Romney Could Win With This Speech:

“Friends, I’m here  to tell you what will make this country greater than ever.  It’s to follow the principles of capitalism.

“A capitalistic country must compete.  Our country is not competing like it can.

“One reason is our health system is too expensive and ineffective.  We need to apply capitalistic principles.

“Capitalism, private firms, have insurance.  Each firm tries to minimize its risk by pooling risk with others.  Individual people are tiny businesses who generate wealth and spend it.  They need to spread their health cost risk.

“The risk can be spread over all citizens.  We don’t follow this capitalistic principle now.  That’s what I did in Massachusetts, that’s what our country needs to do to compete.

“A successful business needs to make profitable use of all its resources.  We are not doing this.  We are singling out some of our resources, people, and  not using them profitably.

“These are the American-born children of immigrants.  Gay people and women need to be including in every right others have.

“Our capitalist businesses stress accountability from every corner of their operation.  A capitalistic country needs to do the same.  It needs to regulate financial institutions so they make loans on sound assets.

“The market price of anything is based ultimately on matching cost to benefit received.  Rich people get most of the benefit from the military and government subsidies of industries.  They should pay for what they receive like we do at the mall.

“Vote for capitalism.  Vote for me.”



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  1. Henry

    Obambacare is not capitalistic.

    For all you tightwad liberal democrats out there, take care of your affairs before December 31, 2012. After that date, if you sell real estate, you get taxed 3.8% on the proceeds to help pay for Obambacare.

    I only say tightwad, just comparing presidents from the different parties. Clinton deducted the donation of his dirty underwear. Romney overpays on his income taxes. We can readily see whose heart is interested in the benefit of their country.

    1. pk

      Romney is for Obamacare. He wants socialized medicine. He’s the same as Obama, a puppet supported by Wall Street, the Neo-cons pick to get back in power so they get to launch the Big War. Oh yeah, sorry i forgot you were still stuck in the fake debate over Democrats and Republicans, the Left/Right Paradigm as some call it. Good intentioned, but unaware that both parties are controlled by the same corporate interests. The Republican leadership aren’t conservative, they’re controlled by Neo-cons who are fascists that supported the Nazi party not all that long ago historically speaking. Just look up the corporations who backed Nazi Germany, way too many are still around and they’re all huge. You have fascists on the Right and communists on the Left. They use the media they own to promote their picks and we’re all forced to choose from a giant douche and a turd sandwich. It’s not that complicated, but it’s easy for good, trusting people to fall for it, especially if they don’t really know history, and most Americans today are completely retarded compared to how people were a few generations ago. Our system of law will not last for too many more election cycles if we all don’t figure out that both parties are controlled. Was it right the Republican leadership re-wrote the rules prior to the convention to strip Ron Paul of the delegates he needed to get on the ballot for nomination? There could have been a brokered convention which would have forced the Republicans to have Ron Paul as Vice Pres. It may not have happened but the Neo-Cons decided not to even risk it. If anyone thinks that’s ok, you don’t believe in a Democracy, let alone a Democratic Republic.

      1. Henry

        PK“Oh yeah, sorry i forgot you were still stuck in the fake debate”

        I prefer not to throw away my vote. Its called being political. A conservative third-party vote contributes to the liberal vote. Thats how Clinton won with a small minority of the vote. Romney is the best chance we have to slog along rather than completely falling over the cliff.

        1. pk

          Exactly my point. Like it would have made a difference if Clinton lost. It wouldn’t have, just like it won’t make a difference who wins this election. The agenda will continue as planned. It looks like Romney will win right now but who cares. There will be more wars, QE4, then QE unlimited, more debt, more dollar devaluation, more shrinking of the middle class, more of the same old, same old. But hey, if there comes a day when you’re broke and starving and petition a redress of grievance against the government, Homeland Security and the DOD will consider you an radical and can take your right to trial away, throw you in a hole or execute you. No trial. It’s about like what tyrannys do. You can thank both parties, especially the Neo-con Republicans for passing all that into law. They promised it would be only for the radical Muslims though, but they’re using it against lawful Americans right now. The iron curtain is creeping its way down. Things will not get better with these corporate frontmen politicians who claim they have it all figured out and will fix everything. The sad thing is, most of them do have it all figured out, and things keep getting tougher for most of us while the big corporations, keep doing quite well.

          1. Henry

            PK:“Homeland Security and the DOD will consider you an radical and can take your right to trial away, throw you in a hole or execute you.”

            Small worry on that. Al Queda members that have been released from the hole in gitmo have returned to the fight against us.

          2. pk

            “The big corporations is me, likely my neighbors, and my co-workers.”

            Really? Do you and your friends own the small amount of mega-banks that own majority shares in most of the largest corporations? The people that own the most stocks in a corporation get to pick the Board of Directors that run the company. Just because you have a 401K with company stock that you work for or just own some stock doesn’t make you an owner. It makes you an investor, that’s it. So when you look at who owns the most stocks in a company, then look at who owns the owners, and so on and so on, most lead to the big investment houses, or the mega-banks. European Royalty have much claim in these dynasties. So maybe you can see how a lot of economic power could potentially be controlled by corporations, that could be all controlled by a small group of oligarchs. Not only that, these banks have also signed almost the entire world onto their “central banking system” where they can counterfeit any country’s money at will without backing it with any real asset, and have complete sovereignty from any of the governments. Basically total control over the economy. And these are the people funding both parties. At least look into it instead of just responding with the same predictable talking point argument off Fox News. Even turning it into how i don’t want you or your neighbor, (middle class), to do well. Nice job Bill, or Shawn. I don’t think old Glen would’ve even used such a pathetic attempt to divert. Grow up and don’t be afraid to let your mind work, or in other words to think for yourself based off empirical evidence.

          3. Henry

            PK:“Grow up and don’t be afraid to let your mind work,”

            Its ok that you have a different viewpoint than me. I won’t demand that you grow up, though. That seems high schoolish to say such, and I don’t want to go there.

            I have done well being a part owner of these big corporations. That empirical evidence says it all. If you are bent on hurting the big corporations, you will end up hurting my community, family, and myself if you are successful with your endeavor.

          4. pk

            Henry, you were the one that attacked me, saying i don’t want you and people just like me, the middle class, Main Street, or the people that make this country really run, to do well. I said nothing of the sort. I’m not anti-corporation, but when the biggest corporations in the world spend more money lobbying our government than they do in taxes, and the government gives them trillions of dollars in bailouts while we lose everything, something’s wrong with that. I guarantee that nothing will change for the better under Romney, unless a whole new slate of congressman who aren’t co-opted by Wall Street gets elected. I know, i’m bad for having an opinion. All i want is a free market with a dollar that’s actually worth something, Congress to have control of the money supply, a stop to all the wars and overthrows of countries using our proxy army Al Qaeda, a return to the Constitution essentially. It’s not hard to see that we’re going in the opposite direction. We’re bankrupt and are becoming more and more totalitarian every year. But hey, when the inevitability of a collapse of the world economy happens , there’s civil unrest in America, the Federal government declares martial law and goes out and starts arresting millions of Americans, most of which will be people with “radical” ideas like mine and a civil war starts because of it, you’ll get to sit back at home, watch it all unfold and root for the home team on Fox News. Unless of course you’re one of the people rioting because you lost everything when the collapse happened because you were too stupid to get out of the stock market. I hope that never happens, but i don’t see Jesus Christ anywhere. I see a massive world empire being constructed, WWIII being set up and a looming destruction of the last free nation on the planet, US. I pray that someday you figure it out.

          5. Henry

            PK:“I know, i’m bad for having an opinion.”

            I am unsure of that.

            PK:“I pray that someday you figure it out.”

            Your prayers have been pre-answered.

      1. Henry

        Yes, Jon. I would have to agree that would be a pretty easy thing to say for a retired man presumably without dependents. The burden goes onto the small business owner presumably with dependents to pay the necessary insurance premiums for the elective medical procedures now for those who choose not to work or pay for their own insurance (and their families). Capitalistic friendly not.

        1. Henry 3:37 You are saying the current health care system is good for large corporations and small businesses? That is not the case. If they do not offer health care, they have to pay their employees enough to cover their health needs, or, hire replacements and pay for training when they are sick. Large corporations pay health insurance costs, now, that are higher than they need to be because the system is burndened by private buracracies and poor outcomes.

          Other countries with nation-wide systems produce goods at a lower cost and their health care systems producing longer lives and lower infant mortality, period. It’s just a fact, nation-wide health care is good for capitalism. I wish you were a booster of capitalism and wanted America to be more prosporous like me.

          1. Henry

            Jon, you will be adding cost to the healthcare system by covering elective procedures not currently covered for people not paying in, period. If Obambacare saves money, why all the upcoming Obambacare taxes with an increasing rate in premiums for those who do provide insurance to their employees? More money will be paid into the healthcare system, period. That responsibility falls on the backs of those who create a product or provide a service, period. Businessman, worker alike.

          2. Henry 7:33 re: Higher cost of health care.

            There will be for a while more money going into the public portion of health care. The reluctant conservatives in Congress have opened the door to the classic moral hazard. People who need care will be signing up, healthy people will not. If we adopted what other, more rational countries have done, who’s cost is lower and health outcomes are better, healthy people who be required to contribure to the pool.

            But, in the U. S., public health care, or socialized medicine if you will, has acquired the traits of a Satan. Somehow, there is not a rational discussion of the costs and benefits of doing in public what is done millions of time everyday in private, spreading the risk over the largest group possible.

          3. Henry

            I am sorry, Jon. I just don’t agree.

            When the supply of free healthcare is offered (to those who don’t contribute), the demand will go up. The system will be overwhelmed unless rationing is observed. Rationing will decrease my family’s current level of care we receive.

            My reaction is to take every available benefit the new system offers rather than getting by to ensure we don’t get placed on some waiting list.

          4. Henry 11:54 “The demand will go up.”

            What would happen to the need, or demand, for health care certainly is something to be concerned about. The demand for medical services in medicare certainly went higher than anticipated. But, why it went up is a complicated question. Did it go up because members of the public just asked for more services than they did before? Or, did it go up because people who make money off the system, doctors, drug companies, hospitals, etc. all found ways to persuade people to purchase what they had to sell? Or, was it some combination of both?

            You are correct there needs to be some way to hold a lid on all this. The system now rations services. People with insurance go the doctors and purchase whatever they need. People without insurance don’t go unless they are really sick. I know many such people. That’s a form of rationing. I just know that countries with socialized medicine have lower costs per citizen and better outcomes. Ours is not only bad by comparison, but getting worse by comparison.

          5. Henry

            Jon:“That’s a form of rationing.”

            They can buy health insurance. I do. Those who are able should work and not be self-rationed.

            Some without health insurance have made poor choices either by participating in detrimental habits or did not save anything up. Some would rather spend their money on stuff than health (who is without a cellphone and corresponding $70/month plan? Dish?). Then some cases are truly no fault of their own, the down syndrome cases, cystic fibrosis cases and such. Safety nets already existed to some extent for these groups, some states being better than others.

            So we are risking collapsing the system (hoarding followed with rationing) for whom? Who are the squeeky wheels? I venture to say some want something for nothing, and the democrats have unilaterally thrust Obambacare onto us in reaction to these people.

  2. Stan

    Is this a speech Romney has made? Or one that you think would sink the campaign. I really can’t see you giving support to a republican private sector since I believe you have been public sector most of your career.

    Oh that sound asset thing? When the Democrats started homes for everyone they made banks give people loans who no way in heck would be able to pay them off. Thus, the mortgage crisis. Now they are trying to do it again.

    1. Stan 1:53 “Is this a speech Romney made?”

      No, it is one I made up for him. But, it’s sort of serious. There is a lot more to “socialism” and “capitalism” than is often discussed and I like to write about it. For example, the industrial revolution, a capitalistic event if there ever was one, was based on stardarization–assembly lines. The interstate highway program is the same thing. That is what government medicine would be, a standarized single payer system that could be held to standards with much less paperwork than we have now. It would be an economic engine for the rest of the economy. So would equal treatment of all citizens, it would unlease potential.

      The thing is these concepts could be sold better by a Republican than a Democrat. A Republican like Romney could pick up moderate voters and those disenchanted by Obama.

        1. Stan 3:13 “Jon, have you ever seen government work without paperwork?”

          Without paperwork, no. With less paperwork than the private sector, yes. We have a public health clinic in downtown Fargo where paying patients can be served. I go there for flu shots and some other things periodically. Usually, I go to a large clinic. Less stuff to fill out at the public place. They serve more patients at a lower cost.

  3. Michael Ross

    Mr. Self-Sufficient Job Creator Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital destroyed jobs left and right.

    Romney launched Bain Capital with money from the leaders of El Salvador’s death squads.

    And a federal bailout saved Bain from ruin:
    Despite the partisan rhetoric, Obama and Romney both support policies which help the ultra-rich – and politicos in D.C. – at the expense of everyone else.

    They both support Idiotic government policies, the off-shoring of American jobs, never-ending bailouts and ruthless behavior by the big banks … and so we will continue to have Depression-level unemployment under either a second Obama term or a president Romney.
    Romney is a typical republican crony capitalist. Not a free market equity capitalist like Ron Paul. He is for highly regulated, heavily taxed, central bank, debt/usuary “capitalism”. So is Obama. We had a choice in Ron Paul but dumb @$$ Americans blew it again.

    1. pk

      You sound like a terrorist according to federal intel reports. Jon should report you to Homeland Security. Oh wait, the NSA already has dossiers on all of us and use AI to read and record everything we say on the internet and the phone, so you’re already on a list for your radical opinions. Never mind Jon, it’s taken care of.

      1. Michael Ross

        Yes, the black helicopters and drones are circling my house now. If you suddenly stop seeing my posts on Jon’s blog, you’ll know why.

        1. Michael 1:28 “Yes, the black helicopter and drones are circling my house now.”

          I know people, Michael. I made a few phone calls and told them you were OK and they should leave you alone. But, wait. Now they’re circling my house! : )

          1. Henry 6:03 “Jon, she is searching for you.”

            It’s not her. I know who is circling and what their intent is.

            May have told this story, but many years ago after a City Commission meeting where I was in charge and the center of things, Elaine and I had decided to walk home. A bird left a nice “deposit” on me. Elaine was bent over laughing and pointing at me, “Look who they think is Mr. Bigshot.”

      1. Henry

        Ok, keep supporting Ron. Let me know how that works for you in November. I suspect you will merely diminish the vote count by one for what has been already determined to be the slightly conservative candidate (liberal Republican). The extreme liberal candidate’s (Obamba’s) vote count will not be diminished by your action. Therefore, your net effort is a vote for Obamba. That is reality at this point.

        The other reality is that on the Republican side, you had several fairly good conservative candidates split their primary vote with each other against the single weaker more liberal republican Romney. Who would we expect to win? The conservative Republicans need to form a caucus prior to the main primary and agree upon a single candidate. Otherwise, there is no way they can win when the conservative primary vote is split seven ways between them. The single weaker liberal Republican candidate will win every time. It is very simple politics. Romney is now who we have. The complaints would have been more effective prior to the primaries.

        1. pk

          Well i’m not a member of the Republican Party anymore if i have to vote for Romney. I don’t have to vote at all, but i’m going to vote for Ron Paul. I’m voting for him because of what he stands for. During the first century after the revolution from British tyranny, America became the most successful country in the world because the Constitution was followed and government was kept very small and limited. It was a dream land that every person in the world wanted to settle in due to the oppressive governments everywhere. There was no direct tax on the fruit of our labor. It wasn’t needed because the Founding Fathers came up with reasonable taxes that would adequately fund their model of government. Rent to the government, or property tax, wasn’t one of them either. The last century of a large government, both Federal, State and Local has gotten us into the mess we have today. Bankrupt, stagnant and delusional. The establishment’s(both sides) answer is bigger government and more money for the banks. If voting for Ron Paul gets Obama back in i say good. He may be better since he doesn’t seem to be gung ho about attacking Iran. Romney and the Neo-cons will press the button for sure. We don’t want WWIII.

          1. Henry

            pk:“Romney and the Neo-cons will press the button for sure.”


            pk:“We don’t want WWIII.”

            Stating the obvious.

          2. pk


            Ok? Do you agree with it, or not? I don’t understand your entire post. Romney attacking Iran is a very good presumption based off the Republican’s rhetoric and historical fact dating back only a decade. Iran isn’t going to stop anything and Romney is dedicated to the Neo-con’s cause. They invaded Iraq based on deception, now Iran’s nuclear program must be stopped. Even though it probably is for electricity since they more than likely have high-tech nuclear weapons acquired from communist China, or maybe Russia.

            “Stating the obvious.”

            I’m sorry for not being more clear. My saying that we don’t want WWIII, in context, was really saying we don’t want to start a war with Iran because it will bring Russia and China into the conflict which will escalate into World War. That’s the last thing our limping country needs right now. Maybe try having a conversation with people instead of your weird comments that are normally cheap insults created by taking what is said out of context, at least to me anyway. I’m just a regular person that works at my business everyday trying to make it. But i really don’t care, say whatever dumb ass thing you want. Exercise that 1st Amendment while you still can.

          3. Henry

            pk:“Maybe try having a conversation with people instead of your weird comments that are normally cheap insults created by taking what is said out of context, at least to me anyway.”

            I have done no such thing.

            pk:“But i really don’t care, say whatever dumb ass thing you want.”

            The main difference between you and me is you can’t agree to disagree. You tend to get hot, long-winded, and personal when you sense someone doesn’t agree with you. It would be refreshing to have an objective, reasoned conversation in lieu of being accused of saying “dumb ass thing[s]”, “to grow up”, and to have a slew of cliche, presumption, and ad hominem cast my direction. I am sorry this has gone badly.

          4. pk

            In my first post, i pointed out many facts that are documented and gave my perception of how i see politics in America. I admit, saying, “Oh yeah, sorry i forgot you were still stuck in the fake debate over Democrats and Republicans” was a bit condescending, but i needed to poke you once. I responded to your next comment with more facts, opinions and predictions. Then you came back with, “Why do you want us to not do well?” Yeah i guess comments like that do get me a little irritated, because wanting everyone to succeed is why i’m so concerned with everything i talk about. I was a smart ass and told you to grow up, you took the high-ground, then accused me of being anti-corporation in general. Then i went into some more of my opinions and perceptions and then let you end that conversation.
            Now on this conversation, i responded to your comment with my thoughts, nothing disrespectful or mean, and you posted that comment i called weird. I responded to that comment the only way i could. Now i’m the bad guy again. I think you’re the one who gets hot and personal when someone disagrees with you. By the way, you haven’t answered any of the questions i’ve asked, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to, i have a good idea what your answers would be. I just want to agree to disagree. I’m sorry if this was long winded, but i had to go through it all.

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