While I’m not a theologian, the “less hell” branch of the faith seems to be gaining popularity.  Another name for it might be the emerging church and perhaps liberal protestantism in general.

The most successful individuals in “less hell” are  Rob Bell and Joel Osteen.  Both have, or still, minister in mega churches founded around the idea Christianity is all about the positive, not the negative.  Osteen’s church is said to have 16,000 members.  Bell is a best selling author.

By emphasizing acceptance of people, rather than condemnation, this new Christian brand downplays the importance and existence of hell.  It slips seamlessly into current culture.  Elementary children are taught not to bully.  This means they are to accept differences.

The “less hell” approach says Jesus accepts you and does not condemn you.  There might not even be a hell, this branch of the faith teaches.

I have the impression the “less hell” branches of the mega church compete with liberal denominations of Protestantism Catholicism, both of which are losing members.

On the other end, fundamentalist denominations, like the Southern Baptist Convention, is losing members as well.  This, while pentecostal churches are doing well.

The Southern Baptists and really big on hell, while Pentecostals are into a direct and personal relationship with the god.  Perhaps they compete and the Southern Baptists in what hell means.

I think “less hell” would be more tolerant of homosexuals, women and abortion.  I hope it prevails.