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Shifting Sands on What the Bible Means.

I’ve mentioned here how fundamentalists have changed their minds about the sin of “working on Sundays” during my lifetime.  With malls open on Sundays, it seems OK now. Some would be surprised to learn the fundamentalist Protestant view on abortion was the opposite of … Continue reading

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The Liberal Wing of Christianity is Winning the Long Race.

With so much being said about “nones”, the rapidly growing group who do not affiliate with any branch of the faith, there is not much information about them.  Attached is an informative article. While numbers from large branches of the faith, Catholics, Southern … Continue reading

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Is Obama Religious?

Many voters, mostly Republicans of course, blow off Obama’s expressions of faith as insincere politically posturing.  They have no idea of what is in his head, neither do I. Some who are really into what other people think about religion … Continue reading

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Which is More Important, Freedom of Religion or Freedom From Religion?

Today it is repeated often freedom of religion is our most basic right, “the first freedom”.  Both Presidential candidates, especially Romney, talk about it. The Catholic Church has been successful in pushing their problems with pedophiles  off the front page … Continue reading

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Yes, The Rapture is About Floating.

There is a Minneapolis group called the Pretty Good Bluegrass Band.  “Pretty good” is about as far as any of us should judge themselves. I wrote a blog way back I thought was “pretty good.” It was about the various views on what would happened … Continue reading

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This Election is a Referendum on Rape.

Polls show the majority of Republican voters support abortion rights for women who have been raped.  However, the proportion of Republican House and Senate candidates who do not support this right is very large. While publicity has gone to two … Continue reading

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The Unculting of Cults

The recent announcement Romney visited Billy Graham after which Graham removed Mormonism from his cult catalogue was amusing to say the least.  Again, “the faith never changes”, but changes all the time. Why would a group vilified for so long, Mormonism, be judged OK by the … Continue reading

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If Human Life Begins at Conception, Maybe Rape is Not So Bad.

People who congratulate themselves on believing the cell or two formed at conception is an actual human being are naive about the consequences.   They are on a train with no brakes. Two Republicans running for Congress have made statements advocating no … Continue reading

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The Emperor Has No Clothes!

The gay marriage court case moving through the Federal Court system is especially interesting because it forces the government to explain something it has not been able to do.  It has to explain, “Why is it any of our business?” This comes from a … Continue reading

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Christianity’s Fortuitous Accident.

How many man hours over the past thousand years have been spent reading the Bible, teaching it and discussing it?  The number would have many zeros. The Bible is such a central part of Christianity it is hard to imagine the faith without it.  But, there must … Continue reading

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