Obama Ramps Up His Faith Initiative.

I read yesterday about this.  Apparently, he has a staff of people sending material and calling people of faith to tell them Obama relies on his faith. Perhaps Romney has something similar.

I wish it were not necessary to make going to church a photo op or spending campaign money to tell people about your churchiness.  We all know its part of the deal.

I wonder if it will always be so in the U. S.?  Religion seems to have slipped off the map  in some other Western democracies.  And, those countries seem to be doing just fine without it.

I watch parts of TV debates of candidates for office in southern States.  In those debates, is seems like candidates spend more time talking of their individual godliness than policy questions.  That being the case, we should resign ourselves to religion in U. S. politics for a long to come.

For people who fear the religion of Islam, I’d suggest they try to show how Christianity is different from the onerous branches of it.  They could do this by supporting separation of church and state.

One of the people I’m supporting for Congress always ends her political talks with the standard, “God bless you and God bless the United States of America.” It’s a coded way of saying the U. S. has some special thing going with God that no other country has.

I think it would be fun to organize a response where the crowd would reply in unison, “And pox on everyone else and every other country.”

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  1. Del Larson

    Jon, I really agree with your point about politicians who evoke God or who claim to have faith just to get elected. Too bad they don’t practice their faith rather than just talk about it.
    Also, remember that this country was formed because of religious persecution. Many of our original laws were based on the laws of God.
    It bothers me too that they ask God to bless America. I sometimes wonder what God thinks of these politicians who lie, cheat, and steal.
    thanks for allowing me to share.

  2. Wanna B Sure

    Jon; your “… I’d suggest they try to show how Christianity is different from the onerous branches of it. They could do this by supporting seperation of church and state.” We have been there-done that for 500 years, and continue to do so. There also has been dialogue with the “onerous” factions encouraging them to consider it. (However, not with much success.) What is popularly called seperation of church and state, we call “the two spheres”; Sacred and secular. One does not rule over the other. This is an important relational feature of the orthodox Lutheran Churches. There is a paralell here with the doctrine of Law and Gospel. You will not hear attempted political influence from the pulpit of an orthodox Lutheran Church. I understand there is a Church Body with the name Lutheran on it that does dabble in politics, but then they can hardly be considered to be orthodox, nor historical Lutherans. More “Mainline,” (in the purest sense of the word), than Orthodox. What members do away from the church is a different matter. They are also living in the secular world too, and have the right as citizens to persue their political choices. However, their “sacred” influence significantly tempers any reactionary activity.

  3. Michael Ross

    ‘ “God bless you and God bless the United States of America.” It’s a coded way of saying the U. S. has some special thing going with God that no other country has.’


    1. Michael Ross

      “Let nothing be done through strife or vain glory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves.”(Philippians 2:3)

      This applys to nations as well as individuals. If we held this atitude we would not be trying to dominate the rest of the world.

      “Amercian Exceptionalism” is self exaultation and poison.

  4. Obama worships and glorifies himself……his Idol is Barack Obama.
    He needs no church ,no God, he has it all right within his own skinny self.
    His arrogance and self worship know no end.
    (anyone who writes about himself in TWO biographies before age 30 is a worshipper of self)

    1. buffalogal 4:30 “anyone who writes about himself in TWO biographies before age 30 is a worshipper of self.”

      Could be, or, he might be a good story teller and shrewd judge of what might appeal to the public.

        1. Stan 10:22 “most of what he wrote was either fiction or is being denied by the administration now.”

          I had not heard that. What is it that was fiction or is being denied? Is it “most” or maybe some?

        2. Stan

          The girl friend was a composite…….tries to bury the fact that he ate dog meat…..publisher has his short bio claiming birth in Indonesia. Dad was not a rebel, in fact he work for the British Colonial government.

          1. Stan 6:12 If he concealed he ate dog meat, I can’t understand why. It’s a staple in several parts of the world, places raise certain kinds of dogs marketable for their meat.

            When someone writes a celebrety “conceals” something, I’m always a little suspious. Could it be the cele did not think it was important enough to include? Makes it sound like a smear piece. But, I haven’t read it.

          2. Stan

            No he didn’t conceal it in the bio, he DID downplay it. Dogs are unclean in Indonesia and should not be touched let alone eaten. That could damage his appeal to Muslims.

            Funny you should use that word conceal. Harry Reid has been claiming that Romney weas hiding something in his taxes for the last month claiming that he had something to “conceal”. Romney called his bluff. Yes, he was concealing that he over payed his taxes and contributed a LOT to charity.

          3. Stan 8:47 You wrote he “buried” the fact–I guess you meant he downplayed it. On Harry Reid, I believe his quote from someone who said Romney said he did not pay taxes came from the period of time during which Romney will still not realease the tax records. Obama released his for a dozen years, Romney for two.

            Romey did over pay, but can file an ammended return to recover that amount later. He is not consistant about many issues, but is about his support for low taxes on the rich.

        3. Wanna B Sure

          When my mother was growing up in South Central ND, neighbors would come over, ask for, and take any extra young dogs (puppies) home with them. I don’t think I would like to make a practice of eating dog or horse, but if given the opportunity, I would try both.

          1. Wanna 1:42 “I would try them both.”
            As would I. When I was growing up near Ft. Dodge, IA, there was a place called “Ft. Dodge Laboratory” that used dogs and cats for, I guess, serum. My Dad and older brothers would box up a bunch of stray cats and get money for them. They went into humans, either directly, or indirectly, through livestock medicine.

            We were in Thailand for our son’s wedding several years ago. In the fridge of the host house was some leftover stir fry. Our son said it had rat meat in it, the hosts made it for him because he had asked to try it. He said it tasted so strong he didn’t like it. We passed on the opportunity to try it.

          2. Wanna B Sure

            How many of us have eaten “pig nose holes”? AKA ” hog snouts”. I would venture virtually everyone. Sausage, liver sausage, head cheese, etc. anyone? Yummmm .

          3. Wanna B Sure

            Cat may be a little stringy. The other white meat. Here kitty, here kitty. Don’t get me wrong, I dearly love my cat, but this is funny.

          4. entech

            A lot of the animals that we won’t normally eat are carnivores, dogs etc or omnivores, pigs – could there be a hidden fear of cannibalism by proxy?
            French people are not so sentimental, the horse may have a special relationship but it is still a source of food.
            Another English joke about a man selling game pies (game being wild rabbit, hare, pheasant etc.) and doing very well because they were so cheap. When asked to explain how the price could be so low he confided that some horse meat was used, still too cheap they said, well actually equal parts. Equal parts, even that makes the price too low to be profitable – well he said equal parts one rabbit, one pheasant and one horse

  5. entech

    Most of the Crusaders were mercenaries 😈 or was it just some, a few, just one ?
    It is the same here supporters downplay or ignore the details, opponents exaggerate or invent them.

    1. entech 4:48 On this particular “history” book with lots of stuff uncomplimentary to Obama, I wonder why these kinds of “history” things are published to great fan fare just before elections?

      On liberal sites just now are stories from women who have been personally associated with Mitt when he was a Mormon Bishop–either in his business or as church members. There are no hints of sexual scandels but they tell of his deference and respect for women who are from outside the faith and his dissing of Mormon women. First, I don’t know if is it is true. Second, he make think in a different way now and third, it really doesn’t matter if it is or was true.

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