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Forget Noah, Here’s A Better Flood Story.

Epic floods are part of  the mythology of peoples around the world.  In North America, they are part of both Christianity and many Native peoples. The stories are almost identical.  There was an upheaval, a leader prepared for a flood, the flood came, but the … Continue reading

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The Faithful Must Stop Science.

One of the common things people of faith say to unbelievers is, “If you cannot say where the universe came from, you are forced to admit God created it.” This is a risky strategy.  To reduce risk, people of faith must halt the march … Continue reading

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Why I’m Proud to be a Freethinker.

Locally, we have a news story that encapsulates everything wrong with religion.  An elementary school teacher in a local Catholic school was fired for privately expressing support of gay marriage. It all started when her Bishop came to speak to class.  He … Continue reading

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Believe in God? Blame it on the Social Sciences.

I took my first graduate course about 50 years ago at the University of Puerto Rico.  The professor was from Austria.  I remember being stunned when he said, “The religiosity of a group is determined by how much uncertainty there is in economic … Continue reading

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Take Down That Cross!

In San Diego, CA, is a 45 foot high cross put there in 1954.  It was eventually turned into a “Veterans Memorial” on U. S. Government land. The problem with using a cross to honor dead veterans is the cross is a Christian symbol … Continue reading

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Let’s Agree On This About Gay Marriage.

We need to agree on facts about marriage. It is often called, “The Institution of Marriage”.  A more accurate term is the “Practice of Marriage”, or, just “marriage”. Marriage did not originate as a gift from God.  In tribal societies today, and … Continue reading

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Catholics Took a Big Hit This Time.

Just when Catholics thought they had cycled through all the bad Priests, law enforcement opened a new front.  A Monsignor in Philadelphia, head of Diocese personnel, was convicted for assigning priests with suspicious behavior to parish work.  The case also involved another priest. … Continue reading

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Constitutional Clash; Religious Liberty Against Church/State Separation.

Advocates of the Religious Liberty Restoration Amendments want the Free Exercise (of religion) Clause to be ranked higher than the Establishment Clause.  The Establishment Clause does not permit government to pass any law  establishing a religion. Religious liberty advocates deny the clash.  They say the government … Continue reading

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Romney Really Needs a Sin, or Sinners, to Demonize.

Last night a fellow called by to chew me out for all the bad things Freethinkers do.  It got me to thinking about how we could help Romney. There is a new poll which shows more Republican than Democratic voters believe … Continue reading

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Where the Bible’s Authors Went Wrong.

An approach to the faith, popular at the Claremont School of Religion, is called  “process theology.” Process Theology is an approach which says Christianity is not based on what was thought at the time of the Bible, but is an ongoing dialogue where new interpretations … Continue reading

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