Going For The God Vote.

According to the most recent New Yorker, Fox News was delighted by the Democrat Party’s omission of God in its original Platform.  In the Fox convention coverage, it mentioned the omission 22 times in the first few hours.

We know a God paragraph was penciled in.  But, the Fox people continued to talk about the no-God version. They referred to it a total of 84 times during the convention.

It makes one wonder how they would have covered George Washington’s farewell  and Abraham Lincoln’s “House Divided” speeches.  They didn’t mention God either.

At the Republican Convention, God was there in many speeches, prayers and pledges.  Then, it nominated a member of the God All Star Team for V. P.,  Paul Ryan.  Four years ago God All Star, Sarah Palin, was brought in to win the election.

Adding Palin did not win that election, adding Ryan has not bumped up the poll numbers and prayers at the convention have been forgotten.  Perhaps there is a political lesson here.

That being said, the God card has been successful in putting many House and Senate people in office.  But, this has put another dynamic in place.

Because there are loud religious and anti abortion and anti gay House and Senate members, some rank and file Republicans think such people can be elected President.  They try to elect them in the primaries.

Our Presidential elections have become referendums on religion in politics.  And, the public likes a little religion.

But, not too much.


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