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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Are Christians Prewired to Believe the Bible?

Let’s start by agreeing the biggest variables in whether or not a person is a Christian, Muslim or Hindu is the religion of his/her parents and country of birth.  The easiest path is to follow the religion of birth, it’s harder to leave it. I was reminded of this today when reading an “analysis” of the pagan faith done by a Christian.  The jist of … Continue reading »

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Will Press Ask the Obvious Questions?? (No)

Several of the Republican candidates said God asked them to run, or, left the impression He wanted them to run. Now, in the closing days of the Iowa Primary Caucus, several of those whom God wanted in the race are losing, or, so it appears.  Is it not rational to wonder why God asked them to … Continue reading »

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Political Views that Astound Me.

Every once in a while, I’m stunned by another’s political views.  That’s when I hear or read views are so far from mine I can’t quite comprehend how someone could think that way.  I’m aware, of course, my views are equally baffling to some others. Such views are on and were submitted by someone named D. C. … Continue reading »

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The Division Within Secular Thought

Within secular thought, which we can call atheism for simplicity, is a large schism which limits its growth.  With numbers as small as they are, this split is more limiting to atheism than differences among Christians are to the faith. While I’m not sure I can accurately describe the factions in atheism, I’ll start by saying … Continue reading »

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The Christian Political Blindspot.

A common theme of some Christians when they engage in U. S. politics is to say, “Christans are the majority.”   And, so there should be prayer in schools, Ten Commandments in the town square and so on. The Christian brand is on other political ideas.  Just now it is Iran. Bombing Iran is popular with the Christian Republican … Continue reading »

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The Enemy is Not “Happy Holidays”.

We all know the story of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned.  Fiddling is what Christians do when they make a fuss about “Happy Holidays” signs at the mall. I can almost guarantee not one Christian will be lost by signs reading “Happy Holidays”.  The books by major atheist authors, Richard Dawkins and Christpher Hitchens, will not … Continue reading »

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Is Critical Thinking a Sin?

According to pollsters young people are leaving the church in unprecidented numbers.  The question is why? I’d summarize it as, either schools are teaching things that blunt religious belief, or, organized religion is not reacting properly to what children learn in school.  Or, maybe both. Children today learn critical thinking in school.  Part of critical thinking is learning to separate … Continue reading »

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Why is the Song, “Blue Christmas”, So Popular?

I hear this song several times a day during this time of year.  Why would a song with that theme be popular now when we are supposed to feel so happy? We know a downer song does not necessarily reflect downer feelings.  The genre of music called “bluegrass” is filled with happy sounding instrumentation, banjos and such, but has lyrics … Continue reading »

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Don’t Light Any Candles This Christmas, It’s Pagan.

With all this talk of “war on Christmas” and fighting over nativity displays, it’s refreshing to read a rational discussion about the origins of this holiday published on a Christian site,  What I took away from the article is that “Christmas” does not belong just to Christians, it belongs to human beings. The season is … Continue reading »

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Catholic Hold on Poland is Slipping

The Catholic hold on Poland has always seemed invincible.  When polled, 97 percent of Poles self identify as Catholic. In an election this past October 9, however, something unexpected happened.  Ten percent of the voters voted for an anticlerical party.  This gave the new party ten percent of the parliament seats. This ten percent, while seemingly small, has been very … Continue reading »

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