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Pastor Hell versus Pastor Positive

For people who love to study cultural change, the transition from a Billy Graham style of Christianity to the new Joel Osteen style is entertainment supreme. The generation of Billy Graham is scoffing at Joel Osteen.  “He tells people what they … Continue reading

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Are There Really Any “Death Bed Conversions”?

It’s conventional wisdom secular people often “come to Jesus” just before death.    I’m  suspicious about how often it happens.  I wonder if it ever happens. In Billy Graham’s question and answer column yesterday he told of the recent death of a secular friend.  Graham said a “Christian relative” had visited … Continue reading

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This Kind of Research Hurts the Faith.

Research into how people think and reason is not good news for religions, including Christianity. There is a new report at about experiments with people to determine who has an “analytic” mind.  In these experiments, people were given circumstances … Continue reading

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Religious Liberty, A License to Discriminate?

Conservative blogosphere is full of anger about how the Catholic Church will be required to provide birth control in spite of it being labeled as sin.  There is resistance to treating gays equally because it violates a religious tenet. Being required to do something that violates a … Continue reading

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Win a Million Dollars, Prove There is a God.

Our preteen granddaughters love to watch reruns of the reality show, Mythbusters. It’s a show that tests the validity of myths and conventional wisdom. The popularity of Mythbusters is but the tip of a huge cultural fascination with skepticism.  Skepticism … Continue reading

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Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore.

This, from The Wizard of Oz, is fourth among most quoted movie lines. Today it refers to a clash between religious-based prejudices and gay people.  It involves the city of Hutchinson, Kansas. Hutchinson, population about 40,000, has a Human Relations Commission which recently made … Continue reading

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Mitt Hires His First Out Gay Staff Executive.

Things are moving fast in U. S. politics–today Romney signaled he heard it when Catholic and evangelical leaderships said they would do whatever it takes to defeat Obama.  The message Obama took from that is they have no where else … Continue reading

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Christians Coming to Think Like Atheists.

I know many Christians see themselves as firmly grounded in the Bible, and, the Bible as the firmly grounded truth handed down from God (or some variation of this).  Looking at it from the outside, however, it appears  to change to fit … Continue reading

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Nuns, Put the Habits Back on.

If anyone thinks the current leadership of the Catholic Church intends to consider women as equals, they are in for a disappointment.  A  group of nuns called, “Leadership Conference of Women Religious,” is finding that out. A four-year study funded by … Continue reading

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Religious Right Coming Around on Climate Change?

Sunday is Earth Day.  About 15 years ago, my geologist friend said his profession had come to agree climate change was happening. Agreement climate patterns are changing is slowly spreading across the rest of the world’s population.  Here is the U. S., resistance of the political … Continue reading

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