We Have Too Many Santorums.

One of the great forms of entertainment here in the U. S. is watching people argue over “what the Bible means.”

The rule is everyone knows better what the Bible means than everyone else.  If you think you have some gift for understanding the Bible you are not unique. You are but one of the hords that think the same thing about themselves.

There is the lower rung who quote scripture.  But, scripture contradicts itself.  There are the elites who prefer the Bible’s overarching message.  But, they don’t agree on what it is.

A few days ago, Candidate Rick Santorum said about Obama’s religion, “It’s about some phony ideal.  Some phony theology.  Not about a theology based on the Bible.  A different theology.”

This comment was followed by an essay from the Huffington Post’s religious editor who pointed out Santorum does not really understand the Bible.  He quoted from Santorum’s remarks to an audience in Detroit.

There, Santorum spoke almost reverently about how wonderful it is we have an unequal distribution of income.  This in a city with some of the poorest and wealthist people in the U. S.   There is lots of scripture questioning the behavior of the rich.

In economic terms,  we have a surplus of people who say they know exactly what the Bible means.  We have a shortage of those with the humility to admit they have no idea, or, think it means nothing.

There is a surplus of Santorums.

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I am a former President of the Red River Freethinkers in Fargo, ND, a retired NDSU economics professor and was Mayor of Fargo for 16 years. There is more about me at Wikipedia.com.
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12 Responses to We Have Too Many Santorums.

  1. Profile photo of Mac Mac says:

    There’s an understatement, “We have too many Santorums”.

    It’s my hope that Senator Santorum becomes the Republican Presidential nominee. It’s almost guaranteed he will have some implosion toward the end of the campaign where he makes a statement so outrageously ridiculous, even the most uptight fundies will say ‘whaaaaaa?’

    BTW, does anyone else appreciate the irony of a rich white guy with eight children pontificating about birth control health coverage?

    I propose that if religious organizations who self-fund health insurance and refuse to provide reproductive health care be required to offer an alternative plan for those subscribers who wish to have birth control coverage.

    I venture those religious organizations would soon find their only plan subscribers would be old men and women who would bankrupt the health plan in about two years.

    • Buzz Marick says:

      what Book or Doccument did you swear loyalty to perform your duties as mayor upon?

      • Profile photo of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

        Buzz 3:23 “what Book or Document did you swear loyalty to perform your duties as mayor upon?”

        No Bible is used in the ceremony for Fargo City officials. I don’t really know why. It does contain some of the traditional words like “God” in it.

        I was a practicing Christian at the time so never gave it a thought.

    • Profile photo of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

      Mac 1:45 “BTW, does anyone else appreciate the irony of a rich white guy with eight childre potificating about birth control health coverage?”

      Great question. I’d like to know how many $ he has drawn out of the insurance system vs. what he has paid in. If he had available only the “health savings plan” advocated by Republicans I’ll bet he would be under water. It’s curious about his money. As I recall, he earns about 600K a year, does not seem to have a job since being defeated from the Senate. I suppose he gets 100K or so from his Senate pension, where does the rest come from?

    • grandma says:

      The women I know think that ONE Santorum is too many.

  2. entech says:

    I would expand that and say we have too many Christians. Unfortunately that is not possible, as I continually ask for definitions I fear that there is no definition for Christian. At least not one that all who aspire to that title would agree on.
    Of course, most of them would say that the others are not real Christians because … and … or … please insert the heresy or error of your choice here, space permitting

    • Michael Ross says:

      Exactly right entech. Labels don’t mean much these days. Christian means something different to just about everybody. So do political labels. Liberal, moderate, conservative mean whatever you want them to mean. I guess we are back in the ’60s. “You do your thing, I’ll do mine, and if we meet, its beautiful.”

  3. Dwight says:

    I wonder what Santorum would say about me.

  4. Bob says:

    We’d probably be burned at the stake, Dwight.

    Me for being a non-believer, you for…whatever? There are so many to choose from.

  5. Bob says:

    Christianonausea, Islamonausea, Abrahamicnausea.

  6. Bob says:

    I think I’m going to be sick.

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