“Failed Policies” Include The Republican Party’s Religious Rhetoric.

The most common criticism leveled at President Obama in this campaign is that he has promoted “failed policies”.  My judgement is he has spent his time working on important problems.

This is something one cannot say about his most vocal critics, Republican members the House and Senate.  Their time has been spent on pointless issues.   I’d like to ask Republicans why their focus for the last decade has been on the issues of gay marriage and abortion?

When  I use the word, “focus”, I mean the number of legislative bills and hours of political rhetoric devoted to these two topics.  Yes, there were a few other issues Republicans brought up, lower taxes on the wealthy, deregulation and invading two countries.  Former President Bush told the Prime Minister of France invading Afghanistan and Iraq, like abortion and gay marriage, had religious meaning.

There is, so far as I can tell, broad consensus the U. S. economic problem was caused by and/or is being lengthened by the housing problem.  This, in turn, was made possible by some of the deregulation that took place.

While this deregulation was taking place, however, political debate was focused on the religious issues of gay marriage and abortion.  While some Democrats can be blamed for parts of this, Republicans were the ones talking up religious values.  We need only review the Republican Party National Convention to see the preoccupation with religion.

My hope is the public recognizes how much time Congress wastes arguing about religious issues.  This is the biggest “failed policy” of all.

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  1. Henry

    Jon: “My judgement is he has spent his time working on important problems.”
    You apparently have poor judgement. We currently have an empty chair for a president. Hope and ☭hange was the demoncrat mantra. Boy, did we ever get it. They got most things they wanted politically, and this is where we are at is rather telling. Now, we are facing a fiscal cliff written by the dems.

  2. Stan

    How about a budget Mr. President and Mr Reid, this continuing resolution stuff has to stop. Do you think pushing it out until after the election will help you?

  3. I cannot believe there was not one single white protestant male up to the challenge of running for President on the Republian ticket.

    What next? A homosexual negro?

    1. Erika

      There was a white protestant male who ran. Several, actually, and some great women, too. You never heard their names. As usual, the election was rigged by Powers That Be who could not care less whether Obama or Romney wins.
      I was at the Repub convention (representing another state, not ND. ) There was no difference in the way it was run as compared to how Communist party “elections” were run in the former USSR. Nothing but a big rah-rah fest and party officials breaking and superceding their own bylaws, ad hoc. No need to feel smug, Dems, they did the same thing in N. Carolina.
      The United States campaign cycle is nothing but a farce. The only hope left is to elect a Congress which upholds and defends the Constitution. Forget about the presidential election racket and focus on Congress.

      1. Erika 4:35 Interesting observations. I went to a Democratic National convention several years ago. It was not as great an experience as I thought it would be–mostly a highly scripted event where people pretended to hold a convention. I loaned my creditials often to other people I knew in booths outside the hall and took a lot of walks.

        The Congressional seats are interesting with many being competitive that were not expected to be.

  4. Sam Novits

    Jon Lindgren, you must have had your head in the sand for the last 4 years! Obama has done NOTHING good for this country! He has botched so many of his duties! Open your eyes and wake up! You are way too old and senile to write these columns! You haven’t a clue of what you are talking about!

    1. Sam 4:06 Thanks for the first time comment. Do return and comment again.

      I would have to agree I am old and senile. I just had another birthday so it’s even worse than it was. But, I can still totter to my lap top and crank out a blog.

      What I wrote was Obama worked on important problems. Unlike Republicans in Congress, he did not spend four years wasting his time on gay marriage and abortion.

  5. mickey mouse

    No, Obama spent a lot of time preparing a 2,000+ tax called health care reform which gives the Secretary of Health a lot of power not required to be approved by the congress. He has written 170+ executive orders which also give him far-reaching power that either limits his need for approval from congress or does away with it all together. That sets him up to be able to run the country, if he is elected, in his next term as a dictator; a communist, anti-colonial, game-playing dictator.

    Do you even have the courage to go see the movie 2016, and then follow it up with reading his book, Dreams From My Father, where you will see his anti-colonial leanings and how he neglects his white blood in favor of mobilizing blacks? He is, at the very least, bi-racial, and though he claims to have been loved by and loved in return his mother and grandparents, he has largely ignored the whiteness that he has inherited. Americans wanted to help Obama, and he let them help him right into the White House.

    Hey Jon Jon I got something to ask since you LOVE the democratic party and they claim not to discriminate well lets see how you answer this question? Why do they not provide medical services at Planned Parenthood for women who are having problems BECOMING pregnant? Why don’t they offer assistance to the infertile whose right it is to carry a baby and have one of her own? That’s part of Planning Parenthood, too. BTW, how do the black democrats continue to support an organization whose first aim was, in Margaret Sanger’s own words was to kill blacks, “On blacks, immigrants and indigents: “…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born.” Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people

    1. mickey 12:45 Thanks for the first time comment. Your comments are always welcome.

      Planned Parenthood offers a broad variety of women’s health services. Taken together, they allow women to have more successful pregnancies. Some of the services they offer are not available elsewhere. There is a demand for these services and that’s why PP offers them. I’m sure if fertility services were not widely available elsewhere, which they are, PP would offer more of them.

  6. Carlene Dean

    Steering the course back to the original topic of the article, that of “failed policy” and why do the Repubs insist on debating those non-issues while there’s so very much more that’s much more important to work on and work out. Such as the government’s spending problems, too much money going for defense and so on. Amen, brother Jon, say it like it is!!!

    1. Henry

      CD: “Steering the course back to the original topic”

      Was there an original topic? It seemed more like a scatter shot.

      CD: “why do the Repubs insist on debating those non-issues while there’s so very much more that’s much more important to work on and work out.”

      Please note that Republicans currently only control 1/3 of the government, and this only started last year. They curently don’t have much say. They have to bend to the will of the demoncrats quite often to get anything passed. Obamba had a supermajority at his fingertips, and this economy is his crappy result of his efforts.


      1. Henry

        I make correction. Republicans only control 1/4 of government. SCOTUS is a liberal majority ruling body, doesn’t matter what they call themselves, their actions proclaim them to be a majority of liberals.

  7. Carlene Dean

    There’s an article with comments on it today about same-sex marriage being one of those issues being brought up by the “relisious right.” Hey, isn’t there supposed to be a separation of church and state?? I believe one of the biggest (and most vocal) supporters of the same-sex marriage amendment is the Catholic Church, which isn’t exactly known for its “free thinkers.” To me this clearly smacks of forcing religious ideology on the rest of us, and should not be tolerated by ANY thinking person.

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