William Jefferson Clinton

I’m a student of Bill Clinton fans.  What is it about the guy that makes him popular?

I first met him about 1980 when he came here as Governor of Arkansas and spoke at a banquet.  I sat at the head table with him and others.  I visted with him a while in Houston at a meeting and again at the White House a time or two.

Today, he was in Grand Forks at the State Party Convention and I attended a smaller functions where he spoke, though it was not really small.  I watched and listened to see if I could discover what it was that made him so attractive to so many.  We have to remember, of course, his sex scandal and some other not so attractive times in his public life.

I can’t say I really yet understand, but there are things one can consider.  For one thing, he style is the opposite of pompousness.  I heard many speeches this weekend, his was the most easiest to listen to.

It seems like he has some instinctive sense of what in economics is called diminishing returns.  This applies to thousands of things in governing.  Many liberal people do not see when government has gone so far into some issue it can’t accomplish more.  Many conservative people do not see taking privatization too far does not accomplish more.

There are no rules for these–some just see them about right and others do not.

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  1. He lied to his family, his staff, a grand jury, and the American people. He is abusive to women and likely raped that girl in a Little Rock hotel. He presided over 8 years of cruel economic sanctions that cost the lives of 1/2 million Iraqi children. The man makes my skin crawl. He should have been executed or put in prison for the rest of his life but he is enjoying a fat pension and running around the country making speeches and being adored. This country is pathetic and so is Grand Forks for bringing him here.

  2. Like all people who desire power over other people, Clinton is not a well man. Politicians and all people who desire and get positions of control over other people, he is a socio path, a sick political mafia member.
    The best thing to do is not participate in the political mafia’s violence at all.
    What kind of people seeks that kind of power over others? A personality that seeks violent control over people. And we beg these evil sociopaths for our freedom when we vote/participate with these political mafia. A freedom we already inherently have!!!!!! It doesn’t matter who sits in the white house just like who drives a car with no breaks as it rages down a hill doesn’t matter. Its your belief in the system that keeps this evil system going. Those Clinton fans you’re so enamoured with, are slaves, worshipping their master, Jon. The only way to be a non-slave, is, Don’t engage in thier evil political mafia. Don’t participate in evil institutions.

    Good people don’t seek power over other people. The government is evil; genocidal, murderous, and we can’t control the U.S. military.

    • How will we ever correct what has happened if we don’t vote out the globalists in government? All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

  3. Let’s not forget the sanctioned siege of Waco, where innocent people were murdered by Army Special Forces in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act and Insurrection Act. An impeachable high crime. Then there was the bombing at OKC that was blamed on the exploding militia movement in response to his Nazi-type view of the 2nd Amendment. If you look into what actually happened that day, there were bombs inside that building and a 2nd man with Timothy Mcveigh, probably his handler, that was covered up. A fertilizer bomb exploding outside can’t do that type of damage or give the type of seismic signature measured. There are many more documented anomalies, just like on 911, that didn’t get any media attention. Don’t just laugh and dismiss it, look it up.

    • “A fertilizer bomb exploding outside can’t do that type of damage or give the type of seismic signature measured.”

      Yes it can, especially for a building not designed against progressive collapse. Seismic secondaries in the signature? Sounds like the heavy concrete members made quite a rumble when they hit the ground.

      • There’s been many engineers and men in the military say that size of bomb couldn’t do that amount of damage when it’s parked outside the building.

        • Many are wrong.

          I’ve already looked the 911 incidents up as well. I even ordered a book written by independent engineers evaulating the pentagon. No bomb. No missile. Just a heavily laden airplane filled with fuel traveling at a high rate of speed towards a heavily reinforced concrete structure.

          • What about World Trade Center Building 7. It wasn’t hit by anything and was across the street from the towers. It collapsed in on itself in a classical controlled demolition fashion. It’s collapse was even reported by BBC and Reuters before it fell. 6 out of the 10 Commissioners of the official investigation have come out and said we need a new investigation, one even quit during that one because it was a kangaroo court basically. He said something like it’s a national scandal and such. “Loose Change 911” or “911 Decent into Tyranny” bring up a lot of strange connections that are on record that you won’t hear on the media. There are so many things that don’t add up, and looking at everything that’s happened after that day, wars and such, i think we need a new investigation. And the biggest pushers of that idea are the victim’s families themselves. Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and all the other military and firefighter truth groups would be worth checking out too.

          • WTC 7: Fire and debris from the north tower. Between 1000-1300 degrees, the steel loses its strength. Then collapse.

          • No other high rise has ever collapsed from fire before that day or since. There are fire codes for all high rises so there can only be a certain amount of consumable to feed the fire, so the fire will spread from one part of the building to the other. If it were fire, it would have been an asymmetrical collapse, twisting and tipping over. Not falling strait down into a nice pile of rubble. I would just ask you to look at Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. They’re independent professionals saying there’s something wrong. It’s worth a look.

          • “No other high rise has ever collapsed from fire before that day or since.”

            Collapse from fire acting on structural steel happens frequently. Doesn’t matter if high rise or low rise. The steel doesn’t care.

          • Whatever man. Don’t look at what those professionals are saying. Thousands of them at that. Don’t look at what victims families are saying, firefighters and first responders who were there, military men and women, lawyers etc.. Just keep arguing with me.

          • Do you disregard 75% of all military men and women who give money to political candidates too? Because he gets all that money. If you want to support our troops, vote for Ron Paul.

          • If you want to start WWIII, vote for Ron Paul. The troops would not appreciate that happening.

          • “Do you disregard 75% of all military men and women who give money to political candidates too? Because he (Ron Paul) gets all that money.”

            Your claim doesn’t make sense. Please validate.

          • You need to explain what you mean. Continuing our foreign policy will start WWIII in my opinion. Especially if we attack Syria/Iran.

          • I meant Ron Paul gets 75% of the money given by military people. Sorry for the confusion.

          • “You need to explain what you mean.”

            If we withdraw our forces to the US, give away our foreign bases, destroy our plutonium, and shrink our military to the national guard carrying muzzleloaders without powder or bullets, we will have WWIII. Dr. Paul will ensure this.

          • I don’t think he’s ever said anything about shrinking our military, just to bring them all home and stay out of everyone’s business.

  4. Waco, Johnestown; What happens when government/law enforcement/politicians don’t understand the mind of an apocolyptic movement. If they had done the research, they would have handled it very differently. The Oklahoma situation was related, but a far different situation. All of them have a self-fulfilling prophesy, usually based on one person’s teaching/ ideology. History has shown that given enough time, they will self destruct. (Heaven’s Gate group). In the case of Waco, and Johnestown, the government/military/politicians just sped the process up.

    • PS; It is an unfortunate fact that innocent women and children were being abused before they ended. In the case of Johnestown the self implosion was very close. When one considers the drug attatchment Johnes had, he wouldn’t have lasted much longer, and then the movement would have died a whimper. Everything depended on him. No one could have replaced his authority. Yes, for a while possibly but not in the long run. Waco would have taken longer, but as he degraded, time would have sped up.

      • Good points. It looks like to me the government picked a radical group that the general public wouldn’t care much for to set the precedent for the use of military force on the American people.

        • R. “picked a radical group that the general public wouldn’t care much for to set the precedent for the use of military force on the American people”–I have my doubts about that, but it surely was poorly timed, and very poorly administered. Janet Reno had her hands involved. I am curious why they didn’t consult with someone who had comparative experience with these apocolyptic groups. There are many more out there, just waiting for their time to come.

          • I am curious why they didn’t consult with someone who had comparative experience with these apocolyptic groups.

            Like the US Marshall Service 1983, Medina, ND.

          • They must have consulted with the US Marshalls on how to handle it and they said to murder them all just like Gordon Kahl.

          • Answer—–The purely secular mind knows only the things of the secular. That is why there was such poor performance with Johnstown, Waco, 9-11, the whole Middle East (both sides), the skinheads, (neo Nazism), and yes, the different flavors of those related to the Medina incident. Also included in this could also be the Uni-bomber, and the guy and family (I think in Idaho, or Washington state{they shot his wife, child, and dog, if I remember right} He survived. The government entities usually only look at the criminality, and nothing else, ie.( what causes it, what sustains it, and where it is going.)

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