The Enemy Is Not “Happy Holidays”.

We all know the story of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned.  Fiddling is what Christians do when they make a fuss about “Happy Holidays” signs at the mall.

I can almost guarantee not one Christian will be lost by signs reading “Happy Holidays”.  The books by major atheist authors, Richard Dawkins and Christpher Hitchens, will not drive millions out ot the church either.

The threat to the church is young people who say, “I’m not religious, but I’m very spiritual.”

During the time of Christ, and I suppose since there were humans, there were groups who thought they knew the true god, or gods, based on their superior knowledge.  These were called the gnostics, those with knowledge.

The gnostics did not win the battle for minds over the last two centuries.  Instead of many different religions going in thousands of directions, the centralized Christians won the numbers.  Though Christians scattered in many directions, most agree on an orthodoxy of the human Jesus, the cross and heaven and hell.

The new gnostics, or spirituality people, are not that interested in this orthodoxy.  They have confidence in access to on-line knowlege they need to find their own spiritual truth.

The only “Christian” counter attack is the emerging church. The emerging church hangs on to the Jesus part of Christianity but redefines his persona to what might appeal to the gnostic spiritual generation.

It seems to be doing OK.  But, more Christians need to realize the battleground is not at the mall.

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  1. Henry

    “But, more Christians need to realize the battleground is not at the mall.”

    Battleground? I thought we all got along. Tell me more about this battle, Jon.

    1. Henry 2:13 “Battleground?….Tell me more about this battle, Jon.”

      Christians say, “There is a war against Christmas.” That’s all I know about it. I’d suggest you send a message to one of the people who have been posting articles about it everyday at

  2. entech

    At school we used to sing about “Onward Christian soldiers”, and even now I have a small regular (permanent monthly bank debit) to a group that do some excellent work among the more deprived in my (and many other) town, they are called the “Salvation Army”.

  3. Bob

    To me, Christmas’s are like weddings, they really don’t mean anything except for humans giving them meaning.
    They’re just days like any other days, but with purposeful agreed upon celebration parties put on them.
    What’s wrong with that?

    Besides, Christmas is historically really about the solstice, the rebirth of the SUN returning after the long dark winter.
    And christians have no right to control what private business’s do or don’t do when it comes saying Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, I believe that’s a choice left up to the private business, and not up to the control freak government or control freak religions.

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