At least that is the view of the Catholic Church and some conservative branches of Protestantism.  They want to put it into law for some people.

In the Affordable Health Care Act is a requirement that employer’s health care policies for employees include coverage for certain kinds of contraception.  The Department of Health and Human Services is proposing an exception for institutions whose tenets teach that contraception is a sin.

To opt out, an institution needs to be one which centers on teaching the faith, employs primarily people of the faith, serves primarily people of the faith and is non profit.  This seems reasonable.

But what about branches of the faith who want to fit into the secular world, or, maybe make a lot of nonprofit money?  Well, they would not qualitfy for the exemption.

The most prominent scene of the battle is Catholic.  That would be Notre Dame and Catholic hospitals.  These institutions want to be seen as sources of knowledge and service competing with the finest in the country.

To compete, they must employ the finest people they can find, irregardless of the employee’s religion.  But, they also want to put their stamp on the personal lives of secular employees, regardless of a national consensus to the contrary.

The Catholic Church, and others, need to make up their minds.  Do they want to be a part of secular society, or, stay in the monastary on top of the hill?