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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Christianity, A Gentlemen’s Only Club.

It is commonly repeated that the Christian faith contributes to the good of all.  All the downsides are in the past. Most days, there are articles on conservative sites extolling the virtues of male dominance.  The man of the house is to be the main decision maker and interpret scripture to the rest of the family. This ancient thinking must surely be the source … Continue reading »

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Blasphemy For Beginners.

When scanning the news on most days, one comes across an article about someone in a Muslim country charged by authorities with blasphemy. Blashphemy is defined as “irreverence toward religious or holy persons or things.”  If you think the Christian faith is about “love and forgiveness,”  forgetaboutit.  There is no forgiveness if you are an unbeliever and commit blasphemy. … Continue reading »

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Come, Let Us Worship Alone.

The Christian faith is not so much one based on old documents as it is a meandering faith based on whims of the marketplace.  Interpretations change as those in the pews change their perspectives on sin and hell. This meandering of “the faith”seems about to go in ever more directions. An article in the Journal of … Continue reading »

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If You Pray, Pray You Don’t Send Any Kids to An Early Grave.

There are two facts about kids we know.  I think it worth while to ponder the relationship between the two. One is that gay adults who look back on their childhood often realize they saw the world differently than their playmates.  They saw children of the same gender differently, even though they did not then think of … Continue reading »

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Where Do Your Rights End and Mine Begin?

An important court case was handed down today by a Federal Court of Appeals in Texas. About three years ago, a graduate student in counseling doing supervised work  was assigned a gay client.  She declined to counsel the client because her religion viewed homosexuality a moral issue. There was a protocal counseling students were taught to follow which did … Continue reading »

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Here’s a Really Big Question.

If God appeared,  how many people would agree that, yes, that was really God?  Conversely, how many would say, no,  it really was not God?  Unless we know what God is, we will never be able to determine whether or not he has appeared. This dilemma, not being able to express what God is in a way others can agree … Continue reading »

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The, “Where Did We Come From?” Story.

There are behavioral traits we can observe in ourselves that are useful in understanding things about us.  One trait is the need to know where we came from. The small child asks, “Mommy, where did I come from?”  The need stays with us. Evidence of this is the gazillions spent every year on archeology.  The money for these digs does not … Continue reading »

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Why Do We Insist on, “In God We Trust?”

If you look at the phrase rationally, it doesn’t make sense.  If it said, “We Worship the Christian God,” you could understand it.  Actually, nobody “trusts” God. To begin with, we don’t know which “god” the phrase is referring to.  Sure, most people think it’s the Christian god, but that’s just their opinion.  There’s no proof. Then, there’s … Continue reading »

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Not to Worry. Gingrich’s Affairs Are in the National Interest.

Some folks are wringing their hands over the possibility of philanderer, Newt Gingich, being the Republican nominee.  A commentator on Fox News has put these concerns to rest.  The dumping of wives for new ones will make Newt a stronger President. Dr. Keith Albow is a psychiatrist on Fox.  He basis’ his conclusions on the need for a President to deliver bad news.  Gingrich told two … Continue reading »

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Newt Sets a Bad Example for Gay Couples.

Think of it this way.  The million or so gay couples are trying to carry on their domestic lives in ways that are meaningful to themselves and set a high standard for the moral conduct of gays. Then someone, somewhere, strays.  The other gay person is hurt and confronts the adulteror.  The adulteror says, “Look, straight society sets … Continue reading »

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