Romney Really Needs A Sin, Or Sinners, To Demonize.

Last night a fellow called by to chew me out for all the bad things Freethinkers do.  It got me to thinking about how we could help Romney.

There is a new poll which shows more Republican than Democratic voters believe in the literal god.  This always opens an opportunity for Republicans to demonize

Nixon did well attacking anti war protests as un American.  Senior  Bush said atheists were not Americans and demonized the Willy Hortons.

In order for Romney to get the juices flowing among Republican voters he needs to demonize some group.  He is struggling with that.

When he pitches his line about anti gay marriage he doesn’t quote the Bible, he refers to “tradition”.  Anyway, gay marriage is losing its political cache.

Today, he said children of illegal immigrants are not as bad as he had thought they were during the primary. The children of illegal immigrants seemed like good candidates to demonize.  But, their relatives vote and don’t like this, so the search continues.

Another recent favorite has been Planned Parenthood.  A lot of their clients are women with low incomes.  They vote in smaller numbers and, of course, some Planned Parenthood clinics provide abortion.

The problem is Planned Parenthood has the word, “planned”.  This implies birth control.  Birth control is popular.  He needs to keep looking.

I’d suggest Romney demonize Freethinkers.  There aren’t very many of us and, like illegal immigrants, we are different.

If he does decide to demonize us, I hope he won’t just change his mind again.


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  1. Mark Rittmann

    he won’t demonize freethinkers; as you said there aren’t many of you around. And save for the Evangelical and conservative wing of Christianity, and perhaps Islam, your views aren’t all that troublesome. Liberal Protestants such as myself, find your positions thoughtful.

    And such a demonization would indirectly highlight his Mormonism; something the GOP base has even more trouble with than freethinkers.

  2. Don’t Obama and his fellow travelers demonize “the rich?” It’s rather ironic since Obama is a multimillionaire and always will be.

    1. noblindersonme

      The worm crawls out! Watch out for the bird Kev!
      The IRONY, kev, is that Mitt has ALWAYS been richer than 99.9 % of US , always has and always will be and it is HE that is blathering that Obama doesn’t understand the common man!!! Ole Barack did grow up poor- DID HE NOT!!!

  3. Henry

    Jon:“In order for Romney to get the juices flowing among Republican voters he needs to demonize some group. He is struggling with that.”

    Romney need not look too far for a topic to demonize obamba. Obamba does a good job himself:
    6523 Sunset Blvd
    Hollywood, California 90028
    Catering/Facilities 33424.00

    The obamba campaign spent $33424.00 of little old lady’s donations in a trendy hollywood club.

    1. entech

      Need more data:
      which particular little old ladies supplied the finance and did they know what it was to be spent on,
      what was the guest list,
      the menu,
      the reason for the event.

      The most important question though is how did they a manage to spend a paltry $4.61 at:
      1010 North El Camino Real
      Encinitas, California 92024

      Could you even get a coffee for that price?

      1. Henry

        “the reason for the event.”

        Seems to be a gay strip joint in Los Angelos.

        Perhaps Larry Sinclair was telling the truth.

  4. Ah yes, it’s a source of constant frustration amongst conservatives that the people it’s okay to hate is growing increasingly smaller.

    My guess is that it will be a vague ‘religious radicals’ who rain terror on the world.

    Well, non-Christian religious radicals, of course. There’s no such thing as a Christian religious radical. 🙂

  5. entech

    I don’t know much about American politics and would not deign to make any suggestion. But perhaps a casual observation, don’t many Americans think simply being Mormon is a sin?
    Must be starting from a handicap in the demonization race 👿

  6. Michael Ross

    Not much chance of consevatives Christians voting for BO. He believes in all the wrong things. His opponent this fall, Mitt, was to the left of Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts but now has reinvented himself to get the GOP nomination. In other words he believes in nothing at all. Our choice: All the wrong things or nothing. And BO’s predecessor was a Skull and Bones cultist.

    I think Mark Twain said it best: “We get the president we deserve”

    1. Henry

      In the republican primaries/caucuses, you had four candidates of varying levels of conservativism (gingrich, santorum, paul, and perry) and one liberal candidate (romney). If 75% of republicans are conservative and 25 % are liberal and let’s assume an equal distribution from there, you can readily see the liberal candidate will easily win within the conservative republican party.

      Thanks Paul and Gingrich for hanging in there. You did well and made your mark in the history books. If conservatives want a chance they have to hold an informal caucus before the real caucus, otherwise we will get a liberal every time who actually have the political system figured out.

      1. NO! Henry actually makes sense!

        Romney is the most formidable candidate to defeat Obama because he’s the closest to a normal human American.

        In spite of the Mormon problem.

  7. noblindersonme

    How about this then? So much , 50% , 90%?, of what a President is held accountable for is fundamentally not within his reach or ability to manage or control. So much of the economy is beyond ANY President’s ability . Carter and FORD were basically hamstrung to doing anything as the arab oil boycott of 1973 set the WORLD’S economy in motion. Reagan Bush and Clinton were more often than not just reactors to world events and not activists. What happens in CHINA , India , and esp Europe( Spain Greece today) drive the economy more than any President could possibly take command of. But in today’s political reality , reality takes a back seat to political perceptions. The buck seemingly stops at the President’s desk for everything so he must be blamed for everything as well , guilty or not!
    Much of the ‘cultural ‘ issues are also beyond his total control. What he can ‘ lead’ us as a country in societal issues is never equal to the credit /blame he actually is capable of controlling. State and local legislatures , Churches , special interest lobbyists, .. the whole fabric of Amercian society is a bubbling cauldren , he can be helpless to watch boil .
    BUT… foreign policy is something any President can solely influence more than any other Presidential duty. War , Peace , diplomacy , non -diplomacy , face to face Foreign leader encounters , military interventions , military non – interventions, etc are all more likely to be laid on his desk as ‘ My Job!’
    So to answer Micheal Ross here as to his dismissive of Obama as ‘ believing in the wrong things’ —- Is keeping us safe THE WRONG THING!!!!
    Was keeping his eye on the ball and putting Bin laden down the WRONG thing?
    Much of the heirarchy of Islamic terrorism has been killed , was THAT the wrong thing? To quote the popular song of the Bush years ” Have you forgotten”.
    ” Christian conservatives ‘ were adamant about the issue of domestic security . Obama kept us safe ! There is no way around that! As safe as Bush 2 did and the Christian conservatives couldn’t love him more for that. What changed???
    Guess what ! it appears the Christain conservatives did and maybe they should do some soul searching.
    Ross is right though about his Twain quote , but I don’t know if He is right for the right reasons. We do get the President we deserve , but I don’t think We would even recognize a great president today , let alone Deserve one , if he /she was in our midst! Lincoln , Roosevelt , Eisenhower etc would not stand a chance today in our dumb electorate! On one ‘conservative ‘ blog this week they were trashing Teddy Roosevelt , TEDDY ROOSEVELT !!
    Yeah they ( Teddy Abe Ike) would be beleiving in all the wrong things too!

  8. entech

    noblindersonme. Your comments could apply to a lot of countries. When we had the financial collapse a few years ago, the party here that had been in power for all of the lead up managed to swing the blame on to the party that was unlucky enough to be voted in at the wrong time.

    It doesn’t seem to matter, whoever is in says the others would be worse in the situation, whoever is out says the others are making a mess of it. There is so much behind the scenes that a leader can rarely do much of what he might really want to do – sometimes that is good and sometimes it is bad. A leader may not find out what he can and can’t do until previously unknown obstacles and objections are made apparent. (Or in many countries what she can or can’t do)

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