A Little About Atheists.

After all the scandals about Christian clergy, believers might be happy to learn all within atheism is not harmony and happiness.

Recently, there was a dust up involving an atheist blogger, a woman, who ridiculed Islam conservatives.  She challenged other women to dress provocatively on one day as a protest against the conservative Islam cover up of women.

To her frustration, what she received from atheist men on her site was not so much the praise for her gutsy blog, but degrading sexual propositions, many, many of them.   It points out that as the number of self-identified nonbelievers has surged, it has revealed a group of people with the desirable and undesirable characteristics of any large assortment of human beings.

If there is a positive outcome of this event, it is efforts to articulate the “highest minded” parts of atheism.  I’ll summarize a bit of it here and you can read the rest.

We are not atheists to engage in self congratulations and collective back slapping.  It is because “…we care about creating a world that’s more just, more peaceful, more enlightened…” and organized religion stands as an obstacle.  Also, that religion “…often has been used as an excuse for cruelty, inequality, ignorance, oppression and violence.”

This is not to say all of religion includes all of the above, nor, that all strands of atheism has worn white hats.  But, we continue to have high hopes for a secular society.


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31 Responses to A Little About Atheists.

  1. entech says:

    This is a good time to point out that when all is said and done atheists are only human.

    This is in contrast to so many generous, kind and open hearted religious people who would question whether they were “even” human.

  2. Michael Ross says:

    ” But, we continue to have high hopes for a secular society.”

    Give it up Jon. Humankind is incurably religious.

    • entech says:

      Not really, since humans developed to the stage of self awareness, aware of death and dying there have been people wanting to take advantage of that fear. Organised religion is based on fear.

    • Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

      Michael 1:40 “Give it up Jon. Human kind is incurably religious.”

      Some of us have been cured.

      • entech says:

        Be careful if any one offers you bread and wine. You may get a reinfection.

        • Henry says:

          entech: “Be careful if any one offers you bread and wine.”

          Why in the world would a church body want to be in communion with an atheist? That doesn’t make sense. An ex-atheist who shares the same beliefs? Yes.

          • entech says:

            The Great Commission?

            What makes you think church bodies have a monopoly on bakeries and vineyards?

          • Wanna B Sure says:

            Key words/phrases; “ex-atheist”. ( The result of “The Great commission”), not The Great Commission itself. “The Great commission” is only the instruction to do. The content of that is something else, which you reject. Bound.

            I have a book. Want to buy a book? No? No sale. Commission presented, Commission rejected. One could say; ” Co-Mission”; “He through me”. You don’t get it, you don’t got it; “Bound”.

            “Bakeries and vineyards”? Only food and drink. It’s what goes with them that makes them worthy, and that is “The Word”, which you reject. Again; “No agreement, no communion”.

        • Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

          entech 3:32 “Be careful if any one offers you bread and wine. You may get a reinfection.”

          I think, however, a preacher or preist has to do something magical to the wine and bread. Don’t they say something like “hocu pocus, this wine and bread is now blood”? Then, the blood infects you.

          I’m not sure how this works.

          • Wanna B Sure says:

            There should be a recipe book around to help. You really have no excuse not knowing. I’m surprised you are; “not sure how this works.” There is Google. Silly boy.

          • Wanna B Sure says:

            Don’t forget the other secret ingredients; Nose hairs from a guy named Fritz, bat wings, and a full moon. Bagpipes are recomended for the right ambiance. And cold sliced Spam. Lots of Spam. Twelve baskets full.

          • Wanna B Sure says:

            Oops; forgot the buttermilk.

  3. entech says:

    Thanks Wanna, a potentially interesting topic turned into trivial nonsense, again. But I do appreciate your admitting how much importance there is in magic.

    Try to get one thing straight it is not so much a rejection of your theology as much as it is that I am repelled by it. But don’t take it personally, I still love you – hate the belief love the believer.

    • Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

      entech 9:12 “…hate the belief, love the believer.”

      I’m going to remember that one.

      • Wanna B Sure says:

        Interesting that with you fellers, “hate” comes before “love”. In Christian circles it is love that comes before the hate; “Love the sinner, hate the sin. You can’t even copy-cat right.

        • entech says:

          But don’t take it personally, I still love you – hate the belief love the believer.

          • Wanna B Sure says:

            It’s not my place to hate anyone. It’s not my call. If you grieve the Holy Spirit, that’s not my call either. That’s the activity of the bound. It’s not between you and me, but you and Him, and that’s not hyperbole, though it may seem to be to a Bounder.

    • Wanna B Sure says:

      Entech; Your 3:32- – 5:22- – - – - – - “Hyper-boil”
      My; 1:15 – - – - – - – - – - – - Not ‘Hyper-boil”
      Jon’s; 3:44- – - – - – - – - – - “Hyperboil”
      My; 4:14- – 4:51 – - – - – - “Hyper-boil”
      Your 9:12 – - – - – - – - – - – Meaningless. My “Hyper-boil is nothing more than a response to your’s and Jon”s. Since you use that quite often, I thought you would understand it better. Guess not. God loves and yearns for you in spite of your rejection of him.

      • entech says:

        Once again you prove my point, deliberately stupid incorrect spelling.

        • Wanna B Sure says:

          Once again you prove my point of the bound will.

        • Wanna B Sure says:

          Once again you and Jon prove my point. deliberately stupid statements. Proving nothing you say can be taken seriously.

          • Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

            Wanna 10:30 You can insult us. You can say God loves us, but you really don’t know. But, we are remain consistant, we hate the belief, love the believer. You can count on us.

          • Wanna B Sure says:

            Jon; What you take for insults in this thread are nothing the mirror of your own initiation. You are right though when you say “You can count on us”; We can count on you to consistantly reveal the bound will.

          • Wanna B Sure says:

            “Nothing (but) the mirror of your own initiation.”

  4. entech says:

    Jon, love the believer, if only some of them wouldn’t make it so difficult. :lol:

    • Wanna B Sure says:

      …Or if they only agreed with you, but then they wouldn’t be believers then. The only other option would be for believers to remain silent when you speak. Ya, like that’s going to happen. Well, I guess it could happen if atheism was in the majority. Forced silence. That was essentially the question yesterday, which Jon evaded.

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