Christians Who Believe They Are Put Upon.

We skeptics have our grievances.  If we ran for office few would vote for us, polls indicate.  We are viewed as being untrustworthy and without moral standards.

In truth, we have it pretty good.  Most of us in the Western World live in countries where we can reveal our lack of belief and not be jailed or killed.

Lately, it has become the style for some Christians to say it is they, not atheists, who live in a hostile environment.  Recently, the Family Research Council released with much fanfare a 135 page report alleging 600 examples over the last ten years of hostility toward religion.

Among the 600 were a few cases where religious people were wrongfully denied their rights in some way.  These mistakes were often corrected by a court or by public pressure.  They should not, of course, have happened in the first place.

However, a large number of the 600 examples were where officials, citizens or students wanted to display Christian messages or recite Christian prayers in government places or at government events.  To be criticized for this does not, in my view, rise to what should be called “hostility”.

Real hostility would be hate crimes against Christians.  Something like 2/3rds of religious hate crimes are committed against Jews, not Christians.  Gay and transgendered people are hate crime victims more often than all religious people combined.

Christian groups like the Family Research Council are now claiming to be victims.  So is the Catholic hierarchy with its Liberty Restoration Amendments.

Both atheists and Christians have it pretty good in the U. S.


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  1. Wanna B Sure

    Jon; are you talking about the USA only? By the world news, it would appear that more Christians in general are killed, tortured, or “put upon” than atheists or gays combined, when one considers the Middle East, the Far East, and Africa.

    1. Wanna 1:33 The 600 hostile events were in the U. S. I’ve read about those problems for Christians in Muslim countries.

      There is a prominent family in Fargo who are BaHai’s and were driven out of Iran. As you and I agree, nothing much good comes from governments bases on religion.

      1. Wanna B Sure

        I suspect that with many of these, as in the past, there have been situations unnecessarily provoked by “enthuisiasts” to create an issue to validate their particular “ism”. With the resulting “push back” from atheists and those with personal issues. Here in the States, these same people have tried to hijack both political parties, and other auxiliary associations. Causing chaos and division. I would say that it need not be “religion” that’s the problem, but those IN religion, AND those outside of it.

  2. Stan

    Well when someone comes into your building and says how he hates what that organization represents and starts shooting…….yes it would be a hate crime. But it is against a “right wing” group so it is justified.

  3. Bob Hanson

    A guy that came to my church this morning from Ethiopia said for preaching the gospel he got put in jail for 3 days with no food or water, then they tied him to the roof of their vehicle and took him to the capitol where they denied him a home and he had to eat in a dump yard that was pretty much 10 times bigger (and more smelly) then Fargo dump. He then started a church but he said he gets punched in the right side of his face once in awhile, I saw the scars. In Isreal, Christians are also persecuted by Rabbi Jews and Muslim radicals.

    At least in America the worst that happens to me is to get mocked or hate mail from people. Once, I prayed publicly and got booed by many people. Also, to have my kids get mocked at school is the most heartbreaking to me. She comes home and says that kids gave her mean looks and cant make much friends when she has a Bible or t-shirt about God. Now, these are small examples compared to other countries and I am blessed to have freedom of religion.

    The problem is, everyone who is a Christian is “intolerant ” because of their offensiveness by saying Jesus is the only way. But when anyone else talks, they are okay because tolerance means to respect all ideas. Never have I seen a gay person get persecuted in the US. I know that radical Muslims kill homosexuals, but never once have I seen in the Bible God wants to kill gays. Damn,were screwed

      1. Bob Hanson

        Yeah, but they are not the only ones to get killed. More then 150 people (christians) will be killed this week alone around the world. Plus, who the hell killed them? Probably a mentally insane guy with no life or a stupid radical religious person who is still mentally ill. Check out JesusFreakHideout to see the numerous people killed, jailed, and what have you. I was not talking about who gets murdered in this country, because anyone can get killed by anyone. If a mass genocide was going on for gays, I would be worried. Instead, I say a damn gaypride and ect going on.

        As I said before, we should love and respect these people. Shit, excuse my French, I saw a gay gay in downtown Fargo yesterday and we talked for a long time and damn near became friends. I think a lot of real homophopes accuse others of being one, I see it all the time. Deep inside they know its wrong, but they say its right then accuse others of it. If anyone tells me I am, your a lair and a ingnorant person. Whew, let some steam off there.

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