When I was growing up in a fundamentalist church, dancing, at least ballroom dancing, was a serious sin.  We teenagers did it anyway when parents were not home. I wondered why this seemingly harmless fun was sin.

Now I understand.  Dancing was done by pagan women.  Add together paganism and women and you have serious sin.

And then there were the Gnostics, only the 3rd or 4th century after the Christ character, who were open to dance as worship.  Somewhere along the line, their version of Christianity was thrown out.  So was their dancing.

With a lot of the faith now loosening up on dancing in general, would it be a sin to dance right there in the church?  The answer from some is yes, it would be sin.

“Grounded in Gnosticism, dubious historical scholarship and hyper individualism, liturgical dance is by its nature unsuitable for Catholic worship,” the writer below tells us.

Dance apparently has been used in some Catholic worship.  Our own granddaughter performed ballet as part of a United Church of Christ service.

The truth is  “body language” is used by preachers and priests every Sunday to communicate whatever their message is.  Making the sign of the cross, lifting the container of juice/wine high, throwing a fist in the air, pacing back and forth in front of the pews and the swaying and clapping in black churches are extensions of dance.

The only difference is someone in authority made the arbitrary decision, one is dance, the other not.