The Drought, Does It Have Theological Significance?

I am at the little airport in Iowa where I come each year for the Cessna 150-152 Fly In.  The grass here is brown and the earth hard.  I struggled to get my anchors screwed into the ground to tie my plane down.

Flying over all the dry area of the Midwest, while distressing to see, is also a testament of the whims of nature.  It’s magnificent power can be seen in the extremes of weather we experience.

I’ve noticed none of the religious sites have anything to offer in the way of theological analysis or meaning about the drought.  My impression is that to be considered “punishment”, a weather event, or current event, must have drama associated with it.

Large thunderstorms, tornadoes, fires and such seem to have meaning, while dry crops do not.  Mass murders like that in Colorado have meaning while deaths in car crashes do not.

Since these storms, fires and murders have not theological significance, I am happy to see no such commentary about the drought.  It would be even better if preachers and politicians would not on people’s emotions by pretending to pray for rain.  I’m sure there will be a lot of this coming up, and, if anyone complains about it, they will be labeled as being unkind and unsympathetic.  This, in spite of the fact they are merely trying to separate reality from myth.

I hope it rains soon.  But, until it does, we can simply sit back and watch the amazing power of nature.

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  1. Jon, the draught does have religious significance: God is punishing the midwest for its blatant discrimination against same gender couples who try to follow biblical law and consecrate their relationships.

    Duh. 🙂

      1. Doubtful

        What I think and what you think do not make either of them reality. The lack of scientific proof is not proof that thought has no effect on material. This is your 99.999% sure, unscientific baloney again.

  2. Doubtful

    This was a pretty reasonable article until “This, in spite of the fact they are merely trying to separate reality from myth.” Once again you demonstrate your belief that your’s is the one true belief.

    1. Doubtful 2:48 “You demonstrate your belief that yours is the one true belief.”

      Yes, I do think the stories and implications in the Bible are myths. I think it is a myth that praying for rain makes it rain. Do you think these are reality and not myths?

  3. There’s a great play/movie from the middle ’50s called The Rainmaker that addresses the whole drought/theology angle. Maybe it just takes a little longer for the desperation to set in. The also made it into a musical call “110 In the Shade”

    Lots of nice parallels to be drawn between drought and life passing one buy or mortality.

  4. Henry

    “The Drought, Does it Have Theological Significance?”

    Let’s pull from the atheist narrative (with reasoning at full capacity). Blame Bachman. It is her fault.

    1. Oh, no. Once again Henry and I agree.

      God has decided to smite MN because of the atrocities committed by Michelle Bachmann and her gay husband Marcus.

          1. Henry

            Yes, and if it rains cats and dogs in Fargo, it will soon rain cats and dogs in MN.

            Thanks for the geographical tip. Jon’s original was describing the drought in the midwest. Considering Bachman’s location is the midwest, I suppose I should have instead noted it is raining cats and dogs in the midwest to be more accurate (but not precise) for you.

  5. Paul

    Oh you’re so wrong! The universe is upset … drought, heat, lousy corn and beans, mass killings, Joe Paterno’s statue being removed, and now lesbians wanting fair/equal access to their community’s newspaper and respectful treatment by the press … holy cats … I’d say the universe is coming apart. Come home Jon … stop flitting about in your Cessna … Fargo needs you. The Big Guy’s upset.

    1. Paul 3:46 I hope there are no gods out there with plans for my tent or flight home. 🙂

      P. S. I wish those people with 150 horses in their Cessna 150’s would not spend their evenings flying low over the campsite with their steep banking climbs and bomb dives. Makes our standard engines seem punny. Well, in truth, they are punny. Nurf drop and landing competition tomorrow. Next day the air treasure hunt.

  6. Michael Ross

    Its raining tonite. Over two inches at Hector. Jon goes away and God relents, the heavens open. Stay gone a few more days and the Valley may yet have a bumper crop.

    1. Michael 5:52 I noticed that, too. Where I am in Eastern Iowa, it’s even dryer. Maybe when I leave it will rain here as well. But, if I can’t come home, I’m really in a pickle. But, like Paul says, I need to be there to decide which things are sins and which are but myth.
      : )

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