The March Of Secularism.

In an article today, contributor, Wallace Henley, wrote about seven things we could expect from a second President Obama term.  He wrote about a motif of secularism.

He began by noticing how casually the Democrat Party tossed off the concept of God being the centerpiece of the nation’s governance.  It was as if the Party was very confident of winning with this “new” perspective.

He went on to discuss how the Party’s attitude toward abortion now includes advocacy for “safe”, rather than the old language of “rare”.  Obama has always been uncomfortable with the concept of “exceptionalism” and more comfortable with being a nation on equal terms with others.

While Henley admits Obama can hardly be called a socialist, with his efforts to save General Motors, he sees Obama as one with an optimistic view of Keynesianism and use of government to set directions.  He could not stop himself from saying Obama would wage war against “traditional values”, like the acceptance of gay marriage.

I  must agree this does seem like the Obama of both the first and second terms.  It also sounds like Romney’s first term

The reason it sounds like Romney’s first term is because it sounds like the views of the majority.  Republicans can no more ignore the majority than can Democrats.

The values of acceptance and lack of exceptionalism displayed by Obama is the attitude taught by the majority of parents and schools.  The secularism train has left the station, both parties must be on board.

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  1. Michael Ross

    “Obama has always been uncomfortable with the concept of “exceptionalism” and more comfortable with being a nation on equal terms with others.”

    Why then did he expand the war in Afgahnistan, start a war in Libya, and prosecuting five drone wars? Equal terms my @$$, he is trying to dominate others just as his predecessor did. War can be prosecuted on a secular as well as religious bases. It is still war. It is still death and destruction.

    1. Michael 5:18 Good points. The only thing I can say on behalf of the Libya decision is there are no troops in the yet. And, I’ll qualify that further to say no troops we know of. It does seem like he is reducing some in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suppose we will have some people getting killed and killing there for a long time yet.

  2. And yet we’ve still got an executive office of faith-based nonsense that the President could close unilaterally but has done nothing about in 4 years.

    There were invocations and prayers at the Democratic National Convention, just as there were at the Republican one. In fact, at least one of the invokers appeared at both conventions.

    If the March of Secularism has begun, national Democrats must be at the back of the pack with Paul Ryan and the rest of the 5 hour marathoners. Maybe they’ve heard the gun go off but they’ve yet to take a step toward the starting line.

    1. sea 1:20 I agree by appearances, Dems are still playing the game. It doesn’t seem like their hearts are in it in quite the same way–reflecting, I think, the new political reality.

  3. Stan

    Exceptionalism is a crime against humanity. No one must perform better then others. All must be made even. No one shall exceed expectations, all must be average.

    GM, controlling the means of production IS socialism. Would any thinking businessman authorized the Volt? The only reason it is selling is because they get a 25% TAX CREDIT and the government itself is buying it for their fleets. How many jobs lost through the shutting down of dealerships whose owners only mistake was donating to Republicans?

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