Our local paper, The Forum, had a couple of articles today about abortions for women who have been raped.  There was a quote from Christopher Dodson, Executive Director of the N. D. Catholic Conference.  He said

…all Catholic hospitals  follow a policy to help the woman prevent conception from occurring in cases of rape….if adequate tests are done to determine if fertilization hasn’t occurred, she has the right to prevent conception.”

That statement leaves one wondering exactly what the Church’s position is on pregnancy after rape.  It seems to say if pregnancy has occurred, the woman is out of luck.  Or, it could mean that in cases of rape, the hospital is allowed to say conception did not occur even if it did.

The latter interpretation would be similar to the Church’s approach to divorce.  As I understand it, “divorce” does not happen.  Instead, the Church pretends the marriage never really happened and the people can separate without “suffering” the religious consequences of divorce.

Whatever the quote above really means, it illustrates the ridiculousness of what goes on in all the branches of religion.  It is absurd gazillions of dollars of paid staff time is spent drafting such obtuse policies.

All a hospital needs to know is that a woman was raped.  If she was raped, the policy should be she leaves the hospital not pregnant, period.

But, in right to life dogma, every policy is written with political ends in mind, not the woman’s welfare.