Is There A Pattern Of Hostility To Christianity?

The Family Research Council and Liberty Institute issued a 140 page report alleging 600 incidents over the last 10 years against Christianity.

I could not find much hostility toward Christianity.  I did see a lot of incidents where Christians were trying to get their pitch into settings meant to be secular.

A more helpful approach by the Family Research Council would be to persuade Christians not to, for example, pray to Jesus when praying at public functions where people of many faiths or of no faith are present.  They may have the right to mention Jesus, but should not be surprised if they encounter one of the 600 hostile incidents.

I can understand people who have lived in circumstances where people wore  their religion on their sleeves are surprised when they encounter criticism.  Things have changed.

Several of the grievances mentioned by the Family Research Council had to do with government policies and court decisions.  I have not kept score, but it seems to me Christian interests continue to do well in court and in government policy.  Certainly, if you go to the website of the American Law and Justice Center, Pat Robertson’s legal operation, you will see a list of the victories.

In my view, it is not that there are too many acts of hostility toward pushing the faith in public, it’s that there are not enough.  There are still countless public meetings in the U. S. everyday as well as public schools who still pray to Jesus Christ.

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  1. These incidents seem to have a common thread: individuals or society pushing back and saying enough is enough with this particular religion forcing itself on everyone around them.

    I struggle to believe a child was lifted from his lunch seat for saying a prayer, but I can certainly see a group of bible thumping seniors being told to knock it off at the community senior center.

    Okay to pray to Allah, but no one else?? Seriously?? Remember fundies, just because you say it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

      1. Michael Ross

        World English Dictionary
        warmonger (?w???m????)
        — n
        a person who fosters warlike ideas or advocates war

        1. Henry

          That would be a majority of the US, perhaps even the world with that definition. Therefore, the term “warmonger” levied is unexceptional.

          1. I wonder if the term, warmonger, includes those on this board who found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when even the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense and United Nations did not find them. Maybe they would be called “warapologists”.

            I’m glad to have Warapologists here as well as everyone else. I have so say, though, I like Michael’s view on war.

          2. Henry

            Here is the Democrat commissioned report alleging WMD’s prior to the war:
            Here are the WMD’s that weren’t WMD’s that the UN destroyed:
            -50 deployed Al-Samoud 2 missiles
            -Various equipment, including vehicles, engines and warheads, related to the AS2 missiles
            -2 large propellant casting chambers
            -14 155 mm shells filled with mustard gas, the mustard gas totaling approximately 49 litres and still at high purity
            -Approximately 500 ml of thiodiglycol
            -Some 122 mm chemical warheads
            -Some chemical equipment
            -224.6 kg of expired growth media

          3. Henry 6:25 Thanks for recycling the list President Bush and VP Chaney didn’t seem to think was what they were looking for. Perhaps you could send it to them so they would know about it and would not have to be so embarrased about not finding WMD’s.

          4. Henry

            Cheney? He objected to statements of “no WMD’s”. Bush? He thought it was a good idea to tell the American people the political narrative of the democrats. I see it has well fallen on itching ears.

            I’ll rely on the list.

    1. Michael 4:14 “Good topic for Jon’s blog.”

      Thanks for the suggestion. I had already started blog on that topic. There have been so many storms blamed on things Democrats stand for I thought it would be fair to say Republicans are being punished–they have their share of sinners.

      A site I read that does parody of Southern Baptists says the storm is hitting the Republican convention is because the Party is choosing a Mormon and a Catholic. 🙂

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