This past weekend unbelievers staged a Rally for Reason in Washington, D.C. to demonstrate there large numbers.  The Rally has been widely criticized by believers.  Critics say the message was negative.

It is true there were speakers who said gods do not exist and faith is based on myths.  From the atheists point of view the message was positive, an effort to help believers see the light.

A Christian version of a positive message would include items like: “If your god is different than mine, you go to hell.”  “My god is real, your god is in your mind only.”  “My god is the God. Your god is an impostor.”  “You have a choice, my god or eternity in hell.”  “We will be victorious, you will be vanquished and our god will be pleased.” “You are a sinner, babies are born sinners. Only my god can correct that.”

The Christian, like the atheist, sees these messages as positive because he sees them as the truth, as helpful.  Providing others with the truth is always seen as a positive message by those delivering it.

There is one difference between the positive messages of unbelievers and that of the religious.  That is consistency.

I’ve had the experience of meeting and corresponding with unbelievers in several countries.  There view is always the same, there is no god.  Religious people’s message varies depending on their god.

Which is the more positive message, believer of unbeliever,  is all in the eyes of the beholder.