In San Diego, CA, is a 45 foot high cross put there in 1954.  It was eventually turned into a “Veterans Memorial” on U. S. Government land.

The problem with using a cross to honor dead veterans is the cross is a Christian symbol and not all dead veterans were Christians.  For 20 years Jewish and atheist groups have been trying to make that point, but the cross is still there.

Religious fanatics within the U. S Congress have carried out several maneuvers to keep the cross up.  One was to take control of the property in 2006 so taxpayer funds could be used for legal bills.

The cross was approved in one federal court but that was overturned by a U. S. Court of Appeals.  The Court of Appeals decision was sent to the Supreme Court which refused to hear the case.

That should be the end of it, the cross should be taken down.  But, defenders of the cross say they will start some new proceeding to keep it there.

Those who want to insert more religion into our government and those of us who want secular government are locked in a epic battle that will go on for years to come.   There are other crosses and there are Ten Commandment monuments like the one here in Fargo all on public land and all symbolizing efforts to make government appear more Christian.

My sense is the “passion element” has shifted.  Religion used have the most passion.  Now, it is the other side.