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From a Freshman Course in the New Testament

When reading the Bible, one thing is undeniable.  Its writing was always aimed at a specific audience of that time with a specific goal in mind.  It was not written for you and me. This is not my own individual notion.  I got it from an … Continue reading

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Republicans, Keep Praying. Democrats, Stay Secular.

I like the constant drumbeat of religion that comes from the Republican party.  Its platform includes powerful negative judgements on gay voters and on women who want abortions. While the Democratic Party Convention will have some ”prayin”, my hope it will … Continue reading

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Christians Who Believe They are Put Upon.

We skeptics have our grievances.  If we ran for office few would vote for us, polls indicate.  We are viewed as being untrustworthy and without moral standards. In truth, we have it pretty good.  Most of us in the Western World … Continue reading

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On Faith and Hallucinogenic Substances.

I happened to read two articles this weekend that had an unintended relationship.  One in the New Yorker was by a doctor who experimented with drugs for a few years, then quit.  He wrote in detail about what appeared in front of him … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Over These Rules on Sin.

We all know some things are prohibited by the Bible. You shalt not lie, kill or steal and must keep the Sabbath holy.  Yet, violating these rules is not always sin. We would say it was not a sin to kill someone if … Continue reading

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Reversal of Positions, Catholics and Prostestants.

Can you imagine a time when Protestants were united in lock step against contraception and abortion?  Martin Luther’s position was just that. When Martin Luther broke ranks with the Catholic leadership, one of his beefs was  Christians were not having enough … Continue reading

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Explain What This Means.

Our local paper, The Forum, had a couple of articles today about abortions for women who have been raped.  There was a quote from Christopher Dodson, Executive Director of the N. D. Catholic Conference.  He said …all Catholic hospitals  follow a policy to help … Continue reading

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Is There a Pattern of Hostility to Christianity?

The Family Research Council and Liberty Institute issued a 140 page report alleging 600 incidents over the last 10 years against Christianity. I could not find much hostility toward Christianity.  I did see a lot of incidents where Christians were trying … Continue reading

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It’s Called the “War on Women”.

Since the “war” metaphor is used so often in conservative Christian politics, it seems fair to use it against them.  That, even though I’d prefer the term war be limited to armies shooting at one another. It would not be so … Continue reading

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Republicans in Congress are Experts in Rape.

No, they do not rape women.  But they consider themselves experts on the topic.  They wanted to put into law a type of rape not covered by those the criminal justice system or existing laws on rape. All of this entertainment … Continue reading

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