Do Catholic Clergy Have A Pipeline To God When Telling The Flock How To Vote?

Clergy in the Catholic branch of Christianity are considered to be representatives of God.  At least, that’s my understanding of it.

While this responsibility to interpret what the god wants applies to religious matters, does it apply to politics?  Catholic clergy are everywhere, these days, telling the flock how to vote. One has to believe clergy believe they are the god’s representatives in instructing Catholic voters.

Clergy can get away with telling the flock they are the pipelines to the god in clearly religious matters because there is no objective test required.  Thus, clergy can say the god has determined life begins at conception because it is merely a matter of opinion.  The same is true that gay marriage, another matter of opinion.

But, if Catholic clergy say the god has told them to instruct the flock on how to vote in political matters, we can count the votes.  If the majority of believers disagree, it means the all powerful and all mighty god, with control over all things, has purposely placed the majority at odds with the Clergy.

I know there is this debate trick believers use saying the god gave people free will.  But, how, then, could he be all powerful?

It appears Catholic voters are going to support the pro choice and gay marriage adocate, President Obama.  The majority of Catholics don’t believe the clergy represent the god, or, they do believe it and they have chosen to defy the god.

In either case, direct access to the god is not very important.

4 Responses

  1. Stan

    Why would He want to force people to accept him. Only Democrats and tyrants would want to do that. He wants a relationship with you. Now since this is the 99th time you have written this question is different ways I am going to try to make this my only post……but then again you never can tell.

  2. Michael Ross

    “I know there is this debate trick believers use saying the god gave people free will. But, how, then, could he be all powerful?”

    You reject whatever you don’t understand. That is very narrow-minded of you. Not becoming of a “freethinker”.

  3. Wanna B Sure

    “I know there is this debate trick believers use saying the God (capital G- mine) gave them free will. But, how, then, could he be all powerfull?” —-Enough free will to reject him, yet not enough to accept him without the power of the Holy Spirit. See there boys and girls, the power is there. Only the bound will isn’t free to use it. Think of it as similar to chelation therapy for iron chlorosis in plants. Go green.

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