We talked yesterday about how the god each person carries in his/her mind is unique, conforming to the kind of god that person needs.  A kindly god or a punitive one, whatever helps.

Something similar is happening in Bibles.  Bible publishers are cranking out new and different versions for different demographics.  There are pink Bibles with appropriate editing for “Girls With Attitude”.  I understand there are Bibles for sports buffs and for mothers with small children.

When one considers we have a hundred TV channels, it only makes sense publishers would see potential in an endless variety of Bibles.

The Bible itself invites such variety.  It’s many stories and passages both endorse and condemn all manner of thinking and behavior.

Lots of opportunities for new understanding of the Bible opened up when some scholars began treating its narrative as literature, rather than history and specific dogma.  Overarching messages are searched for instead of specific passages.

An interesting group working on translations from original languages and providing new insight into the Biblical message is a group Jewish scholars, active in their faith, who specialize in the New Testiment.  Needless to say, their take on the Jesus character is different than that of most Christian scholars.

With a variety of Bibles being published and an army of scholars looking at the many ways of approaching the Bible, the future will be entertaining for fans of discourse in religion.  We’ll be talking about it here, I’m sure.