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Only a Few Catholics Sue the President.

It is a small group of Catholics going to court against the President’s policy of requiring birth control in Catholic health insurance.  The vast majority of Catholic Bishops, Dioceses, colleges and universities and members are not participating. There are 194 dioceses but only about a … Continue reading

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Ways Christians Serve Satan.

Christians, not Satan, is the reason many leave the faith.  Of course, Satan does not benefit from this because there is no Satan. The author below spent time on a site I, also, look at,  This site is teeming with testimonials from people … Continue reading

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The Universal Human Aversion to “NO”.

We usually attribute the aversion to saying “no” to politicians who say “yes” to special interests and pass the cost onto the larger majority. But, the aversion to saying “no” is everywhere.  The “tough”, highly paid, CEO’s of corporations have it.  You can see … Continue reading

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The Hidden Variable, Demographics.

A lifetime of watching societal change from a social science perspective has made me marvel, sometimes, at overlooked variables. A couple of decades ago crime and “gangs” seemed to be the big villains plaguing this country.  There were congressional hearings nationally and “gang … Continue reading

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Different Views of God and Politics

Today, I read an unusual article where a preacher/author had asked Biblical scholars a  general question, “What is the chief political concern of the Bible?” The article reported eleven responses. The text of the responses is included as well as the person and institution with … Continue reading

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Could Large Parts of Christianity Become Cults?

It was stunning to read the attached discussion of about churches and cults. Even though it is written in a dissident publication, it makes a point about both today’s Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention. He quotes other scholars on … Continue reading

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When Is It OK To Be Disrespectful Of Someone’s Faith?

There are people who say we should never be disrespectful of anyone’s faith.  But, what if their beliefs seem just plain nuts to you?  What if someone claims Joe Blow is the Messiah? Frankly, I’m disrespectful of ideas that seem … Continue reading

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Colin Powell, “Always distinguish which is which.”

Powell wrote a fascinating article in Newsweek.  He reviewed the Iraq debacle among other things. While he did not mention religion, I could not help but see the similarities between military decisions like the one in Iraq and how we all try to … Continue reading

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Emergent Church Parents Ask, What Should We Teach Our Children?

The web article below discusses a recent Washington, D.C., conference where participants searched for a way to pass on their liberal version of the faith, often called the emergent church, to their children. Today’s young parents were brought up in Sunday … Continue reading

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Shadowy History of Christianity.

Barabara G. Walker’s, Man Made God, summarizes a lot of material from other sources.  This helps develop an overview of where Christianity came from. She discusses one of the ancients whose influence continues today, the historian and Bishop, Eusebius.   Some of what he … Continue reading

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