questions friendship. Have we ever heard much of anything positive coming from his posts? Very little. Mister negativity strikes again. I rather doubt he has “best friends”, for if he did, he would understand what the description entailed. Tolerated aquaintences would probably be a better term for him.

          2. Wanna B Sure

            My wife and I have been married over fifty years. We both have had our shortcomings, (errors) you might say; (that hated word to Entech) More on my part than her. BUT, we look past them, “and remember them no more”. Where have I heard that term before? As it is with us, the same it is with friends, real friends. It is wonderfull to have this wife, and these friends. I wonder what Entech has missed all these years. “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”. While none of have always been a friend to Jesus throughout our lives, He has always been a friend to us, and understands our “errors”, weaknesses, but remembers them no more.

          3. entech

            Digging deep and furiously trying to score points here 🙄

            Usually I make this joke a bit more extreme and obvious and say that i am not anti-Semitic some of my best friends are Arabs!

            you are developing into a sad case if you believe even 10% of the nonsense you have put into this topic.

          1. Wanna B Sure

            Now our friend is looking through the lens of a racist. Oh well, being against a race has the same qualities as being against faith. Now I understand.

          2. entech

            I think you are being dazzled by the light from the mirror. Is Christianity a race? Is Judaism a race? What constitutes a race, I only know of the human race, I think a little something may be creeping out from behind its shell, bound to happen eventually.

          3. Wanna B Sure

            Why the eyes? Is it from crying about being caught at introducing a racial element into your argument?

          4. Wanna B Sure

            “A little something creeping out from behind the shell”? “Friends”, friendship is a challenge to you? Even those whom you may not be in total agreement?

          5. Wanna B Sure

            Entec; What you did by introducing the race issue, ( where there was none) Blaming me for that, is the same thing as entering an elevator with your dog, letting a long silent fart, then blame the dog. Followed by kicking it for bad manners. Really bad form, and it stinks.

  2. In the 1970?s, there were evangelical conferences and public statements on behalf of the poor and racial minorities. They used Biblical scriptures to justify their liberal positions.

    That SO helps to explain why I am the way I am. Thanks for reminding.

      1. Henry

        Jon:“I was there, too. Might still be there had it not been for a few things that happened along the way”

        You allowed “a few things” to determine your beliefs (or lack thereof)? Usually “a few things” happening are driven by other human behavior, especially from your perspective. The last thing I would have allowed is another human determining what faith I should or shouldn’t have. This is a sad, sad song.

        1. Henry 12:24 “The last thing I would have allowed is another human determining what faith I should or shouldn’t have. This is a sad, sad song.”

          Your brilliance must blind people, Henry, especially yourself. If I were born in the middle of India to Hindu parents, the odds are I would be a Hindu. The same for being a Muslim. That would not happen to you. Your brilliance would have allowed you to see that what your parents and all those around you believed was false.

          1. entech 2:27 “fully human”

            If you think Henry, or yourself, or myself, would have been Christians if we were born deep in a Hindu country with Hindu parents, the odds are we would not see “Jesus” as fully human. You know that as well as I.

          2. Henry

            Jon: “Your brilliance would have allowed you to see that what your parents and all those around you believed was false.”

            Jon, you seem to have some “factual” information based on that statement. Could you forward some proof of my belief being false? You state this as fact.

            I am still surprised you allowed humans to dictate or change your beliefs.

          3. Henry 6:38 “You state this as fact.”

            Yes, it is factual in the sense of being self evident. If you were born into a Hindu family, and, as you say, would not be influcenced by others around you, it would be your brilliance and insight that would allow you to disregard your family’s and community’s influence and cause you to be Christian and not Hindu. Jesus would not have made his existiance known to you because no one you knew would ever have heard of the Christian faith. But, you would have somehow been a Christian anyway.

          4. Henry

            Reviewing Jon’s previous, I guess Jon “proved” that I am not Christian (my beliefs are apparently false). The clincher is I must hypothetically live in India pedaling a stationary bicycle with an electrical generator powering a laptop and cellphone doing customer service support.

          5. Henry

            I appreciate that, Jon. Again, I am surprised you allowed human behavior to dictate your beliefs or harm your previous faith.

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