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Do Catholic Clergy Have a Pipeline to God When Telling the Flock How to Vote?

Clergy in the Catholic branch of Christianity are considered to be representatives of God.  At least, that’s my understanding of it. While this responsibility to interpret what the god wants applies to religious matters, does it apply to politics?  Catholic clergy are everywhere, these days, telling … Continue reading

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Hell Sells.

To me, one of the fascinating topics in the Christian faith is hell.  It’s relationship to the preoccupation of most Christians, sin, is so tight they are virtually one and the same. There is a new movie which explores the faith’s attitude toward … Continue reading

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Class Warfare is Coming.

Last night I saw a play entitled, Good People.  Then this morning I heard the second part of an interview with J K Rowlings about her new adult novel, The Causal Vacancy. While listening to Rowlings, it occurred to me … Continue reading

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Christians Have the Cross, Jews Have the Star, What Do Atheists Have?

There is so much interest in things like logos and symbols.  Here is N. D. we’ve argued for years about use of the Fighting Sioux. The Christian Cross and Jewish Star of David communicate something about the faiths.  But, what symbol would communicate no faith? … Continue reading

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Romney Could Win with this Speech:

“Friends, I’m here  to tell you what will make this country greater than ever.  It’s to follow the principles of capitalism. “A capitalistic country must compete.  Our country is not competing like it can. “One reason is our health system is too expensive and ineffective.  … Continue reading

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God Does Not Care If You Are Happy or Not

This title is about a post today at  I’m not sure I paraphrased it exactly right, but that’s how I read it. The post reflects what in sports metaphor is “sharp elbows”, a basketball term.  This is not about basketball, it’s … Continue reading

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“Failed Policies” Include the Republican Party’s Religious Rhetoric.

The most common criticism leveled at President Obama in this campaign is that he has promoted “failed policies”.  My judgement is he has spent his time working on important problems. This is something one cannot say about his most vocal critics, Republican members … Continue reading

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It’s Likely Jesus Had a Wife.

The new piece of parchment which refers to Jesus’ wife is not new to many who study this.  In fact, these people think it unlikely he was celibate. The Jewish faith at the time of Jesus followed the dictate of go … Continue reading

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Going for the God Vote.

According to the most recent New Yorker, Fox News was delighted by the Democrat Party’s omission of God in its original Platform.  In the Fox convention coverage, it mentioned the omission 22 times in the first few hours. We know a God … Continue reading

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Obama Ramps Up His Faith Initiative.

I read yesterday about this.  Apparently, he has a staff of people sending material and calling people of faith to tell them Obama relies on his faith. Perhaps Romney has something similar. I wish it were not necessary to make going to … Continue reading

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