President Romney, The Trinity And Mormon Underwear.

It takes some effort to differentiate what Mormons believe from what various other branches of the Christian faith believe.  One difference is Mormons do not believe in the Trinity.

The Trinity, of course, is God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost all rolled into one.  Mormons make the case this concept did not exist in original Christianity  but was added many years later.  In that way, Mormons can claim their’s, not the other branches, reflect the true faith.

Even during my decades as a practicing Christian, I could never understand the Trinity concept.  When Jesus returns, will it be all three, or just Jesus?  If the Trinity arrives on earth as the Holy Ghost and is an invisible ghost, how will we know it has returned?

Questions like these must have occurred to the founders of the Mormon faith.  They might have thought if they could not understand something, they would have difficulty explaining it to their followers.

In terms of the religious implications, a Romney Presidency is fun to contemplate.  It would be interesting for him to be asked by the press why Mormons do not believe in the Trinity.

If he had a nice logical answer, it seems like it millions of Trinity fans would be uneasy.  Because the Trinity is such an odd concept, any discussion of it would take its toll on believers.

Is it possible the Trinity may come to seem as odd as Mormon underwear?

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  1. leslie johnson

    Etch a sketch Romney: Just like Obama
    …It is so true about Mitt Romney. He literally erases what he has said or more importantly what he has done, depending on the day. When are the Republicans going to buy a clue? Romney is as liberal as Obama. There is a reason why former Romney advisors went to work for the Obama Regime.

    1. Leslie 1:37 Thanks for the first time comment.

      My take on Romney is he really does not thing in ideological terms. Instead, he thinks of things as problems and he wants to solve them. Thus, he may if elected turn out to be both conservative and liberal.

    1. entech 2:26 Even if they would reduce it by one it would help.

      Maybe we could propose two as a compromise. Catholics/Protestants reduce by one, Mormons add one.

        1. entech 5:00 “What can we do with the Unitarians?”

          They are a problem. Maybe they would compromise and worship a bi-itry of peace and justice, then as a further compromise, join evangelicals in the boycott of liberal Starbucks coffee.

          1. entech

            That is unkind, you don’t need to be evangelical to boycott Starbucks, just a coffee lover.Guess this will prove the nonreligious person in the Abrahamic tradition is also a member of a religious group under a Henry definition, I believe my local Italian makes real coffee, Starbucks and other heretics like Norma Jean do not and that adding Amaretto etc. is blasphemy. I have faith that my Italian friends will always and under all circumstance produce a better coffee than all the imposters.
            Coffee is a religion.

  2. Grant

    The Trinity is actually very confusing to the point of being SELF CONTRADICTORY so no one can really build on it because it makes no sense and cannot be applied to reality and leaves men without any answers truth or desire to follow Christs example and become like him which is what he categorically stated we must do.
    The Mormon belief is very simple – God is a Man , Jesus is a Man and the Holy Ghost has the Spirit of a Man – ALL totally separate beings and likewise also every Angel in heaven that receives the AtOneMent with god and receives all he has are also Gods with God the Father but Jesus Christ is ALWAYS the source,power and standard of this shared perfection.
    This is very simple and makes sense because “we are men” and we are real.
    There are 2 types of Christians those who do nothing other then declare they are saved by DEFAULT in witch case basically anything goes so the Trinity does not need to make sense and works fine for them.
    Then there are those who seek truth and real change , progression , perfection, daily repentance and apply themselves to the scriptures and understand them.

    The statement that the Trinity is some great truth held by all christian religions is also a misrepresentation. First because most branches of Christianity gave up on Catholic Mysteries and nobody really understands the Trinity – they all just try to break through the confusion of Catholic Mysteries like Celibacy being some sort of higher spirituality , or that ADAM eating the fruit was some grand mistake of God yet he knows everything before it happens ???.

    But the main historical fact is that the biggest confusion and ARGUMENT in the EARLY churches was between Arianism and Trinitarianism the very topic everyone thinks is so ROCK solid today. The Trinity is a theory VOTED upon by men around 325AD at a council held by a Roman Emperor Tyrant and has nothing to do with Christ or His Apostles. Mainstream Christianity we have today evolved from what was imposed on us by the Roman Adoption of a Jewish founded religion which was outlawed and exterminated for 300 years

    1. entech

      I do think there were quite a few more viewpoints than Arianism and Trinitarianism, all quite as likely to be wrong as each other. Don’t think the Trinity thing was actually a vote, more an acceptance of what most churches were teaching at the time, there does not seem to have a monolithic Church until after all this was formalised, each city/state had its own church (the Corinthians, the Thessalonians etc. even Jerusalem and Alexandria). Rather like today the church that kept its membership prospered and was invited to the conferences.
      Agree with your last sentence, except for “exterminated”, it was outlawed and persecuted sporadically, unfortunately by the time a concerted effort was actually made they were too large to be exterminated and remained to eventually take over the empire for themselves.

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