Are You Forgiven For Your Sins? It Depends.

While  there are many versions of Christianity, a couple of the main branches are (a) it is about sin and (b) it is about being forgiven for sin.  I have my own impression about which is the stronger of the two:  The sin branch is more important than forgiveness one.

The old version of the sin branch would be represented by the Southern Baptist Convention.  The worst sin for a 150 years was interracial marriage.

It was such a grave sin, slavery followed by segregation was necessary to keep the races from intermarrying.  During those times, God’s view of marriage was between a man and woman of the same race.

Today they have dropped the race part so gay marriage can be the major sin.  Southern Baptists are joined by Catholics and several other Protestant branches in the focus on sin.

The branch which focus’ on forgiveness is known generically the emerging church.  This group does not focus on the cross and hell but on the acceptance of sinners by Jesus.

I think the impression of the majority of Christians and non Christians alike is the faith is mostly about sin.  I’m not alone in this.  Religion Professor, Stephen Prothero , God is Not One, thinks the street level understanding of Christianity focus’ on sin. It is the topic of most of the articles about religion on

Are you really forgiven for your sins?  My advice would be, don’t worry about it.

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  1. Jon, what I’m discovering as I get old is how many things that were hell-worthy in my youth are not so much now.

    Stores open on Sunday, divorce, living together w/o marriage were all pretty high on the list for a guaranteed seat in hell.

    What’s curious is that people I know who preached of the evils mentioned above now either themselves, their kids or their grandkids all participate in some form. Then they go on about how God never changes and it is still a sure-fire (all pun intended) ticket to hell if you’re a homo. Go figure?

    1. Mac. 1:23 “were hell-worth in my youth are now not so much.”

      So true. And, one has to think today’s sins will be laughed at one day in the future. I think there is so much to be said for those versions of the faith that focus on positive outlooks. Let’s hope they prevail.

      1. entech

        “those versions of the faith”,
        surprised no one picked you up on that Jon, anything outside of their narrow view is actually an error and is a perVersion of the one true faith

  2. Henry

    Jon: “The branch which focus’ on forgiveness is known generically the emerging church.”

    Jon’s beloved “emerging” church getting all the credit again. Every non-emerging church service of numerous denominations I have been to discussed forgiveness at least once during the service, and usually at much length and depth. I would have to say Jon must be a member of one of the “emerging” Christian churches. Good for him. Milk is good for the bones.

  3. Bob

    I forgive you faithheads for being so nonsensically faithful to invisible beings that no one but people in insane asylums have seen.

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