Religious Right Coming Around On Climate Change?

Sunday is Earth Day.  About 15 years ago, my geologist friend said his profession had come to agree climate change was happening.

Agreement climate patterns are changing is slowly spreading across the rest of the world’s population.  Here is the U. S., resistance of the political and religious right has been stiff, but some say it is moving.

A professor at  a Christian college, Mark McReynolds,  believes opinion in evangelical circles is changing.  He notes last year 4,000 church officials and pastors from around the world attended a green evangelical event in Cape Town.  The Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution in 2008 addressing the consequences of climate change.

While all admit the Bible does not command a position on this,  it does say one is to be a good neigbor.  But, what are we to make of the “cause” of global warming?

We all know climates have cycles.  But,  the cycles are falling outside normal patterns.

There is the variable we have all heard about, carbon.  We know there is more of it than ever.  We know our consumption of energy emits carbon.  We know carbon affects the atmosphere.

The nearly unanimous conclusion of scientists is no other variable has changed since prehistoric times except the volume of carbon.  They conclude that although natural cycles account for some climate change, this new variable also affects climate.

For the life of me, I can’t see the harm in reducing the carbon we cause.


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    1. Doubtful

      @Dan 11:42 Don’t you know that atheists do not exhale? It is only the miserable religious tools that exhale CO2.

    2. Doubtful

      Interesting that Jon’s comment disappeared. I guess he figured it out and couldn’t stand to leave the evidence of his ignorance behind.

      1. Doubtful 3:24 “…evidence of his ignorance behind.”

        The carbon footprint is about energy consumption. Anyone who thinks it’s about people breathing is treating global warming as a joke. I’m not one of those people.

        1. Doubtful

          Actually they are treating the hypothesis that global warming is caused by CO2 as a joke, but as usual you are not concerned with, or can not recognize, truth. This has nothing to do with your removed statement either. You simply removed your original post to hide your ignorance even if it changed the conversation.

    3. Demosthenes

      Are you advocating that human activity has not effected climate change?

      Lets also be clear that carbon is only a portion of what we human beings exhale.

  1. Stan

    When they show me a computer model that shows what the prediction of change would be from 500 years ago til now and it is RIGHT, maybe then I will panic.

    When Al Gore flies commercial and turns off his SUV so it won’t be cool when he gets done with a speech, then I will panic.

    When Obama doesn’t fly three planes and 15 armored vehicles for a fundraiser in California, then I will panic.

    There has been NO, repeat NO warming in the last 15 years. There has been regional variations but in all it evens out. No net increase.

    Besides, could someone provide me with the exact temperature of the earth and where it SHOULD be?

      1. entech

        One of the problems with analyses of these things are often done with an initial desired outcome.
        There are people with a vested interest in proving the “for case” wrong, in some cases even that the opposite is true and that another ice age is imminent (Hyperbole = deliberate exaggeration for effect, sorry) or more accurately that there is an actual slow decline.
        There are people who are so convinced of the “for case” that they will and do exaggerate the potential effects.
        Both sides have people that are “professional prophets”, experts for hire.

        I am not convinced either way, I am surprised that more religious people don’t support the “for case” if only as a natural extension of Pascals wager which is so often invoked.

        1. Stan

          Jon, the greatest variable is energy coming from the sun directly. The fact that the latest research shows no warming kind of ticks me off when people want to push energy prices up to promote conservation. The people hardest hit are the poor, including me.

          1. Stan 4:10 You are correct, certainly, under our current tax and expenditure policies, lower income people will by hurt much more the upper incomes. In fact, upper incomes will be mostly unaffected. That’s a different problem, a political one instead of a science one, but a really important one. For some reason, a large part of the low income population still votes for people and the party that makes them worse off.

            “The fact that the latest research show no warming king of ticks me off…” When the majority of scientists with academic credentials concludes global warming is not a threat, I’ll buy that. The off putting of global warming comes almost entirely, not from the scientific community, but from the political community.

          2. Stan

            We have reached agreement. I have talked to many geology professors at Saint Cloud State and the honest answer is “We don’t know, but lets not screw it up doing something stupid that would make things worse, We have time to adapt if needed.”

            More people die from too much cold then too much heat. When energy supplies are purposefully driven up to the point some people die because they can’t afford heat, heads should roll.

          3. Stan 8:26 “When energy supplies are purposefully driven up to the point some people die because they can’t afford heat, heads should roll.”

            I’d go further and say whether they are driven up purposefully or just because of the market, heads should roll if people cannont afford heat.

  2. Bob

    I don’t know what to think or believe about Global Warming. I certainly don’t trust the government on this. They jerk our chains enough as it is.
    I heard a UND geologist speak once about seven years ago. He said they put sensors in the ground all over the North up here, and their findings indicated the earth is actually cooling, and that if anything, global warming would help stop this. I don’t know.

    What I do know, is that there is evidence the Oceans are in trouble. THAT is measurable. Its being polluted so bad, scientists really are in consensus on that. And anyone can see a beach, or see the pollution in the ocean for themselves.

  3. entech

    Of course it is all nonsense. The creator of this perfect world would not permit such a thing to happen. It is all imaginary the same as earthquakes etc.

      1. entech

        Not sure if you intended to suggest that the sarcasm was on my part or if you were stating the obvious in that your childish response was supposed to be sarcastic.
        In fact both comments are sarcastic in the sense of our both meaning the opposite of what the superficial meaning could be. The difference is that my comment is obviously intended to be derisory yours could be read literally as agreement. 😎

  4. Bob

    Well entech 2:12, I don’t believe there is a creature, except for nature, but I really don’t know if there is global warming. I think there needs to be more evidence. That doesn’t mean I believe there isn’t pollution, I definitly do, I just don’t know if its really affecting the climate. And I certainly don’t believe the government. They are liars. Convinced parents to send their children to fight wars because some elites want oil. Sick. So its not just faithheads who wonder about global warming. Some of us atheists wonder too.

  5. Long John

    The harm Jon, is that our electricity bills will take a hugh increase if we have to shut down our coal fired energy plants. And that will have a ripple effect on the price of all of the products we buy. Many scientists now say that the earth is cooling. Lets not jump to conclusions that will hurt our already crippled economy. The world is full of alarmists.

    1. Long John 2:00 I agree (a.) we should not be alarmists and (b.) reducing carbon will raise the cost of many things which equates to lowering what we would generically call stardard of living.

      I don’t know precisely who the scientists are that are saying the earth is cooling or what that means if it is true. I’m conservative about environmentat issues in that it don’t see the point in taking unnecessary chances about the long term impacts on the environment. Maybe that’s because I don’t believe in the rapture–humans are stuck here as long as the earth can support us.

      1. Stan

        Jon, some of us are having a tough enough time making ends meet as it is. I would love to get a chance to visit my family up north more often but to do the round trip costs almost $100 bucks and that is over a days wages. I can’t afford a new car with better mileage and the vehicle I do have has no trade in value to speak of for something more economical.

        When your standard of living is being happy to sleep indoors and eating regular meals, it takes a little of the glow off being green.

  6. Henry

    Jon:“I’m conservative about environmentat issues in that it don’t see the point in taking unnecessary chances about the long term impacts on the environment.”

    Don’t worry. God’s nature takes over man’s endeavors quite rapidly. A review of abandoned industrial sites demonstrates how quickly “nature” comes back.

    1. pk

      Good video. Normally videos like this i see will expose one of the elite’s agendas while promoting another. This one is real, thanks.

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