Where The Bible’s Authors Went Wrong.

An approach to the faith, popular at the Claremont School of Religion, is called  “process theology.”

Process Theology is an approach which says Christianity is not based on what was thought at the time of the Bible, but is an ongoing dialogue where new interpretations of the Bible are compared to new circumstances which arise over time.  This approach, the Process Theology advocates say, is what Jesus, not the Jesus character portrayed in the Bible, but the actual human Jesus, was really about.

The reason he is portrayed incorrectly in the Bible is because it was written by men influenced by Greek mythology.  This caused them to create a Jesus character different than the real Jesus.

The real Jesus was a person who walked around and preached.  He had  exceptional insight into both humans and God, but did not spend all of his life doing this. He was otherwise an ordinary person.

The Greek tradition was about Gods that looked like people but were never on earth.  To make this real person from the world of the Jews into a God put them in a unfamilar place.

To make the story work, they had to introduce “miracles”.  This is where the Greek story telling of Christianity went astray, according to Process Theology.

Process Theology advocates abandoning the notion that orthodox truths of Christianity should not be questioned.  Instead it favors critical thinking and searches for truth without relying on super natural revelations.

They are yet another interesting branch of the faith.
















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  1. Henry

    Higher critics, nothing new under the sun. They know more 2000 years back than the scholars back then. Just ask them.

  2. entech

    Jon. That was an interesting piece. Unfortunate choice of title, because there is no real push towards the secular but more to move away from an absolutism. That early Christianity adopted a lot of Greek ideas is true and some should be left behind, Aristotelian science was fine in its day, but does lead to some awful errors, the normative approach from Aquinas onwards is a case. When your thinking starts with the idea that a rock falls to the ground because it is in its nature to do so before any knowledge of gravity is a bad start, the errors still continue, it is natural for a woman to be subservient, procreation is the result of sexual congress between male and female – therefore it is not natural for any other form of sexual activity to be normal, and not normal is to go astray, it is sin. And so on. You don’t have to give up your belief in God and Christ to give up a lot of foolishness.

  3. Stan

    Off topic interesting thing in the Bible from Matthew 7:7

    “Ask and it will be given to you;
    Seek and you will find;
    Knock and the door will be opened to you.”

    Look at the first letter of the first word of each section.,…..what does it spell?



    1. entech

      Not really, the only coincidence is when it actually happens.
      How many sincere and honest prayers go unanswered?

      1. Stan

        I just find it strange that in a book originally written in Greek that the first letter of each segment in English would create the word ASK.

        1. entech

          Simplifying from the poetic we get:
          ask and you will receive
          seek and you will find
          Knock and it will be opened

          translating to Norwegian for the history that seems to be common in your area:
          spør og du vil motta
          søker og du vil finne
          Knock og det vil bli åpnet

          Now if that,and other languages, came out as an acrostic as well, well that would be strange.

          In my view it is a simple coincidence which makes as little sense as any other part of the book.
          Note that it has no correlation in Greek or Latin.

        2. Stan 5:23 “I just find it strange that in a book originally written in Greek the first letter of each segement in English would creat the word ASK.”

          Could it be in Greek the first letter of every segement would spell the preoccupation of the faith, “SIN”?

      2. Emily

        Not much! God knows what is best and gives when needed. I have had my “impossible” prayers answered. God is real. I don’t think I believe in gravity anymore! Can someone give me evidence to its existence? Why cant I see atoms or oxygen. Where did the dinosaurs go? We are a cousin of chimpanzee but no one (dawkins) does not know what we evolved from. God is real. But what do I know? Me just desert nomad pilgrimageing for God yak yak yak! Just kidding bout that

    2. T

      Coincidence? Yes, since the original was not written in English; the original just as easily spelled out a tasty recipe for bean dip.

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