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Romney’s Foreign Policy Team, Same as Bush’s.

If you liked our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, you will like a Romney administration. Looking at some of the characters now on his foreign policy team, it includes the same Keystone Cops that were on the Bush team.  They … Continue reading

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Less Hell Christianity.

While I’m not a theologian, the “less hell” branch of the faith seems to be gaining popularity.  Another name for it might be the emerging church and perhaps liberal protestantism in general. The most successful individuals in “less hell” are  Rob Bell and Joel Osteen.  Both have, … Continue reading

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Our Local Paper Will Print Gay Marriage Announcements.

Today the Fargo Forum announced it will print announcements of gay marriages.  It will apply only to marriages performed in states where such marriages are licensed. Thus, announcements of marriages of local couples which are to take place in North Dakota … Continue reading

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Secularism and Atheism

While it is not the end of the world if we do not use words about philosophy exactly as someone else does, these two words have some importance in arguments about religion.  I am guilty of not using the words … Continue reading

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People Can Change.

I just returned from a four day airplane enthusiast’s group,  the Cessna 150-152 Club. There was camaraderie, laughter, loops, spins and hammerheads. This would not be noteworthy but for the history of the group.  It has not always been so.  There were times when the group … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts and Values.

Many of us have been involved with Boy Scouts.  It is sad to see this great organization falling into dogma not good for it’s boys nor their country.  The most disappointing is the prohibition of gay parents from leadership rolls in … Continue reading

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Who is in Heaven, Joe Paterno or Sally Ride?

The obituary of Sally Ride, the first woman in space, included the revelation she was a lesbian.  I wondered how the public would compare her with the recently departed football coach, Joe Paterno, of Penn State. Although Joe Paterno’s teams … Continue reading

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The Drought, Does it Have Theological Significance?

I am at the little airport in Iowa where I come each year for the Cessna 150-152 Fly In.  The grass here is brown and the earth hard.  I struggled to get my anchors screwed into the ground to tie my plane … Continue reading

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Michelle Bachmann, Intelligence Sleuth.

Michelle Bachmann sees the Muslim Brotherhood behind every rock.  She sees it in two public officials where, apparently, there is no connection what so ever. The time has come to recognize the world as it actually is, not as seen … Continue reading

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People of Faith, The Denver Murders Had Nothing To Do With You.

The Christian web sites are full of commentary about the 20 some people killed in Denver. I’d suggest to not read into it something not present. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Seminary, writes, ” Christians are driven by instinct to think … Continue reading

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