Adultery Or Homosexuality, Which Is The Worse “Sin”?

Neither is the business of anyone but the people involved.  “Sin” is not a universal concept.  It was invented by the authors of the Bible to control people at that time.

But sin, and the ranking of sins, is so important to Albert Mohler,  President of the Southern Baptist Seminary, he just devoted a long column to it.  He is concerned mega churches are capitulating on the sin of being gay.

Mohler tells a story included in the sermon of a mega church pastor.  The pastor told of a family in his congregation where a man had gay affairs while married to his wife.

The pastor excluded the man from certain church committees he served on until he got a divorce.  After the divorce, the entire entourage, ex husband, gay partner, ex wife and children were all embraced.

This enraged Albert Mohler.  How could the pastor ignore the bigger sin, being gay, while focusing on the lesser, adultery?

Mohler does not understand two basic facts.  One is the Bible was written for a specific audience of that time with objectives in mind for that time only.

The second is preachers have changed focus on which sins to highlight based on public attitudes since the beginning of Christianity.  They continue to do so.

The economics of a church mean bills must be paid.  Ranking of sins changes because attitudes of congregations change.  Congregations pay the bills.

This is why adultery has become a worse sin than homosexuality.

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  1. entech

    I bet this topic gets a lot of replies. You have it all sex, sin, gay, adultery. I can only imagine the rising level of vicarious excitement.

      1. entech

        Sorry Jon. I forgot the fornication.
        I have hear of people getting married simply because adulterer sounded nicer than fornicator, not such an ugly word and somehow more brown up.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      And look who is the first one to reply, with a quick follow up by Jon. Talk among yourselves.

  2. Homosexuality currently is the worse sin and here’s why: even chronic adulterers ala New Gingrich repent and pray for forgiveness and all is well. Sin, repent, repeat. Sin, repent repeat.

    Homos skip the repent part and sin, repeat. Sin, repeat. Even when a homo goes to church and repents, it’s all out the window when he goes home to his boyfriend.

    There. That’s why being a homo is worse than being a serial adulterer.


    1. Mac 3:18 That’s deep, Mac. I had never thought about quatity of sin and quantity of forgivenesses in that way. In Newt’s case, it was adultery just every time he changed wives–the number of sins was manageable. He could keep up with the forgiveness prayers and not get behind.

      With a gay couple, their sins are living together everyday and even if a couple thought they were sinning, it would be all but impossible to do enough forgiveness praying to keep up.

      I thought I had it all figured out until you introduced this new measurement problem. 🙂

    2. entech

      Mac, I am ashamed of you. Didn’t think you would be sexist like the others. It could be when she goes home to her girlfriend. 😎 😉

    3. April

      I am not sure where to place my opinion on this whole story and the comments down to this point. I was researching for a school paper when I found this story and many more like it. So I am reading the comments finally I see a rainbow flag. Now granted I dont know if you are gay or not, I am however greatly offended by your comment, and its hard to offend me personally as a lesbian. You along with your freedom of speech didnt have a problem. I am not sure how you meant your comment to sound but by the time you finish this you will clearly see how I took it.. First off one Sin is no worse than the next with the exception of the unforgiveable just like one drug is no worse than the other. For example a person who snorts cocaine will look down on a person for shooting up crack which although the affects may be different and some worse than others, the cause is still drugs. So whether it is something that most see as nothing,even something as small as a tattoo or things such as shrimp, clams, all the way to the more looked down upon sins such as homosexuality, adultery, fornication. They are all considered an abomination to God yet you have tattoo artists and fishermen and adultery has become so popular that it can be seen on the TV show CHEATERS… The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom … neither fornicator … nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind … shall inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.

    1. Michael Ross

      I for one completely agree. One sexual sin is not greater than another but it is a watershed process. The sexual revolution of the ’60s led to the abortion holocaust beginning in 1973 and to the homosexual revolution and the ultimate horror gay “marriage”. Can the pedophiles be far behind?

      1. Matt Slocomb

        The argument “I was born that way” always concerns me from the homosexual community for two reasons 1. You hear the NAMBLA guys saying the same thing. 2. It implys that any impulses a person has are clearly ok. The analogy I usually discuss is that ever since I can remember, I was sexually attracked to many women. Most guys I have met are that way (or they are liars 🙂 ). Since I am attracted to many women, is it ok for me to sleep with as many as I can? I have a feeling somone I married about 10 years ago would disagree (as would I). So, just because you feel you have an impulse as long as you can remember, that does not automatically make that impulse ok.

        1. entech

          So how many times have you Mathew 5:28?

          I can’t see a problem as long as people are old and mature enough to know what they are doing.

        2. Matt 4:46 “I am attracted to women.”
          Your anti gay enthusiasm has gotten in the way of your reasoning. You compare any gay impluses to having sex with more than one woman. Mac tells us in his blog he is in a relationship with one man. You are saying he should have no relationships with any man, though that is his sexual orientation. You, to make a comparison, should be advocating that you have sexual relationships with not even one woman. And, of course, generalize that no hetero men should have sex with any women.

        3. Demosthenes

          @ Matt Slocomb May 2, 2012 at 4:46 am

          All indications are that the males evolved to procreate with a lot of females. From average male orgasm 2-5 minutes(yes, your pornos are lying to you), size of the male testicles, and placement of the genitals. All indicate a sorts of “limbo” for us Human males. So ‘Yes’ it is OK to act on those impulses you evolved this way. You do make a point that our social contracts to the females or males also had a part in our evolution. It was far more attractive trait for a males to stick around after he planted the seed. For protection, food, and the incessant nagging to take out the rash(last is a joke).

          “I was born that way” – Yeah, you really can be born that way. Nature provides us with examples of such acts in other species as well.

          Why not just say it out right instead of hiding in the closet so to speak. You don’t understand how a male can have “impulses” for other males in our species. Just because you do not feel the same way as someone else gives no credence that the way they feel is any more real then what you do.

          So why limit who can act on their feelings when two consenting adults agree to it? How is a homosexual relationship effecting you?

    2. Demosthenes

      Well according to your belief and the dude on YouTube. Homosexuality is fine and not a SIN as long as they don’t have sex ?

      1. On firing Romney’s gay staff member, there are people all over the U. S. on their knees today, “God, thank you for answering my prayers that the queer was sacked.”

  3. Bob

    I just don’t get why this is an issue. The only thing I can think of, is its in the texts. Damn those ignorant control freak Abrahamic writers!!!!

  4. pk

    How about we just elect people to our government who will get rid of the marriage license law all together and abolish income taxes? Problem solved.

    1. pk 5:28 “elect people to our government who will get rid of the marriage license law all together..”

      I can’t say I know the history of our marriage laws, but I assume they came from contract law. That is, you have two people jointly owning assets and it’s in all our interests to verify who the two people are and that they are entering into the business part of the deal voluntarily. Then, there is divorce and the rules and procedures for dividing up the property when the marriage contract ends.

      The trouble doesn’t seem to start with the marriage licence, it is when the church butts in and pushes legistlation unrelated to the joint ownership issues.

      1. pk

        I believe if you didn’t need permission to get married(marriage license), any couple, hetero or homo, could enter into a private contract acknowledging the union between the two individuals. If there were no income tax(unconstitutional direct tax on wages/fruit of labor) there would be no tax breaks for the married, which is the main cause of this friction. Can you be more specific regarding your last comment?

        1. pk 12:07 Thinking about it, it seems you are right. I didn’t understand what you meant in the reference to taxes. Without any tax issues, it does seem like a couple could just draw up a contract and both sign like any other contract.

          Surely, most laws are put on the books to solve some perceived problem. So, what problem came up that resulted in the requirement of a marriage licence? I suppose one “problem” it solved for a while in the South was interracial marriage–couldn’t get a marriage license for that. Then, there is the issue of child marriages. Now, of course, it is used to prevent gay marriages. There is no license requirement for common law marriages–they are just recognized in law, as I understand it.

          Interesting question.

  5. Stan

    If the only sin you commit is shoplifting and you do not ask for forgiveness and seek to live a better life you still go to Hell. There is no better or worse sin….there is only sin.

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