Is Pelvic Zone Theology On The Decline?

This phrase, or rather variations of it, has been bouncing around the blogsphere recently.  It has to do, of course, with right wing protestantism and the Catholic Church and their preoccupation with contraception, abortion and gay marriage.  These, we all know, are sins which rose in the ranks of evil things along with their political usefulness.

Some blogsphere writers think the faction of Catholics they refer to as advocates for a “Pelvic Zone Papacy” are disappointed by a recent document, Pope Benedict’s Pontification Council for Justice and Peace.

What might be difficult for the pelvic fans is its emphasis on fair or just distributions of income and wealth.  While the Church has always had an active advocacy for distributive justice, we have not heard much about it with all the hand wringing over the three pelvic issues.

That such a document was released is refreshing.  It helps put the spotlight on issues people are marching in the street about, very unequal distribution of income.

Now, like most religious documents for broad distribution, including the Bible itself, there is something for everyone.  For example, after saying incomes should not be so unequal, it also says government powers should not be so big as to be onerous.  It was not really specific as to what should be done about the distributive injustice.

The effect of money on people is kind of easy to predict.  If people don’t have much, they want more.  If they have a lot, they want more, also.

Perhaps, pelvic zone is out and distributive justice is in.

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9 Responses to Is Pelvic Zone Theology On The Decline?

  1. Henry says:

    Jon: “These, we all know, are sins which rose in the ranks of evil things along with their political usefulness.”


  2. Profile photo of Mac Mac says:

    Henry, there is no question this story is horrific and beyond any bounds of decency. You seem to be implying this is day in and day out behavior at every clinic that supports a woman’s ability to manage reproductive options.

    I don’t think it is.

    By your reasoning, we should all be working to abolish the Catholic Church because it is simply a well funded group of pedophiles who have existed for hundreds of years building a network of finacial and political influence simply for the purpose of raping young children.

    • Henry says:

      Big Mac my friend: “You seem to be implying this is day in and day out behavior at every clinic that supports a woman’s ability to manage reproductive options.”

      Events during pregnancies are very unpredictable. I remember numerous occasions going in to the birthing center and nothing happening. I also remember going in to the birthing center and having barely enough time to call the mother-in-law. Preganancy and birthing are a very unpredictable process. Therefore, I see incidents that occurred in Pennsylvania very plausible in happening anywhere else, particularily clinics that handle third trimester abortions. In regards to whether you are providing a medical service to a woman or are murdering an infant, timing is everything. And timing with pregnancies is completely unpredictable. Mistakes like that in Pennsylvania are inevitable.

  3. .E says:

    Mac so you are comparing abortion clinics whose legal MISSION is to kill babies to the Catholic Church.

    The horror should not be just with the visible murder of babies that could live outside the womb, but with any time this injustice takes place.

  4. Bob Jorgenson says:

    The people marching in the street should be marching for libertarian freedoms.
    Freedom to buy birth control and the day-after-pill over the counter, (there’d be way, way less abortions then), freedom to start up a business, we aren’t free when you got a get a license to cut hair for frak’s sake, or sell homemade foood, or whatever. In Hong Kong it takes one day to get a business license, and they are thriving there compared to the rest of the world. Here in the U.S. it takes months and months to get a business license and tons of money so many don’t have. That’s not freedom.
    We aren’t free when the government threatens to take you kids away if you don’t surrender them to their Prussian education system that wants to socially model them the way they think and lets strangers who don’t know their fields because they aren’t working in them to tell us if our kids are dumb or not, or if they can go to the bathroom or not. Parents are stupid and that’s not freedom.
    Its not freedom when the government gives tax breaks or faith based initiatives money, your money! billions to religious institutions you might not agree with, and probably don’t agree with. That’s not freedom!
    Its not freedom when the government gives our tax money to big business welfare farmers right here in the Valley or pay them to not use their land.
    Its not freedom when the government gives our money to bail failing buisiness like banks. Let them fail!!! Let the market take over. This isn’t freedom, they stole our money!!!!
    I could go on and on and on but I gotta work pretty soon.
    The marches ought to support our Libertarian values to get us back on track in the U.S. We want freedom.
    I don’t think I can even begin to go on about the military. Suffice it say we don’t have freedom with our military either. They run us, we don’t run them. They are an empire military for no good reason, and we dummies pay for it and let our people die for it too and give most of the countrys where our military is a free military. Its our money!!! That’s not freedom. They’re stealing us blind!
    But instead the marching on Walstreet dummies dress up like Zombies and bang on drums. What the hell is that? That’s an excuse for a party I think. Vote Libertarian, its more grown up.

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