There are two facts about kids we know.  I think it worth while to ponder the relationship between the two.

One is that gay adults who look back on their childhood often realize they saw the world differently than their playmates.  They saw children of the same gender differently, even though they did not then think of themselves as gay.

The other is the suicide rate for gay teens is much higher than that of straight kids.  Some of the suicide decisions must have been influenced by religion.

We all know adults never consider that the small child in the room with us may be gay.  It is always assumed a child is heterosexual.

The other day, evangelist Joel Osteen was on Oprah’s show.  According to what I read, Oprah approached the subject of sin and gay more than once.  Each time Osteen reaffirmed his belief that gay is sin.

Imagine a child seeing this, or, his parents discussing it.  Would not the child think, “That I find Billy more interesting than Mary is a sin?  Will I go to hell? Why am I so terrible?  I can’t seem to stop thinking in this sinful way.”

Talking about the gay religious taboo in front of kids seems just as harmful to me as telling nasty gay jokes.  They both have the potential for bad ends.

Whatever your religious aversion to gay people might be, talking it up in front of small children is not something to be proud of.