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What if Your Spouse Says, “I Can’t Believe Anymore”?

There was a nice article on recently by two women who’s husbands don’t believe. The women are Christians. I’ve been surprised at how often we see this in Freethinkers.  Usually it’s the husbands who do not believe, but not always. I don’t know if marriage … Continue reading

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President Romney, The Trinity and Mormon Underwear.

It takes some effort to differentiate what Mormons believe from what various other branches of the Christian faith believe.  One difference is Mormons do not believe in the Trinity. The Trinity, of course, is God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost all rolled into … Continue reading

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Humans Love Blood.

“Wine turns to blood when the Father lifts it up high.” I heard this on a Catholic radio station recently. I don’t remember the first time it occurred to me the Christian communion ritual is a bit bizarre. A book about ancient … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Right Now.

For as long as anyone can remember, people have been making a pilgrimage to Bugarach Mountain, France.  Bugarach, in the Corbieres Mountains, is upside down.  It blew up in its early life and landed with its peak in the ground. … Continue reading

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What is a “Positive Message”?

This past weekend unbelievers staged a Rally for Reason in Washington, D.C. to demonstrate there large numbers.  The Rally has been widely criticized by believers.  Critics say the message was negative. It is true there were speakers who said gods do not exist and faith is based on … Continue reading

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Can the Unthinkable Become Commonplace?

I recall well a day in 1984.  It was the day before I released as the Mayor of the largest city in North Dakota the first ever proclamaion declaring a Gay and Lesbian Awareness Week. I was nervous.  I didn’t know what people … Continue reading

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Going to Church is Mostly a Social, Not a Religious Thing.

The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest U. S. Protestant denomination.  That makes it an important one to watch.  It’s also the most entertaining. Let’s look at its “Start a Church Sunday” effort.  This 1991 initiative said local churches are to … Continue reading

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Religion in the Military.

Recently at Fort Mead, Maryland, a soldier applied for lay status as an atheist.   In this designated capacity, he will conduct meetings and work with military Chaplains   to help soldiers.  Indications are the request will be granted. Not everyone likes this.  One … Continue reading

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The New Book, “Coming Apart”.

This book by Charles Murry is a much discussed critique of class structure in the U. S.  He gives evidence the lower 30 percent of income earners is growing less interested in church and civic behavior compared to the upper 20 percent. This … Continue reading

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Tim T-Bone, the Praying Football Quarterback.

Q.  Thank you, Tim, for talking with us.  What is you reaction to being traded when you have been such a Christian celebrity playing for the Denver Broncos? TT.  The team management is going to pay millions more for a new, … Continue reading

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