Our Local Paper Will Print Gay Marriage Announcements.

Today the Fargo Forum announced it will print announcements of gay marriages.  It will apply only to marriages performed in states where such marriages are licensed.

Thus, announcements of marriages of local couples which are to take place in North Dakota or Minnesota will not be published until these states change their laws.   If the marriages take place in nearby Iowa the announcements will be published.

Before now, the Forum would not print announcements of any gay marriage.  The change reflects some obvious truths.

One is the Forum, like the church down the street, is a business.  It makes its money by selling advertisements and carrying inserts to your front door.  When the public’s attitudes change, it must change as well.

Conservative religious people have often mistaken themselves for a huge economic force.  They have staged boycotts over pro gay policies of businesses such as Disney.  Today, Disney’s stock is 50% higher than when the boycott began.  I doubt a boycott by local people will be noticed.

Another twist to this new policy is the role of government.  The Forum’s decision recognizes marriage is the business of government, not religion.  Whatever you may think God intended marriage to be does not count.  The Forum could have selected a policy to publish only weddings to be performed by licensed clergy, but it did not.

Hopefully, North Dakota and Minnesota will license gay marriages one day soon.  In the meantime, the new Forum policy is a good start.


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  1. Michael Ross

    “Hopefully, North Dakota and Minnesota will license gay marriages one day soon.”

    I’m sure they will. ND & Mn are part of America, and we are all going down the sewer together.

    1. Michael 2:09 “…we are all going down the sewer together.”

      We obviously have a different view of what the moral high ground is on the issue of gay marriage. That’s what makes talking about it here so interesting.

      1. Michael Ross

        “We obviously have a different view of what the moral high ground is on the issue of gay marriage.”

        I’m obviously not as “freethinking” as you. I believe “freedom” has some limits.

        1. Demosthenes

          “I’m obviously not as “freethinking” as you. I believe “freedom” has some limits.” – Just liberty for the heterosexuals…..

    2. Carol Stensgard

      Speak For yourself, Mike. That’s why it’s crucial for those who profess to be Christians to pray on a regular basis against all of this evil stuff that is going on in our country as well as for the United States itself. You need to be careful what you say and you need to pray and put your faith in action because that would be what God would want us to do. He can, and hopefully will turn things around. I also think that it is great that that guy from Chik-fil-A spoke up as he did. It’s too bad there are so many evil people in the country attacking him, but more people need to be speaking up against gay marriage; abortion; etc., otherwise, these people will surely take over, and we certainly don’t need that, do we? We need to speak up for what is right because we have rights, too, and we can’t ever allow those rights to be taken away from us-ever!

  2. Stan

    Really this was pretty weak, if they had any guts they would do all of them. Not like they are going to be jailed for it.

    1. Stan 3:37 “…if they had any guts they would do all of them.”

      I wonder if heterosexual couples ever request announcements if they are not obtaining a marriage license. If this were the case, it would require more newspaper space–something that is very expensive for the paper. That would make sort of a legit argument for requiring licenses. It just isn’t ethical for states to deny licenses and the economic benefits that go with marriage licenses to one group of people while handing them out to another.

  3. The FORUM being a ND newspaper would be better following the ND laws on marriage. (between a man and a woman). 70 percent of US citizens are opposed to the formalized gay marriage

    1. Kay, I’m going to ask you for sources to back up your 70% statement. Most that I’ve seen are at about 50-50, with a slight tilt in favor of same gender couples.

      If ND law is to the standard, the Forum is going to need some proof there’s no cousin marriage because it’s my understanding that’s not legal in ND.

      Also, I suspect if they’re going to claim the ‘legal marriage’ standard, they best be requiring a copy of marriage licenses from all couples, not just the same gender couples.

      That would be discriminatory and all.

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