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Catholic Position on Religious Liberty Has Changed

To see the Bishops in the Catholic Church of the United States wringing their hands over the term “religious liberty” today, one might conclude it had always been against government involvement in religious matters. The concept of the founding fathers … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney Outs Himself

Last week, the State Legislature in New Jersey passed a bill allowing gay marriage.  It passed by barely a majority, and, the Governor vetoed.  There will be a public vote. Two Republicans voted with the majority.  At least one of … Continue reading

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Deliver Us From Evil

This phrase from “The Lord’s Prayer”implies there is a literal Satan.  While the idea of the literal Devil has lost ground in the U. S. over the two centuries, it remains a concept with lots of juice. Having personally abandoned the … Continue reading

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What’s Next for Women?

It was just a few years ago I argued with someone that anti abortion politics would spread to become anti birth control politics.  This person scoffed.  “Birth control is so widespread there is no way politically the small anti birth … Continue reading

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This Makes People So Mad When I Say It.

Recently, four young women, students at our local NDSU, were killed in an automobile wreck. People will talk about this for a while.   But, nothing will be done about the 100 lives a day lost in car wrecks in the U. … Continue reading

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Churches Getting Government Money, Give It Back.

The current flap over a requirement that faith-based organizations be required to offer birth control as other organizations are required to do should be a wake up call for all of us. I am a taxpayer who helps pay religious organizations to … Continue reading

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Does Religion Give Us Humility?

Currently, there is a little flap among  atheist authors.   I don’t know anything about the “temple” they are arguing about,  but the general views of British author, Richard Dawkins, and Swiss author, Alain de Bottom, are both worth considering. de Botton is … Continue reading

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Are You Forgiven For Your Sins? It Depends.

While  there are many versions of Christianity, a couple of the main branches are (a) it is about sin and (b) it is about being forgiven for sin.  I have my own impression about which is the stronger of the two:  The sin branch is more important than … Continue reading

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How Much of the World’s Population Did God Kill?

There is a piece of information bouncing around atheist websites just now.  It asks, “How many people does the Bible say God killed?”  The answer given is about 2 1/2 million.   But, even this number does not include those drowned … Continue reading

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We Have Too Many Santorums.

One of the great forms of entertainment here in the U. S. is watching people argue over “what the Bible means.” The rule is everyone knows better what the Bible means than everyone else.  If you think you have some … Continue reading

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