Hell Sells.

To me, one of the fascinating topics in the Christian faith is hell.  It’s relationship to the preoccupation of most Christians, sin, is so tight they are virtually one and the same.

There is a new movie which explores the faith’s attitude toward hell, Hellbound.  In the attached trailer, the two competing views of hell are discussed.   One view is hell is the necessary punishment for sin.  The other the faith needs to focus more on the rewards that come from forgiveness.

The article, and perhaps the film, discuss reasons hell is a more popular topic to Christians than forgiveness.  The one that I think puts hell in the driver’s seat is its simplicity and  absoluteness

The gospel, the story of someone dying for sins of people he doesn’t even know is far fetched and rather incomprehensible.  On top of that, the rules don’t make sense.

The rule, as I interpret it, you just have to believe and your sins are forgiven.  That rule has nothing in common with rules in the western world.  If you commit first degree murder you can’t just say, “I believe”, or, “I’m sorry”, and go free.

That being the case, it’s a lot easier for the public to just believe there is hell for the bad sinner and heaven for the sinner lite.  As far as which is which, the rules allow everyone to judge for themselves.  People like that judgement system.

In practice, Christianity is about sin and hell, not about the Christ character.


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  1. Wanna B Sure

    Jon; In practice, your understanding about christianity is far removed from sin, hell, forgiveness, and/in Christ. This is pretty much a repeat of past posts. I won’t discuss it farther with you.

    1. Wanna 12:23 I realize I’ve discussed this before–I’m pointing out that my view is shared, not only in God is not One by Steven Prothero, but now in this film. I know you don’t like that so many see the faith in a different way than you do, but there have been different views since day one.

      1. Wanna B Sure

        “…so many see the faith in a different way than you do…” You/we have been there before too. Old news, very old news.

    1. entech

      Self flagellation seems to have a wide following and a long history. Far be it from me to offer advice, but I might suggest that you stick to the verbal aspect and hope that the answers don’t hurt too much.

    2. Buzz 2:11 “discussing matters of Faith with a non Christian is kind of self Flagilation”

      Gosh, I don’t want anyone to get hurt, here, so be careful. 🙂

      This topic of sin and hell does seem to get people who study religious seriously to get upset. Such folks want the people in the pews to believe the same things taught in seminary. It isn’t happening. Probably never did. People like to talk and think about hell and sin and don’t much care about whatever the cross was all about.

      A nonbeliever talking to a believer is great entertainment.

  2. Henry

    Jon: “Hell Sells.”

    For some strange reason, it does. Location, location, location would indicate it would be logically a poor seller.

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