Win a Million Dollars, Prove There is a God.

Our preteen granddaughters love to watch reruns of the reality show, Mythbusters. It’s a show that tests the validity of myths and conventional wisdom.

The popularity of Mythbusters is but the tip of a huge cultural fascination with skepticism.  Skepticism has international conferences, publishers and entertainment venues involving millions of people worldwide.  It’s fans are not always the same group as atheists, but they compliment each other.

Some of the skeptic organizations and popular personalities focus on issues such as faith healers, mystics, psychics, political “birthers”, anti-vaccination advocates and the like.  But, a branch of them focus’ on the mythology of religion.  As someone wrote recently, in a culture that reveres faith above facts, skeptics are a vanguard of rationalism.

As an example, the James Randi Educational Foundation, founded in 1996, offers a million dollar reward to anyone who, under controlled conditions, can prove the existence of a god figure.  No winners so far.

Interest in skepticism is most popular among people under 40. It seems to me this interest in critical thinking is fed by the availability of the computer.

While the Christian faith has done remarkably well when put in competition with other faiths, one has to wonder how it will do in competition with skepticism and critical thinking.  It has lost ground in Europe and in the last ten years in the U. S. it has stopped growing.

I’d like to prove there is a god, and win a million dollars, but I can’t.

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  1. WL Craig does it frequently, always to his own complete satisfaction.

    Although in a recent debate with Shelly Kagan, a Yale philosophy professor, he did seem to run out of valid arguments. There was an audible groan from the audience when he said “no genuine Christian” and most telling when he was pushed on one of his favourite themes about there not being any point in anything without an afterlife, all he could come up with was “it seems to me to be so dismal without one”.

    • entech 11:35 “‘it seems to me to be so dismal without one.'”

      Wouldn’t you agree this is a frequent answer as to why there must be a god. And, if it keeps some folks from being miserable, it’s good the god is there.

      They would be even happier if they could prove the god and earn the million dollars.

  2. Under JREF’s stringent rules, one couldn’t even prove Einstein lived and walked the green earth.

    Jon: “But, a branch of them focus’ on the mythology of religion. As someone wrote recently, in a culture that reveres faith above facts, skeptics are a vanguard of rationalism.

    As an example, the James Randi Educational Foundation, founded in 1996, offers a million dollar reward to anyone who, under controlled conditions, can prove the existence of a god figure.”

    Kind of a misrepresentation by Jon. Their focus is not to prove the mythology of religion, although that would meet their general requirements. They are wanting someone to prove paranormal claims. Furthermore, a review of their “log” indicates one occurrence of someone mentioning “God” out of a plethora of applicants. Most of the “applicants” were self-proclaimed psychics and the like.

  3. At JREF, we offer a one-million-dollar prize to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event.

    The number and quality of applicants is entirely irrelevant, and why the scare quotes around applicants.
    Kind of misrepresentation by Henry. The existence of God is one of the things that would win the million dollars. I guess some debaters garner as much or more than a million from fees and book sales (proponents and opponents) so why would they put it on the line under test conditions.

    Under JREF’s stringent rules, one couldn’t even prove Einstein lived and walked the green earth..
    I have often been accused (and guilty) of hyperbole, this must be the ultimate descent into exaggeration.

    The JREF does not involve itself in the testing procedure, other than helping to design the protocol and approving the conditions under which a test will take place

    • “The existence of God is one of the things that would win the million dollars.”

      Yes. I said that, too: “although that would meet their general requirements.” Certainly not the “focus”.

    • ASSumption: “this must be the ultimate descent into exaggeration.”

      Reality from the rules: “2. Only an actual performance of the stated nature and scope, within the agreed-upon limits, will be accepted. Anecdotal accounts or records of previous events are not acceptable.”

      One therefore cannot prove Einstein lived and walked the green earth per their rules. Sorry the facts get in your way.

      • Thinking about it there is nothing anecdotal about the words Einstein wrote, Jesus never seems to have written a single word. Would you accept video evidence, presentation of a Nobel prize?
        I think we would have to go to the committee for clarification and a ruling.

        Your interpretation is plausible, though I think you are, perhaps, reading too much into the ruling. Of course, as always I could be wrong (not admitting that I AM always wrong, just acknowledging the possibility, try it it is good for the soul :) .

        • The requirements of “actual performance” is consistent with “records of previous events are not acceptable”. I am familiar with the term “anectdoctal account”. I am unfamiliar with the term “anectdotal record”, which would be required for your interpretation to be valid.

          • I think “records of previous events” is supposed to mean that someone saying the magic trick worked before is not to be taken as evidence, rather like all of your scriptural quotes as evidence for whatever.
            This cannot be mistaken for “actual performance”, publications and awards are concrete verifiable things that happened, not anecdotal events, actual real events.

            One of these events, witnessed by many, was receiving the Nobel prize, proof enough of existence. It actually happened.

            I have not heard the expression “anecdotal records” either, but I guess it would apply to the acts of Jesus, Christians claim them to be historical records, but without further corroboration they must remain as anecdotes, repeated by people who weren’t there, words that were written decades after the alleged and anecdotal events.

    • Ok. I think you were trying too hard to make a point, I was trying too hard to put you down. 😛

      Rule 2. from your 2:01, thank you, it is sometimes asked what would it take for the non-believer to change to believer. That is the perfect and complete answer. Proof without resort to scripture.

  4. So this whole complex universe just appeared out of random matter. No direction at all. It just happened. What started the spark that lit the fuse? It just happened by itself? It’s a regressive argument. Who created GOD? I think they’re a lot of angry people on this forum who can find nothing better to do than attack and make fun of those who believe that this incredible universe didn’t just happen at random. You live lives without hope. Because with your philosophy everything that you are, everything that you’ve done, everything you’ve ever experienced is meaningless because once you’re dead that’s it.

    • James 2:54 “You live your lives without hope.”

      It is true people like myself, who have not seen any evidence of an afterlife, live without hope of such an afterlife. That does not mean we are “without hope” in general. It certainly does not mean we are unhappy people. I feel confident I understand reality.

      • Are you angry Jon, I am not, I just like to point out that alternative explanations are available, that while religious arguments are possible it does not make them true, or, that because there are many different and incompatible explanations that can’t all be true it does not make any one false.
        Bob seems to be a bit on the angry side, there are some other occasional posters and none of them seem angry to me.
        Don’t count “a lot of angry people”, if anything the anger seems to come mainly from people of faith who can’t accept that not everyone agrees with them. Which reminds me we haven’t heard from Opinionated for a while.

        • entech 12:49 Certainly you are correct pointing out that providing alternative explanations is different than anger.

          There is always, it seems, disagreement over how to proceed in arguments over social change. We had something during civil rights called “Black Power”. Many both black and white people said this was a mistake–black people would get further by being more patient and accomodating. But, looking back one can see there was effectiveness in that branch of the effort.

          The same thing happened with gays, there was “Act Up”, a militant branch of that movement. They also accomplished things that, so it seems now, would not have happened without them.

          People here on this board have pointed out I should not write such a blog that discusses such controversial issues because Christianity holds the majority in this country and unbelievers will need its support to reach some accomodation. Experience has shown, so it seems to me, different approaches all contribute something to social change.

          • Just so long as they start to think, to invite reason into their hearts, the truth is out there, seek and ye shall find. ❓

            It may take time I have been seeking for years.

    • Hi James, got to believe what you are saying. The earth hasn’t been around long enough to get where we are by random chance.

        • Quite a bit longer than even 4.54 billion years. The measured rate of mutation doesn’t fit in that timeframe for a transformation in even one species from deer to elk under the most favorable conditions. When every advantage is given to what we are told is evolution, it still becomes an “epic fail” without even having to apply scientific skepticism.

          • Actually I have been lead to believe that every variety of cow and buffalo evolved from the one original “bovine kind” that was saved on the ark, this in less than 6000 years.

            Unless that little boat was badly overloaded.

            Bovidae : any of a family of ruminants that have hollow unbranched permanently attached horns present in usually both sexes and that include antelopes, oxen, sheep, goats, bison, buffalo and their close relatives.

          • I understand your plight. It requires faith.

            The whole earth or exactly one-thousand hills or the earth relevant to the abrahamic people? I don’t know.

            And which flood? The flood recorded by geology? Or the flood recorded by people thousands of years ago? I don’t know.

          • “The measured rate of mutation” – What is this? You have actual proof that species mutation has such a measurable rate? This would be a break though I have not heard of, please do tell.

          • Henry 5:09. Needs more than faith, needs Gregory the Theologian again – such thoughts lead to insanity that is why the church approaches God as mystery.

            I am lost by the diversionary questions, Flood Geology from what I have found is something spouted by young earth creationists – not one of those are you Henry? though you frequently talk the talk- not enough time for evolution, global flood etc. Thousand hills, here I confess my ignorance.

            I thought my reference to the “ARK” would pin it down, obviously wrong about that, I suppose with faith one can hold as many contradictory thoughts as required. Twice you say “I don’t know”, are rare confession.

            Back to anecdotal again, Or the flood recorded by people thousands of years ago? In case you weren’t aware, the (biblical) flood could not possibly be anything other than anecdotal, according to the story the entire population except for one family was drowned, must have been several generations before there were thousands and none could have been eye witnesses and “anecdotal accounts … are not acceptable”.

            Squeeze anything through a sieve and it comes out as mush with all the hard bits left behind, your sieve of scripture is no different.

            Actually the link in your 9:02 is perfect, brings me back to the same page, as circular as all arguments for the existence of your creator must be.

          • You’d love ND. Great geology. Strange thing is, we were an ocean once.

            I’ll let you chew on the thousand hills comment, actually at first incompatible with the other two items in the list, but then it isn’t.

          • Actually I can well believe you were an ocean once. I have been close on an ocean going ship in my seagoing days, Thunder Bay in Canada, lake Superior, and Duluth is 2,300 miles from the current ocean and 600 feet above sea level, long way to send a sailor – how much is 600 feet in cubits, how much higher are the Rockies?

            Thousand Hills, don’t have the energy for cryptic crosswords, and don’t want to waste time on that sort of nonsense, after all I have already past the three score and ten mark and will return to the elements soon enough, all right for you, you have the threat promise of eternity.

        • See you always refer to the judeo christian god. That term really categorizes what he is doesn’t it? When in reality GOD is an entity which we can not begin to truly fathom or understand, One that is there for all people that wish to believe. What I’m saying is that this universe was created by some intelligent designer, it did not, in my opinion, just happen at random. Someone had to light the fuse. I happen to believe that it was the GOD of the HOLY BIBLE. To bad you can’t accept that belief without smearing others with your nasty comments.

  5. Just a little crumb of comfort for the believer. For a million dollars we couldn’t prove that there is no God either.

    Could it be that there is nothing to prove either way, that the answer is something totally unimagined, perhaps unimaginable.

    Alike for those who for To-day prepare,
    And those that after some To-morrow stare,
    A Muezzin from the Tower of Darkness cries
    “Fools! your Reward is neither Here nor There.”

  6. If I come off as “angry” entech, then so be it. I am angry at the damage religion has done, and does, and wonder why everyone isn’t?

  7. No, I don’t prefer “wimpish,” entech 1:48. I just try tell it like it is, at least how I see it. Doesn’t everyone?

  8. Bob, look at all the damage nazism caused, they were atheists.. Look at all the damage communism caused, They were atheists. Look at all the damage the Khmer Rhouge caused. They were atheists. These are just a few examples. Don’t think that religion has a monopoly on atrocities. According to my scoreboard the atheists have killed far more people in the last century than all the religons have in the last 2,000 years.
    What I get concerned about is people like you attacking my faith instead of letting me be. I think most of you atheists are paranoid and think that Christians, Muslims, etcc.. are out to get you. When in reality we could really care less about the views that you’re entitled too. It seems to me that atheists don’t ever pass up a chance to attack christians and their views.

    • James 6:03 “nazism” We must remember Hitler was a Christian, said so on many occasions. The Catholic church publically embraced him.

      Many Christians on this site have told us he was really not a Christian and the the Church had no choice. None of us know what was in his head or that of the Church, we just know what they said publically. One thing is certain, it is a stretch to say he was an athiest when neither he, nor anyone at the time, said so.

      This is in contrast to the Crusades, where actual employees of the Church plundered, murdered and burned innocent people in the name of God. You are undoubtably correct that religion, especially Christianity, does not have a monopoly on atrocities. But, you would have to admit, neither does it have a history so noble we should look to it as the ultimate source of virtue–to be put into government in the form of its prayers, monuments and declaration of great values.

    • Poor James, You moral jeebus compass seems to equate being atheist as being a mass murdering f*ckhead. Do you think they perpetrated such acts because they were a known Christian and I think you mean Stalin NOT communism, who was an atheist. Or maybe because they were disillusion twits having nothing to do with whether they were or were not atheists?

      It is twits like you who deserve to have their faith attacked. In what educational system did you learn that because Hilter was Atheist, he killed the Jews? Well that was a short chapter in your history book.

          • Yep, as the beautiful (but probably apocryphal) story of the Lady Governor of Texas goes, when asked about Bilingual Bible studies for so many Spanish speakers in Texas, “If English was good enough for Jesus, it is good enough for me” 😯

          • Henry shows a comment with two paragraphs and tu quoque s.

            The atheists have killed more than the theists.

            You atheists just keep attacking religions , we don’t care what your opinions are — but at 2:54 am we get … everything that you are, everything that you’ve done, everything you’ve ever experienced is meaningless …

            Not taking a stance, just yours are worse than mine.

          • Further Henry redefines the circular argument by pointing back to the same thread as he is commenting on.

            Pr as the other tent-maker said:
            … and heard great argument
            About it and about: but evermore
            Came out by the same door where in I went.

          • “Further Henry redefines the circular argument by pointing back to the same thread as he is commenting on.”

            I try to assist those as I am able who appear to struggle a little. Demosthenes asked for help. Not my issue the answer was within the same thread. Sure, call it “circular argument”.

          • “Help of the helpless;
            Lord with me abide”

            Been a long time, hope the words are right, my problem is what would qualify you as a helper. My opinion is that as a creationist you are yourself beyond help.

            Taking a stance and discussing a topic requires more than a diatribe against totalitarian regimes, hardly needs discussion, they were abhorrent, the fact that they were mainly atheist is irrelevant.
            Or, a moan about atheists saying nasty things about Christians and saying he doesn’t care is denied by his words, but I covered that already.

          • “my problem is what would qualify you as a helper.”

            Absolutely no qualification. Just happened to be passing by on the road and noticed some atheists bloodied and in tough shape, so much so they did not know the difference. I chose to help by directly answering his question (otherwise known as a circular argument).

          • Goodnight, at least I will go to bed with a smile on my face.
            Thanks for the joke.

          • Henry…..

            You linked to James off topic comment. Like I said “Topic” being discussed. He was off the rails. If he wish to debate, discuss, or criticize a post it needs to be on the topic, if not it really is his opening volley on attacking atheists and such a response is allowed.

      • Yeah, pretty much. History has proven that atheists are by far the bloodiest killers of mankind. In fact the atheist’s Oppenheimer and Teller developed the next generation of genocide weapons known as the A-bomb et H-bomb. Too bad twits like you never pick up a history book or get your nose out of facebook long enough to learn something. Communism’s official policy has always been atheism. In every manifestation of the 20th century. Hitler disavowed god. He referenced GOD’s name in his book et speeches in order to appeal to the masses.

        • Inventor = Responsibility. So as you see it, any and all deaths lay at the hands of inventors not those who used such inventions or ordered there use?

          I am a bit confused if I decide to kill a human being but use a rifle and a full metal jacket both inventions of the religious. They are responsible as well?

  9. James 6:03, oh jeez…here we go again. The old Nazis are atheists. Just read Mein Kampf by Hitler, James. And then tell me what you think.

    Who the heck spread that vicious rumour anyway? It is so sickening.

    Don’t confuse Statism with atheists, James. Too many people do that.

    Look up Statism. Both Statism and religion are what causes problems for people, James, not atheists.

  10. And James 6:03, atheists just want separation of church and state, something faithheads like you refuse to give us.
    Its not separation of church and state when religious institution business’s get tax breaks and tax payer money. Money that is STOLEN from gays, atheists, and other to give it to your stupid churches. If you can’t see that as rotten, you are a theiving STATIST, and that’s bad. Statism is just another religion, the declaration its creed, the flag and eagle its symbols, the military and police its enforcers, the schools its indoctrination churches, and so on.
    Give us our tax money back if you don’t want us to complain, James.

    • You have separation of church et state. The reason they are non-profit is because they don’t make any money. What money they do receive in contributions go directly back to community programs et charity. You don’t get to be a non profit just because you’re a church or a hospital. It’s a status you have to apply for and are required to give back to the community in free or charitable services in order to qualify. DUHHH!

    • You would have done well in the old USSR during stalins reign. Too bad you can’t travel in time et go back there et kill some jews and christians. It must upset you some tooo think you missd out.

  11. Again I see people talking past each other. The same words, such as communism, facism, socalism, and even atheism in a narrow sense have multiple contexts. I think it would be a stretch to call Nazism atheistic. The prevailing evidence is that the Nazi movement had a strong Nordic pagan influence, including rituals.. I would assume Hitler approved. Communism is an interesting concept. In the religious, and especially within Christianity, communist societies such as the Anabaptists adopted a communistic theocracy/utopian type polity. Most notably are the Hutterites. It is clear that there were Christians within Facism in Europe. The Communists in the former USSR appear to be mostly atheistic, but interestingly, not all individuals. If they professed a deity/Christianity, they evidently risked the low probability of advancement within the movement. I suspect many crypto Christians there due to the sudden growth of Orthodoxy in Russia after the fall of the USSR. The Communist Chinese appear to be more strident in atheism, but I’m not sure they are absolute in that. In Korea, the President is a demi-god, (there is a name for that, but it escapes me now.) Pure socalism as an economic model would not assume atheism, but the dominence of the party line would have the tendency to smother any belief, as it did in Russia, and China. Christianity can thrive under virtually any political model if allowed by those in controll of those models. To deny Christianity to survive would be evidence of antiChristianity, or militant atheism. Militant atheism seems to be growing in the US, and in Europe. I see almost a total lack of tolerence for Christianity within any form of anarchism. As for atheism, that could mean any god but” mine”,——or—none for anyone.

    • Yes, any one, individual or group, that assumes perfect knowledge of the way things should be is a source of great danger. There have been many, Pauls and Popes and Luthers, Robespierres and Hitlers and Maos.
      Ultimately I think the greatest danger is the man who assumes a divine creator, can convince populations and then says that he (could be she) knows the nature and requirements of that creator and is not shy about telling you what you MUST do.

      Stalins dream died, Hitlers resurrection of the Teutonic Knights failed, Pol Pots followers are eventually facing justice, Maos China is changing – slowly with the old hierarchy clinging on.
      The Popes can still issued edicts that MUST be obeyed, an Australian Bishop was excommunicated for suggesting that the end of Priests prohibited from marriage could be a topic for discussion, Note just suggesting it as a topic for possible debate. It does not seem to be have been doctrine until the 11th-12th century (still not required in Eastern rites and most others). Semper eadem, indeed.

      • Oh sure. I do believe the greatest danger comes when anyone has the mechanism, (army, decree, laws, intimidation of pain/suffering, etc. to order by force, any belief system,or non-belief system. virtually every ism has been guilty of this in history, and it continues today., and I’m afraid it will continue.
        The 12th century is about right, although it has not reached the level of dogma, (something that must be believed), and it is not out of the realm of possibility of being reversed. When/if, I don’t know. Currently the Magisterium is against it, but that could change in ??time?? I believe that to be or become a Bishop in the Eastern Church, (Orthodox) one must be celebate, but not the Preists. Obviously “councils” in the RCC are not infallible. They haven’t proven to be in the past. Due to the “infallibility”, much baggage is difficult to drop, as to do so would admit to being fallible, and there goes the controll.

    • Wanna–Welcome back. You made an interesting observation about Hilter I had not heard–a Nordic pagan influene thought to be seen in his focus on ceremony. I had read as well about his preoccuption with ceremony–that he rehersed his laborious looking walk and his gestures.

      I heard once about a captured American POW in a German camp. There was to be a visit from Hilter and pagentry was involved. There was patriotic music, a big entrance of “the man” and a heart felt speech about something.

      All this reached a climax with the “Heil Hilter” chant. The POW said he had to force himself not to put his arm up in salute because the celemony was so appealing.

      • Jon; I had a close friend that died several years ago. As a youth, he was an American student in Germany, and was present during one of those night time rallys with all the torches and marching, ending with a speach by Hitler. It could have been the one I’ve seen in documentaries. He said it made the hair stand up on the back of his neck. He said that he could almost smell the evil in the air, and everyone was mesmerized. He said he quietly walked backward, and away back to his room to get out of there. He couldn’t wait to finish his studies to get out of there and back home.

      • I just read a new book by E.O. Wilson (the ant guy) The meaning of Human Existence. In part of the book He talks about music and ceremony and the emotional pull. I was proud of appealing to reason and facts based on study and knowledge of the Bible in comparing My faith to other religions it was clear JWs tend to know their Bibles much better than most. The last two yearly conventions I attended They changed the music and I felt it was manipulative, before the music had been simpler and had emphasized “truth” as opposed to error. when it changed there was less meaningful content to the words and hugely emotional syrupy melodies. I remember being irritated and thinking We were leaving behind something more valuable and practical than what We were going to.

  12. “Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God”2cor 4:4

    And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice” john 10:4

    “You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.mat 7;13

    sounds to me Jon from that article you went to church for many years “just for show” or for some reason other than a true relationship with God, maybe you have never had a spiritual experiance because your pride gets in the way.

    Thomas the doubting apostle had 2 great virtues. Thomas absolutly refused to say he believed when he did not believe. Thomas would never say that he understood what he did not understand, or that he believed what he did not believe. There is an uncompromising honesty about Thomas. Thomas would never still his doubts by pretending they did not exist. Thomas was not the kind of man who would rattle off a creed without understanding what it was all about.Thomas had to be sure-and Thomas was quite right.
    Tennyson wrote: “there lives more faith in honest doubt,believe me in half the creeds”.
    There is more ultimate faith in the man who insists on being sure than the man who glibly repeats things which he has never thought out, and which he does not really believe. it is a doubt like that which in the end arrives at certainty.

    Thomas’s other great virtue was that when he was sure , he went the whole way. ‘My Lord and My God!”said Thomas. There was no halfway house about Thomas. Thomas was not airing his doubts just for the sake of mental acrobatics; Thomas doubted in order to become sure; and when he did become sure his surrender to certainty was complete. if a man fights his way through his doubts to the conviction that Jesus Christ is lord. he has attained to a certainty that the man who unthinkingly accepts things can never reach.

    • Dean 12:03 Thanks for commenting.
      “..maybe you have never had a spiritual experience because your pride gets in the way.”

      I have a hard time understanding why “pride” would get in the way of evidence. If one cannot see or feel there is a god, nor see evidence of a god, then he will doubt there is one, pride or no pride. At least that’s now it seems to me.

      I respect your view but I do have difficulty understanding it.

    • “sounds to me Jon from that article you went to church for many years “just for show” or for some reason other than a true relationship with God, maybe you have never had a spiritual experience because your pride gets in the way.” Here’s one of My pet peeves with religious thinking If God exists and You reject Him You deserve whatever punishment “God” says is just because a just God by necessity would have given You everything You need to believe therefore You must be some horrible ingrate. Bullshit! It is a short walk from this thinking to the atrocious behavior demonstrated by Catholics in the inquisition among other things protestants and ISIS in the middle east today. If I said My imaginary friend can see what’s in Your heart and you have rejected His thought beams of righteousness therefore You don’t deserve to live would You take Me seriously?

  13. This is easy but I don’t need a million dollars, you cannot worship both GOD and money. INSTEAD I offer the proof for free. TO EACH will come proof within a week. YOU CANNOT HAVE NOR can you expect to have GOD answer you in a hour or day or three. GIVE ME 7 days of your life. CUT OUT ALL MEDIA. SHUT off your IPHONE all day only answering voicemails at nights ONCE a day (or daytime) for no more than 5 minutes each person. GIVE GOD ALL YOUR TIME. OTHER than work and family meals, no media, nothing but READING THE GOSPEL asking for what?

    Heaven to come upon you and for the Father to give to you the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

    YOU have a body, soul and spirit. YOUR SOUL is pure but Spirit is NOT. Now, your Spirit can be replaced with Jesus Christ’s making TWO (JESUS AND YOU) into ONE new Creation here on earth.

    But you have to ask for it, read for that motive/purpose and fast from pleasure. GIVE GOD EVEN THREE DAYS! TOTAL LOCKOUT FROM SIN AND THE WORLD, MEDIA all of it. READ the Gospel of JOHN asking only for the Spirit of Christ to be give to you with power so you can have power to sin no more YET feel heaven too so you have MAX pleasure all the time simultaneously.

    FORSAKE ALL SIN OR PLEASURE FROM THE WORLD FOR THREE NIGHTS AND DAYS READING THE GOSPEL OF JOHN IN THAT TIME. READ LUKE if you have time left over, which you should BECAUSE that’s all you should do, READ, ask, repeat, BE HOLY and away from all things

    FATHER GOD I ask in the name of JESUS CHRIST for HEAVEN to be revealed to me and the Living Water from heaven to be poured out through you Father, to JESUS and down to me. PLEASE I ask for this, the fountain of Living Water that you promised to all those who read your words asking.

    GOD doesn’t care to be believed in. HE wants to be FOUND!


    Keep it anonymous if you want * 67 block your number, give me 3 minutes to prove this right. HEAR A MAN OUT before you disregard him, I ask for nothing just your time and ear and to hear me out. WE ALL DIE. WE ALL have guilt and anger, WE all know there might be something else out there. GOD gave it to me for free and freely I shall share, STOP being a slave to church and religion, HEAVEN IS AT HAND and you can taste it. I will show you how for free.

    I love you all.


  14. Sorry I contradicted myself, I said you couldn’t expect GOD to be proven to you within three days, but I thought about it and prayed. IF YOU Do it right, cut out all things… SCHOOL/WORK then home then you read, ask and repeat, meditate, etc, no stimuli or sin best as you can… three days… asking for what I said, BE PERFECT for that time, no weed, drinks, cigarettes or porn, nothing, BE the desert. JESUS went to a desert for 40 days and nights, many have as well. BE A DESERT for three days and nights asking for heaven to clothe you with power of for JESUS to show you that ITS possible on earth and that HE is real. EITHER WAY you will get answered if you do this and sacrifice the flesh.

    • Alex 9:40 Thanks for the enthusiastic posts.

      I reread the blog you are referring to. It mentioned someone actually offering a million dollars for proving, under controlled conditions, there is a god. While I appreciate your offer, I prefer the one that offers $1 million.

    • entech 1:29 “And get a set of free steak knives.”

      Entech, do you have in Austrialia what we call infomercials where a guys says, “.. and get a set of free steak knives. BUT, WAIT. THERE’S MORE. IF YOU ORDER TODAY WE WILL SEND YOU OUR FREE SALAD MAKER AND…” ?

      We need not only the million dollars, the free steak knives, we need the added, “BUT WAIT..”

      • Oh yes, flooded with them, phone within …, the first hundred will … . That is what I thought immediately, even the mix of upper and lower case to put emphasis mad the words look like the overexcited voices sound.

        Of course, it could be another bunch of kids being deliberately stupid to see the reactions, too realistic – parody should be extreme. :)

    • When I proposed to My Wife I told Her that if She accepted I’d throw in some ginshu knives. I think it sealed the deal because every once in a while She’d say “You know I never did get those ginshus!”

  15. It amazes me that some people say that a world wide flood couldn’t happen, when so much has happened in our Solar System. There are planets that had water, and now they don’t, there are at times huge comets that hit planets, there are dead planets, and there are live planets, some planets are large, some are small, some have moons, some do not, some are hot, some are cold, there are rocky planets, some are gas planets, some are far away, some are close, there are icy moons, and there are dry moons, and so it goes. There so much variety ism’t there in our Solar System. But a flood that could cover our Earth, no that is not possible “they” say. Well let me tell you my fellow Earthlings, anything is possible!
    We really don’t need shallow thinking, yet there is so much of it. Noah did not take two of every variety of animal into the Ark, he took only those who God had created, not those who had interbreed to produce tons of different kinds of animals. “….and God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters asswaged.” Genesis 8:1. Now lets think about this for a moment, what kind of wind are we talking about here? If we have a strong wind that blew the water from the east over to, say, the western hemisphere, when the wind stopped would not the water just flow back to the east? Well, yeah, it would just flow back. So we must be talking about some other kind of wind, what would that be. so it is obvious that we have to get the water off the planet, this makes sense, right! Perhaps what makes sense is that this really great wind would be a gigantic tornado, that would have sucked the water right off the planet! But how could this happen? What would cause a great tornado? One idea might be a heavenly body that would have more gravitational pull than Earth, and thus created the tornado. What heavenly body would that be. Well you got me there pal, I have no idea. But my point is that we shouldn’t be too eager to condemn the idea of a world wide flood, until we can prove one way or another.

    • If We count out Bible genealogy (I haven’t but plenty have) We come to about 6000 years max for people existing. There seems to be a consensus that the bible teaches the flood happened 4,359 years ago but hey I don’t think We need to pin it down that close. consider the Man That was found frozen in a glacier: The Incredible Age of the Find
      Six days after the mummy was discovered, an archaeologist was finally brought in. Konrad Spindler, professor of Ancient and Early History at Innsbruck University, inspected the corpse and the finds and, based on the typology of the axe, immediately dated the whole find to be “at least four thousand years old”.

      Until this discovery, such a well preserved find of a human several thousand years old – fully clothed and with numerous personal belongings – had never before been seen anywhere in the world.

      Undisputable proof of the authenticity and extraordinary age of the Iceman and his possessions was provided by C-14 analysis. This method of dating organic material is commonly used by archaeologists. Four different scientific institutions analyzed tissue samples from the corpse and the finds. The results were unequivocal:

      the Iceman lived between 3350 and 3100 BC.

      The Iceman was therefore alive some 5,000 years ago, at a time when the discovery of copper was causing an economic and social transformation in Europe. Thus the Iceman had already been buried in the glacier for 600 years when the Egyptian pharaoh Cheops ordered the construction of the pyramid that bears his name. Stonehenge in England would not be built for several hundred years after his death. This is one line of reasoning of many We could pursue there are many. The key is reasoning if the worldwide flood happened why is there so much evidence against it instead of for it? How can We explain Marsupials in Australia including ancient extinct Marsupials? It is clear that Animals have been evolving in Isolation in places such as Australia, Madagascar, and the Galapagos Islands for much longer than 4,359 years so the reasonable conclusion is a world wide flood never happened.

    • Philip 5:29 All of your rumination about great tornados and other planets being involved to cause a world wide flood is interesting speculation. There was, or example, the great glacier period where a deep glacier moved from Canada, down through what is now the Red River Valley of the North and eventually down into central Iowa. This was only 10,000 years ago. Its weight compacted the soil of Canada so much the Red River flows north. The elevation in Manitoba is rising, returning to it original level and in thousands of years the Red will again flow south. I asked a geology professor where all that water in the glaciers came from since there is a finite amount in the earth’s hemisphere. He said they can tell the oceans were lower during that period.

      It seems to me we should focus on the evidence geologists have instead of what some wealthy goat herders wrote a couple of thousand years ago. We know what geologists have determined. We don’t know who wrote the Noah story. We only know it was one of countless versions of great flood stories passed down from earlier peoples and their religions.

  16. I have another question: just where do we sign up to try for the million dollars if we prove God really does exist? Any body know? Will appreciate any information, thank you.

  17. Hi Jon….how are you?…good I hope.
    I have proof for God.
    Sent in visions in May 2014 for 3 weeks straight 24/7
    No words…all visions like transparent movies playing in front of my eyes.

    Over the last 9 months I have broken down these visions into 90 video…all using the same theme I was shown (I was shown how the whole universe is constructed)
    Energy travels in a double helix .
    Meaning energy pulses in a fold over spring shape (it is rotating though)
    Everything is a waveform .
    Energy attracts Matter.
    Matter Conforms to Energy and
    Energy moves Mater
    in that order.

    This power is found in the bible
    Habakkuk 3:4And his brightness was as the light; he had horns coming out of his hand: and there was the hiding of his power.”
    and Ezekiel 47:9
    “and it must occur that every living soul that swarms, in every place to which the Double Sized Torrent (me-double means two when no size is given ).
    will get life….”
    Energy is life….energy is life giving water.
    I have 90 videos showing how all life is grown and how…cause for wind , x-flares, the mars scar, snowfall, rain, lightning….there is nothing I can’t explain to do with the passage of energy.
    Energy and matter are separate…that’s why the flesh is for the fire.
    Energy moves , matter cannot.
    Energy is life…the body is already dead.
    Just thought I would let you know

  18. I am the Small Book of Revelation and Daniel God directed me to.
    To be opened in the end time “brining to a close the Sacred Secret of God”
    I show His power in the universe by observational evidence and theory prediction.
    No one is more surprised than me. :)

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