There is so much interest in things like logos and symbols.  Here is N. D. we’ve argued for years about use of the Fighting Sioux.

The Christian Cross and Jewish Star of David communicate something about the faiths.  But, what symbol would communicate no faith?

The most popular atheist symbol seems to be an artful letter “A”.  It’s ironic the letter “A” was also the Scarlet Letter for a young woman’s “sin”.  Using “A” for the atheist symbol does not, it seems to me, communicate anything about atheism.  But then, what does?

Some of our family members attended an American Atheist conference a while back.  I was in the gift area with our daughter-in-law and told her I would buy her something.  She picked out a very nice pendant of the American Atheist logo, three crossing ovals.

She said later she wore it to work where several people noticed and gave compliments.  One lady asked her what it represented.  Learning it represented atheism, the woman was taken aback and, according to our daughter-in-law, cooled the relationship they had had.

On atheist sites, there is no shortage of snarky tee shirt messages and ridicules of the faith like the back-of-the-car Christian fish with “Darwin” written in the middle.  But, there seems no one presentation that encapsulates lack of belief like the cross does belief.

I’ve seen the question mark used and that may be as good as it every gets.  Those who do not believe question myths of both the past and future.