People Of Faith, The Denver Murders Had Nothing To Do With You.

The Christian web sites are full of commentary about the 20 some people killed in Denver. I’d suggest to not read into it something not present.

Albert Mohler, Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Seminary, writes, ” Christians are driven by instinct to think in biblical or theological terms.”

He is right some Christians often think these events have meaning.  They don’t.

They attribute importance to their religion and their own particular version of it.  The Bible and theology are useless in explaining what happened.

Someone wrote our secularism caused it.  Then, there are Christians who write there is too much arguing in the faith, this is why it happened.

Mohler argued that somehow the Christian god reduces such impulses in people and makes them happen less frequently than would otherwise.  Then, he makes an even more foolish point the cross somehow turns the person committing the crime onto himself.

To place this event in perspective, let’s start with an undeniable fact.  On the same day these 20 some people were murdered, 127 people (average), were killed on U. S. highways.  Of these 127, about half were killed where alcohol was involved.  So, that is 60 some people killed in alcohol related deaths every day.

Do the Christian instincts to ponder the biblical or theological meanings kick in when you read about automobile deaths? Of course not.

The god cannot stop any of these from happening.  Humans and prevent them by being more responsible.

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  1. I certainly agree with the observation about the terrible toll on highways caused by drunken driving….soon , texting and cell phoning and other dinging around with electronic devices that lead to addiction will be right up there with alcohol as causes for death and mayhem from auto accidents. I suppose p;utting on makeup and doing one’s hair or eating lunch/breakfast/dinner while driving is getting high up on causal factors also. People who think they can do other things while driving are really stupid and are sure to endanger other’s lives.

    1. Simple

      I have read recently where deaths from prescription drug abuse has greatly increased and now outnumbers drunk driving deaths.

      I have contact with some people that absolutely cannot leave facebook alone on their smart phones. I guarantee that they are facebooking while driving down the public highways.

    1. Kevin 3:29 Thanks for the post. You are correct, one can only manage risk. I’d only add that once one has minimized risk and gets done in anyway, it nothing to do with religion or theology.

  2. Doubtful

    Ever since man has been able to ponder our consciousnesses, and our consciousnesses of our consciousnesses, we have pondered death and the meaning of life. This is the birth and heart of religion. When you say “He is right some Christians often think these events have meaning. They don’t.” you are again using your juvenile understanding of religion and showing your prejudice. All deaths bear on all religions and on secular thought. There is an old saying that as far as I know is anonymous, something like “Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things and small people talk about people.”

    1. Doubtful 3:50 “…we have pondered death and the meaning of life. This is the birth and death of religion.”

      Just because many humans have, and continue to, ponder the meaning of life does not mean it is important, or, that it has any meaning.

  3. Buzz Marick

    Jon needs some attention folks.He mistakenly thinks he has some Wisdom to share.Shame on you for denigrating the beliefs of 85% of the people in the USA.You are an egomaniac with low self esteem.just my opinion and belief that have been hard won through personal experience.have a good day and I am not being sarcastic.

  4. Attributing cause where there is none is not a problem unique to people of religious persuasion, but it may be one that they’re particularly prone to.

    As Michael Ross points out the odds that we’re all going to have to get frisked or metal detected before entering a theater just skyrocketed. While it’s doubtful that attending a film is any more dangerous today than it was Wednesday our secular government or secular corporations may be compelled by our mass miss-attribution of risk to do something that makes very little sense in order to make many of us feel safer. Meanwhile this event will likely contribute little or nothing to advancing our understanding of mental illness which is where a rational society would focus its attention in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

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